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  1. I did it again! That's my neg, sorry! I still enjoy watching Rush Hour too, hopefully somebody will restore the balance!
  2. Saw this on Sunday. Thought the first 30 mins was a grind really but things picked up. Enjoyed the 3 bad guy enforcers, they were unique actually. More of that bar fight which spills outside into the snow covered streets would have been nice. It was pretty. Some ultra violence on display too, really felt the bones crunching and the impacts. Loved the way the camera follows a particularly hard punch in motion, happens a few times. Some 'omg THAT just happened' followed by cringing. That car chase was good too, the driver was a badass, totally routing for him. Think it would have benefited if the chase looked faster, some glaring slow cars on display, loses that intensity, desperation. May have noticed some sloppy editing at that point too. Solid sequel though.
  3. Hate to ask, anybody have a free PS4 US code? Thanks.
  4. I picked up the the Denzel Washington flick 2 Guns and I have to say, a really solid action romp. It's fast paced, stylishly shot and the banter with co-star Marc Wahlberg left me smiling. I thought they had great chemistry between the two, despite the fact Wahlberg is leaving me exhausted from his many appearances these days. Bill Paxten made a welcome villain, James Marsden and Edward James Olmos round the cast out. For me, any Denzel movie is worth at least one watch. Enjoyed.
  5. Great energy from the US team! Too bad though.
  6. I hope the USA team can pull off a solid win here, the news and water cooler chat has been filled with positive energy surrounding the sport now.
  7. Enjoying the new game mode Marked for Death and with the added achievements (sucker for them) I'm getting some proper playtime on the Expedition maps. Love Titan burn cards and the Titan os voices too. Great update.
  8. Can't wait to get playing later tonight, my most played game on the next gen systems.
  9. I don't understand this Lady Stoneheart plot line. In the books it sounds pretty intriguing and would love to see how it's tied in. There's a lot of questions that need answering though. My fear is that if they don't show it in the show, then it's unlikely there's any satisfying developments in further books.
  10. I enjoy courtroom dramas, last one I saw was The Lincoln Lawyer.
  11. Adds immersion too. I'm welcoming night time drives.
  12. Eh? Those were some dodgy skeletons, I don't remember them in the book either. Pretty dodgy camera work in that episode too.
  13. I thought Bacon was super cheese. And all those mutant teens gave me vibes of a desperate Twilight movie. Fassbender and James McAvoy were great though. Everything else was crap, admit it. Watch the first Xmen, it's the best out of the lot. A perfect first hour of nearly any Marvel movie. X2? Alan Cumming removes me from this movie. ALAN CUMMING as a badass blue teleporting mutant, people! No. Just no.
  14. PS4 and 6 hours of playtime. Not progressed too far in story, mopping up all those side quests and map unlocks. I'll complete the game, fills in time until Destiny.
  15. Was sold from the more positive comments in here but I can't recommend this game myself. I haven't played many open wold games like this, GTA5 aside, but it really has an amateur vibe to it all. I'm feeling a lack of game world immersion here, the city doesn't sound alive. It's so quiet. Traffic, which should help create this living world, crawls at sedate speeds. All the player controls are horrible. Horrible. I'm still crashing into other slow moving cars with the horrendous controls. Has anybody mentioned the soundtrack in this game? You guys were all over that in GTA5. I didn't find that bad but in Watchdogs I've heard the same songs within minutes. It's pretty terrible. I'm finding very few things I do like in it. It's a dull looking city, no? There's no noticeable landmarks. It's not interesting at all. I've not been wowed and had to stop and soak in some exotic jaw dropping vista.
  16. Which is a long wait. There's lots of waiting times in the online world too.
  17. The dlc is taking ages to drop though, I mean I've lost interest in playing this due to next gen releases. I missed out on the Christmas Day weather and despite the online updates, clothes and weapons it wasn't enough to put up with lengthily loading times. Am I the only one?
  18. Nope, did not like. Somebody said Ken Watanabe was a saving grace but I'll disagree. He performs that same blank pause in EVERY scene he has. And the English chick distracted me by her quivering bangs (fringe) I thought you guys over hyped Pacific Rim and I did buy the Blu, a second watch revealed too many flaws for me. Godzilla won't be a Blu pick up. He does look cute.
  19. Yep, another who likes this too. It's on late though!
  20. LOVED UT99 but I'd have been happy with a marketplace update really. A new UT would need wall running. This coming from fast paced Titanfall games.
  21. I think Adam Sandler films, while unremarkable and sometimes annoying, are mostly harmless. They usually have some sort of redemptive story arc. Grown Ups 2 (with Kevin James!) was cute At least it breaks up the relentless superhero and scare movies year in/out.
  22. I tend to see the mismatched teams playing capture the flag. Everything else seems fine. Looking forward to new maps and challenges though.
  23. The first two episodes haven't clicked with me yet and I adore the previous seasons too. I think I'm being put off by the constant 1 upping and shouting but that's always been there right?
  24. Miles better than Girls, that's on 3 seasons now? Actually, the characters are less annoying than Girls, so extra points there.
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