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  1. 3 minutes ago, papalazarou said:

    Can we all agree that ms is now just trolling us ?? 

    It’s Jeff Grub doing  the trolling 

  2. 3 hours ago, Gambit said:

    For those like me who need more Hangman in their life after watching this then check out the TV show Scream Queens on Disney+.


    I'd happily take a spin off with his character.


    I’m watching Too Old to Die Young with Miles Teller, myself. Uncomfortable viewing but it’s been a few since I’ve seen Whiplash. 

    Now I watched Scream Queens when it aired but Glen Powell oozes charisma, have to see what else he’s been involved in. 

    Today was my 3rd viewing of Maverick, I may have a problem. Both my daughters enjoyed the movie though!

  3. 40 minutes ago, Eighthours said:

    This is going to be by far the biggest opening weekend of Tom Cruise's career. I was pretty astonished to find out that he's never had a $100 domestic opening weekend - his films tend to have longer legs than most, rather than splashing early at the box office.


    But look!





    I don't think he's had a billion dollar hit yet, either. Could this be the one?


    Ironically considering it's Top Gun, we need Goose back for a box office report. Talk to me, @Goose!

    Those box office reports were excellent and a cap in the feather for this site. ‘Talk to me Goose’  😂

  4. 1 hour ago, Blue said:

     He's arrogant, ruthless, aggressive, pathologically ambitious and supremely selfish. So the full-house of top qualities in the best drivers then, why don't you like him?

    I’ve seen a lot of his social media the last couple of years, he’s made off hand comments which certainly are arrogant but he’s an out of touch, rich boy. Is he talented? Absolutely. Zero charisma and I think he hates regular people (benefit of the doubt, not many would like the status of being stopped in the street for pictures) I also understand  there’s a lot of George fans but I also think there’s 15 more likable drivers in the grid 😊

  5. 1 hour ago, Gabe said:

    I've been reading the massive thread over on Era and the reaction has been quite mixed too, with a lot of criticism of thin character motivations/development, many who love it just because it's a Raimi film and those who love the potential set ups that it might bring. 



    I noped out of the thread at Era, they seem happy ripping this film to shreds, and I really don’t think there’s a happy soul on that forum sometimes. But, I didn’t have a problem with Wanda’s role either, these are movies where I’m just along for the ride. 

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