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  1. The Chiefs/Broncos game could be good, some notable Broncos players out this game and it's damn cold at the Chiefs stadium. Maybe a Chiefs win here?
  2. Enjoyed watching that game, went downhill for Greenbay when Rodgers broke out of his pocket for a run though. Looked like he was clutching his thigh or something.
  3. Wow, the Cowboys tag team of Bryant and Murray is explosive football. You guys are going to have a treat watching them in the UK soon!
  4. Colin Farrrell would be the worst thing ever. I liked the thought of Ethan Hawke but a relative unknown actor would have been better for me.
  5. Hopefully the guy has no lines to speak because he can't act.
  6. The play that kept the Cowboys in it. Needed to happen! Great game.
  7. Chargers and now the Cowboys win a great game this week. I'm happy.
  8. And now the interception for a td. What a poor performance by the Patriots all round. Wow.
  9. What a great showing by the Cowboys team tonight! Fun to watch this one, Saints have a tough game here.
  10. I'm not catching the fever on this one, the story is a shallow mess I'm sure people have pointed out. Mostly the problems stem from the game world itself, it never felt it took itself seriously. My main example would be the materialization of your character and enemies from drop ships. It screamed cheap, fast and perhaps a simple way to keep things going for the games engine. I much prefer Halos grunts dropping from their vehicles. As for the loot and rare items, Borderlands does this so much more better. The world is far more interesting and lively. Destiny seems very small in comparison and having to fight the same bosses, the same few bosses is criminal. It's great so many people get this but I'd like to know what borderlands lovers think about it. Just got done without my party so I paid more attention to the game. Spent a few hours on Mars and saw plenty enemies 'dropping' from their ships. So there's that.
  11. I'm with you, his material is stale at this point. I'd like him to disappear from Hollywood actually.
  12. Ok, first game of the season, anybody watching? Seahawks look great as do the Packers. Good game too
  13. I miss games where the better, more skillful you are, the more rewarding the game becomes. Like F-Zero and the unlocked tracks and characters. Now you tend to buy the extras and achievement scores have replaced anything meaningful to the game.
  14. Can't wait to watch Man of Tai Chi now, thanks!
  15. Yeah a great little used trick is to replenish all your ammo when you enter your Titan. Think you posted that vid before VN1X, still a joy to watch though
  16. I'd say so yeah, plenty of full teams when I play too. There's a map in some sort of high-rise hotel district on the beach with aerial dog fighting in th sky, lovely neon lit signs and hotel waterfalls. Haven I think.
  17. Just.....no. I can't believe people want this, AGAIN. If this was an RE2 next gen upgrade then sure - but I've played too many versions of this. Where's a Powerstone or Viewtiful Joe next gen experience? Why RE1? Vote with your cash because if they haven't already done HD remakes of better RE's (2 and 3) then it's not gonna happen. I look forward to hearing you lot gushing on the remake of a remake of a remake on PS5 etc
  18. Well I was over hyped for this and I agree the pacing is a little off. I thought Batista's acting was a little cringeworthy honestly. And John C Reilly was a waste, any actor could have taken that role and all I could think of was Wreck it Ralph. So sadly this isn't my favorite of the Marvel series, I think it's in my top 5 somewhere. Maybe. They should have removed a-holes too.
  19. Yeah I agree on that. Would like to see some pouring rain too. Why these developers can't put in random weather effects and times of day into it I'll never know. Certainly makes things visually interesting. I'm having problems with the new achievements popping though.
  20. Do the generation challenges, you'll learn how the weapons work and it'll get you to unlock attachments, a must for titans. Also, use burn cards! The update makes it easy to activate the, there's an extra prompt after a death. I've gone matches and forgotten to use them. Playing lots of Hardpoint will get you familiar with the maps too.
  21. In the Collectors scene, are there any Marvel Easter eggs to be found in the background? I searched the cages but nothing stood out for me.
  22. I did it again! That's my neg, sorry! I still enjoy watching Rush Hour too, hopefully somebody will restore the balance!
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