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    NFL 2021!

    Some drama with the Bucs game today. Antonio Brown refused to get in the game for the 3rd quarter, head coach benched him and then Brown stripped his gloves and pads and left the field. He’s no longer a Buccaneer. They just about won that game too. Against the Jets.
  2. Wow, I unlocked everything on the N64 cart back in college, I’m not sure I’ll be able to repeat this now that I’m older. Cant wait for more news on this.
  3. I can see why people would be put off by the first 45 mins but the rest of it is solid Matrix fun. Don’t be put off by the negative press, enjoyable watch.
  4. One of the highlights this year was Ocon winning a race.
  5. I was super hyped all week for this race but this is a bit crap.
  6. What place do Redbull need their drivers to get the Constructors? Where would Bottas have to be?
  7. Caught the F1 Post Race and Horner seems a little deflated. I’ve a thought that he doesn’t think they have a car for Max to win this. Ocon and Alonso have to be the most likable pairing for me, Bottas deserves pain for nicking that podium.
  8. Fuck Mercedes and Redbull, hope Ocon wins this race now.
  9. Still a crappy company to be associated with, the way Kingspan representatives (as others have noted)have responded is a massive red flag for me.
  10. Finished last night and started a rewatch of the original. Really hope we get a second season, but from reading the comments from the irrational haters I doubt we’ll get it. Think the Netflix opening credits is so much better than the original, I never hit skip.
  11. Great result for Alpine, both cars with good points.
  12. Crowd looked almost 2d for a second there.
  13. Creepy guy in crowd hard staring the camera there.
  14. I think she’s giving that character life, she’s my standout. Liking the show myself, I watched the anime 2 years ago so still pretty fresh. Shame there’s people not giving this a chance and want to hate on it, there’s a lot to like (on episode 5)
  15. Such a lifeless track, hope the racing is good.
  16. Stay with another team member and shoot whatever they are aiming at. Keep moving. Engage, don’t fight 1 on 2.
  17. I’ve watched this 5 times already and it’s leaving HBO Max real soon, I need the 4k disc, like now. Was this shot quite lean? There a chance of an extended cut in the future?
  18. Was a decent race, not the result I wanted though
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