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  1. Well you lot hate the Patriots so I'm surprised nobody has been posting the first loss of the season. Really was a great game, went into a short overtime with a field slick with snow. I saw plenty of dubious calls made against the Pats, Brady was getting visibly upset and Gronk was removed from the game late in the 4th due to injury. Should be back next week I hear. No Manning but Brock Osweiler had an ok game, his final drive was awesome.
  2. Both have amazing villains though. I'm glad they avoided villian of the week episodes myself, it allowed them to be as interesting and complex as the heroes involved. And both Vincent D'Onofrio and David Tenant have helped define these shows.
  3. I don't have a problem with that scene in the trailer, it looks awesome and I'm glad Stark is getting a deserved beat down. Do you have problems with the Iron Man v Thor fight in Avengers? (Thor should have wrecked ass)
  4. Eagles at Detroit right now, half time show: make it staaaaaaahhhhhhpppppp
  5. Cowboys take on the Panthers today, hopefully a good game now that Romo's back.
  6. People hate Newt? First I ever heard. My friends and I quoted her lines growing up. She's great.
  7. Events in Paris last week perhaps? Public gatherings etc.
  8. Saw this at a packed screening last night, dreading it as I thought part 1 was one of the most tedious movies I've seen. Made a promise to the girls and I went in dreading it. But guess what? It was really good! Sure, everybody is mopey and it's pretty dark but this one moves at a quick pace and actually has excitement.
  9. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is at it, hipster LG commercial. Not his first time I found out, 1991 he did a Pop Tarts one too.
  10. Second episode was good. The woman playing the aunt is quite possibly one of the worst actors I've seen though.
  11. Insane score on the Giants/Saints game! 49 and 49. 51 yard field goal kick for the Saints with 5 seconds left.
  12. Looking forward to seeing how Lucy Lawless fits into this. Think this has transitioned really well from the movies to TV, natural extension really.
  13. Yeah, I was expecting something a lot better with all the hype in his thread. Sure most of you are in bro love with Pratt coming off Galaxy, such a flat, one tone performance, generic action man, Urgh. I Found it watchable and yet dumb, Jurassic Park 1 for life.
  14. Um this is pretty amazing, episode 4 right now and the Matthew McConaughey impression was superb. Some sharp, witty lines in this and plenty of hidden humor. Getting away with a lot I'm thinking on US network TV. Anyway, cocaine or dildo?
  15. Does Michael Cera have to be in EVERYTHING Hollywood makes now?
  16. He had too much faith in Vick. Despite 2 failed field goals they should have tried a third time.
  17. Steelers are up without Ben Roethlisberger against a winless Ravens. Vick is the QB standing in for a few weeks, might be tough but he never played with the talent that the Steelers have. Should be a good game!
  18. Broncos at the Chiefs and its a good one. Von Miller being cheap, Broncos giving up huge yards for penalties and Manning getting sacked a few. Go Chiefs!!! And Manning just threw an interception for a TD return. He's not himself these past two games.
  19. Baltimore at Broncos now. Pretty hot to play a game at that stadium though.
  20. More importantly, Patriots/Steelers in a few minutes. Pats have this! Beautiful night over here too.
  21. I would never have seen this with Clooney and Damon as leads.
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