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  1. Yeah I watched that last drive in anticipation, wanted a Rams win for the crowd. I'd like to have seen the QB run it in while they had that momentum though. So many infuriating penalty's too!
  2. Patriots today. Even the haters must have thought that was a bogus penalty at the end!? Anyway, Broncos for Sunday Night Football. Should be good.
  3. Yeah, great game! And a Patriots loss this week for them haters Nice rain storm that one too.
  4. They cut the game at the start of the 4th quarter here for the Cowboys 4th. No idea why but I was BS.
  5. Hardknocks is a great show. Shame it can't follow a team during its season but it gives a fascinating insight into the game.
  6. Speaking of commentators Jon Gruden is somebody who is exceptionally knowledgable and infectious with his enthusiasm for the sport. Really enjoy watching any game when he's involved.
  7. Well I'm looking forward to tomorrow nights Thursday game, Patriots haters aside. Against the Jets things tend to get heated but I just don't see them winning at Foxborough. I thought the Cowboys opener was a good one. I've been feeling bad about Tony Romo, the guy tries so hard. Hope they can stay strong this season.
  8. Yeah an amazing end to the Jets game. Loved to have seen the Saints - Falcons game today
  9. Clearly I'm watching a different game to you then. The Pats - Bills game was fun, I really thought the Bills could nip that one. Watching the SNF now and it's full of turnovers. Also, Carrie Underwood sucks.
  10. Was a great game to start the season though and it's nice to see Welker settle in nicely from the Patriots. I don't understand the lack of New England love on this forum. Hope the Steelers have a better year this season too.
  11. This was great. Always good to see Michael Keaton though Larry David was....everything you'd expect from him. Bit like an extended Curb your Enthusiasm really.
  12. I hope it can hold its own next week, Goose. 38m seems pretty good to me, the local cinema here was using its screens to show Despicable Me 2 nearly every hour, while Rim's was every 4. Fortunately the screening was packed and people seemed to enjoy themselves. And 2 hrs never went so fast.
  13. Was the Tourist that bad? I watched it and while forgettable it was quite stylish. Lone Ranger should bomb hard though. It's a movie nobody wants.
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