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  1. Are the Indy drivers that invested in driving for F1? Despite testing, Herta looked like he gave a damn.
  2. Sebs helmet this weekend is awesome.
  3. What are Ferrari thinking. Just what.
  4. Well he does offer some decent insight and he’s earned it honestly. Sad not to see him trackside because of his stance but at least he isn’t flying round the world adding more of a carbon footprint for commentary. Kinda works for the best.
  5. Couldn’t finish that, really uncomfortable to watch. Got into the second episode (which felt like a long time) and it appeared everybody was told to act the same. All these pauses between dialogue, Urgh. Wasn’t for me. Think the only thing I’ve enjoyed was Drive.
  6. Somebody in this thread a while back mentioned L.A Story, so I got to watching it last night. Lovely film, very funny. I didn’t stop smiling for the first hour, while the final 30 tends to wrap things up. Really evident how talented and creative Steve Martin is. I could go on. 4/5 Will rewatch.
  7. What a great result for Mick today, drove lovely. Good team result for Haas, keep that momentum going! Ocon did great all weekend too.
  8. Argh! Gutted for Carlos!
  9. What a race, Charles and Lewis beautifully racing each other, Mick getting some points finally! And Sainz, my Driver of the Day, gets his first win! What a race. Shout out to Perez for that comeback too.
  10. Sainz thinking, thanks guys!
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