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  1. Pats beat Broncos. Seahawks beat 49's. Seahawks win Super Bowl. Anyone else?
  2. Looking forward to this too, HBO has been pretty crap for a few months now, this looks quality.
  3. Luck got tripped by the Pats defensive lineman Joe Vellano on 3rd down, he was performing a block and stuck his (rather large) leg out behind him. The commentators said it should have been a penalty - rightly - and a new set of downs. None of the refs saw it. Of course Vellano was happy with the result as he was getting his high fives on the sidelines.
  4. I agree dude! Patriots and the Colts next. Really looking for another electrifying game by Luck, he's gonna have a tough time at the Pats home though. I think it's still raining too.
  5. Yeah I was looking forward to this one, didn't expect a Saints slaughter though.
  6. It really was. I'm another who was hoping the Chiefs could push it but a great game either way. Saints/Eagles now
  7. What a Colts/Chiefs game this is! Luck's 4th quarter TD was a riot! Never seen that happen before:) amazing!
  8. I'd prefer to see less star power in these Avenger sequels thanks.
  9. Your gonna hate me but Brady. He gets fired up on a strong drive yeah but he is quite humble and a great leader. Then of course Peyton Manning. He rewards his players, he's a scholar of the game and just a fine example. Just look at all the records he breaks, it's a quick appreciative wave to the crowd and back to work. I'm sure as Newton matures in his role in a few years I'll like him though
  10. I really don't though. I appreciate his talent but he's the leadership, the focal point for the team. I think a QB should set a better example and not be an 'it's all about me'
  11. I'm not a fan of Newton, he's an arrogant prick from what I've seen. Would love to see the Chargers get it done or the Seahawks but I do love a good Saints game too.
  12. Oh that was a tense Cowboys/Eagles game too. I was cheering on Orton all the way but why oh why throw that ball? They had been running it well all night. Some of the play calling from that staff is HORRIBLE.
  13. Yeah that game is Saturday night. I'm seeing a solid Saints win though.
  14. I've not seen a single commercial or sponsorship on the PS4 front on US tv for a good 10 days. Xbox One on the other hand is unavoidable.
  15. Does the multiplier rise faster when you overdrive into them? I did slow things down on the final human on the last level btw. Only 3 enemies that have to be shot in order. So thanks! I realize the other levels have this technique too, just didn't realize I was doing it!
  16. Is this the same on the final level too? I'm having a hard time saving the last human. I've got a maxed out multiplier but the human insta dies when the keeper appears. Actually, I haven't found out where they spawn yet, maybe I should relax the trigger and watch.
  17. I went in learning this just by playing team death match. It helped unlocking equipment and learning parts of these larger maps. It's helped considerably for me and I'm making a positive impact to the larger team games now.
  18. Don't you just love that godlike harmonic sound when you collect all the humans?! I'm also addicted to collecting the trophies in this one too.
  19. Negged that by accident dude, looks amazing though!
  20. I like the multiplayer in this one. Looks good and feels like a back to basics death match.
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