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  1. I managed to catch some of this, we absolutely need more people like him in our world. He’s been so busy recently, hope he gets his rest.
  2. I noped out of the thread at Era, they seem happy ripping this film to shreds, and I really don’t think there’s a happy soul on that forum sometimes. But, I didn’t have a problem with Wanda’s role either, these are movies where I’m just along for the ride.
  3. Spiderwebs got in the way there.
  4. No, no, no! This is embarrassing. Jesus.
  5. Sainz shirtless, oh my.
  6. Should end up 8th with the 5 second penalty Alonso gets. Schumacher.
  7. That’s what you get when you entertain Corden.
  8. Looks like Schumacher could get his first points this race. That’ll be nice.
  9. No Brundle that’s not Mahomes!
  10. Urgh, cant even avoid James Cordon on Teds Notebook, this is a very painful weekend. But everybody should watch Notebook, some really great behind the scenes material, very envious of Ted.
  11. Drivers saying this might not be a good race for overtaking, getting off the racing line is super slippy. Norris and Checo don’t seem to enthused about Sunday. A lot of unknowns still right?
  12. There a way to find out which celebs will be in attendance this weekend? Listened to a pre show and they said there was a 3 page list. I don’t consider politicians celebrities but seeing Republican politicians might cause me to vomit.
  13. Just goes to show how much of a bubble these guys exist in to not realize how toxic that guy is. McLaren deserve zero points this weekend, give it all to Haas
  14. I guess I shouldn’t expect any less but with F1 in Miami today, they all being pimped out. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pumped for a good weekend but….this is kinda gross. And it’s only Wednesday. Miami opening party airing now.
  15. I agree, watched his video yesterday and told him to do Vegas next year. The YouTube F1 community are quite nice, so he’s in good hands
  16. Thought this was worth sharing:
  17. Yeah I’m hoping Charles wins the championship this year. But Red Bull for the Constructors with Perez winning the Mexican GP, that’ll do me. That and Haas getting more points and maybe a sneaky podium?????
  18. I think Perez continues to excel this year, he was my Driver of the Day.
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