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  1. Watching the Bruins tonight, always tough when they lose a game at home so I think you may be right. A loss tonight.
  2. Schumacher asking about Vettel at the end of his drive was nice. Mazepin is so unlikeable.
  3. If this is the top 3 I’d be very happy and we have a championship again
  4. That’s heartbreaking actually. Massive advantage for Mercedes from here out I reckon.
  5. taurusnipple


    The radio transmissions are pretty garbage too, clear that crap up.
  6. taurusnipple


    Yeah, another thing that bothers me is that I know Zac Brown has a Mclaren presence, but it’s bloody hard following the 2 drivers. Think that has to do with the leaderboard on the left screen highlighting them as individuals rather than a team.
  7. taurusnipple


    Starts in a few hrs...good luck to him, seems super happy!
  8. Good watch though, daughter and I managed 2 a night. Didn’t overstay it’s welcome like most shows, hope for a second season.
  9. Never got into the hype for Wandavision but this looks more entertaining. Looking forward to it.
  10. Gave this a rewatch after a few decades last seeing it. Didn’t remember the nude yoga cop peeve scene but props for the Roy Schieder call out, he’s terrific.
  11. What’s added to the Cabal cut? Never heard of this one before.
  12. F-Zero and Waverace would be so refreshing though, gotta say I’m not excited about another Mario Kart, it’s not really evolved, it’s solid but all they need to do is release new cups and tracks for a generation. And I expect these 2 racers honestly. Switch hinted at appealing to the mature/hardcore gamer too right? That’s why we got Bayonetta and at some point, Metroid. A Switch Pro with remasters of my 2 favorite racers is my wet dream. Then they can judge if a modern sequel is worth it. ???
  13. taurusnipple

    NFL 2020!

    And let’s go Bucs!
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