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  1. Anybody liking the Air Raider? I'm loving the 4 pilot mech and the speedy tanks. I whored the sentry guns in 2017 so was curious as to what happened to them. I can also see the Air Raider being a huge assistance in co-op.
  2. Well. That was a very sensitive and intense last 5 mins. Can't wait to hear everybody chat about.
  3. This isn't even over but I'm biting my nails and yelling at the tv. Fuck!
  4. Sorry, no typo. I got a $10 store credit included with the PS4.
  5. I just picked this up (360) and the guy at the store said it's selling well. There was even a large promo poster for it at the registers.
  6. It's alright. Grabbed it for $5 tonight and played it for a solid few hours. I remember paying stupid money for the Megadrive version and that's my only comparison. Was the original more zoomed in? I'd like a zoomed in perspective in this, looks...ok. Needs rain, all games look great with rain. I just beat the two sisters, visually unremarkable bosses for me. I'll stick with it though, it gets better yeah?
  7. Needs more high seas action, getting a little stale for me. Episode 4 may change that.
  8. That's a surprising change of pace. I need to watch this back to back once it's finished.
  9. Just cut some thick tape to size and cover it? Electrical tape? Maybe?
  10. Well the Super Bowl commercials have been anti climatic this year. Bit like the Broncos. At this point I'm more excited to watch New Girl. Great Seahawks game but too one sided for me. Disappointed.
  11. Arghhhh the suspense! True Detective is not on next week due to the Super Bowl
  12. Yeah, recasting puts me off on shows. Maybe it can get the Star Wars treatment when it's all done and dusted... (Even the Beric recast annoyed me)
  13. Pats beat Broncos. Seahawks beat 49's. Seahawks win Super Bowl. Anyone else?
  14. Looking forward to this too, HBO has been pretty crap for a few months now, this looks quality.
  15. Luck got tripped by the Pats defensive lineman Joe Vellano on 3rd down, he was performing a block and stuck his (rather large) leg out behind him. The commentators said it should have been a penalty - rightly - and a new set of downs. None of the refs saw it. Of course Vellano was happy with the result as he was getting his high fives on the sidelines.
  16. I agree dude! Patriots and the Colts next. Really looking for another electrifying game by Luck, he's gonna have a tough time at the Pats home though. I think it's still raining too.
  17. Yeah I was looking forward to this one, didn't expect a Saints slaughter though.
  18. It really was. I'm another who was hoping the Chiefs could push it but a great game either way. Saints/Eagles now
  19. What a Colts/Chiefs game this is! Luck's 4th quarter TD was a riot! Never seen that happen before:) amazing!
  20. I'd prefer to see less star power in these Avenger sequels thanks.
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