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  1. Thought this was.....ok. It felt a little flat in places and probably needed more humor injected to keep my attention. Wasn't expecting it to look so drab either. Good cast though, Armie Hammer and Henry Cavill were very watchable.
  2. Caught the Pats/Packers game and tonight watched Ravens/Saints on NFL. Good to be watching again! Eager to see which team picks up Ray Rice, he can be picked up now.
  3. The new controls can be found in the options menu from the title screen and not in game
  4. Yeah I get that, it's the sensitivity of your crosshair that's all over the place. That's what needs fixing.
  5. How I reached Mizar on Jet Force Gemini I'll never know, aiming even with 'modern controls' is a battle, jeez. Blast Corps though dropped ball not having a sequel that one.
  6. That's great isn't it? The ending was refreshing I thought, ending neatly and in an IMF way. I'm looking forward to the Blu Ray more than any other movie I've seen this year, well as much as Ant-Man anyway.
  7. This movie needs more love! This ranks behind MI1 for me, lots more team work involved, great action (car crash scence needed more work) humor, a sinister bad guy, Rebecca Ferguson really handling herself, exotic locations and more! Would love to see this IMF team in Cruises next one
  8. Watched again at the weekend and really enjoyed it. Even Jai Courtney is great haters! Anyway, I'm reading the first book at the moment, on the recommendation from the book thread, it's great stuff. In my head Reacher sounds like Cruise Good to hear news on the second film too, really can't wait!
  9. I'm happy to see another one, shame about reduced Renner time though.
  10. Young Michael Douglas was some some of the most impressive visual effects I've seen in years.
  11. My two favorite episodes involved Mark Hamil - still on a vhs somewhere and the Sandra Bullock one.
  12. So I told my mum about getting this book for my girls here in the USA, got a lovely surprise as it showed up at work! The postage was twice as much as the thing but I prefer physical copies than digital. It's also easier for me to flash read chapters to make sure they absorb it. Anyway, hope they like it, I'll be sure to add something once they get round to it. Cheers.
  13. I'm loving this game too but it makes me wonder what a Bladerunner license attached to this engine would be like. Sigh.
  14. I just got round to seeing this and read everybody's comments here. I enjoyed the movie greatly, my heart was pounding and I tensed up throughout. I've nothing more to add to the above but I laughed at Andrews silently mouthed 'fuck you' to Terrence.
  15. The official Destiny forums are pretty active right now, I guess somebody's actively removing any topics containing the Eurogamer interview.
  16. I think I stopped playing this a week ago. I don't miss anything about it either, I've not touched either raid in 7 or 8 weeks, TOS is beyond me sadly, I do wish that had matchmaking. POE quickly got repetitive and the developers arrogance has turned me sour. Oh well. Was there a reason why we got no new achievements with the past dlc? That may have held my interest.
  17. I'm super excited for Blast Corps and Jet Force Gemini particularly. Super atmospheric, excellent sense of space exploration - from planets, asteroid belts and secret bases, it all felt new every location you went. Great music, I've been watching YouTube videos! Never defeated Mizar though I did acquire all the weapons, health bits and those cute Tribals.
  18. Yes. Thought it was a solid Bond movie, really dug how exotic it was. Also Rene was back which helped tie to Casino Royale and Olga Kurylenko is eye meltingly beautiful. My major gripe would be the movies bad guy, Dominc Greene. Great actor but physically not believable to be any kind of match one on one. I liked it over Skyfall. A lot more so. Whatevs guy.
  19. Not excited by this one, I might be one of the few who didn't like the third outing. Enjoyed the other two though
  20. I'm not sure anybody was expecting it to be better than the first Goose, I'm surprised it's rated higher than the sequels though - Bonus points for having recurring actors.
  21. I love this! I've been watching this an episode every few days so I'm not getting this binge watching fatigue some of you got. I have to say though, Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin is the most menacing Marvel villain I've seen.
  22. This. I feel sorry for the cop boyfriend in all this, she's horrible. Pretty weak storytelling too.
  23. Didn't see that headshot coming at all. All the plotting and allegiance swapping is making me dizzy though. Last episode next week, hope it's good Has been fun to watch.
  24. I'm enjoying the second season but I'm embarrassed to say I didn't follow the flashback politics at all.
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