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  1. Excellent work on the first room, we really clicked quickly there.
  2. Nice little write up! A few other points that I think we all know but nice to have it written down to confirm it:
  3. Haha, it was totally worth it too - first patrol thing I did I got the sweet PS4 sniper exotic from the engram it dropped I haven't had as much online time on this as I had hoped for so may miss raiding this week but what an amazing start to this instalment. I was one of those totally disillusioned by the beta but the finished product is fantastic. Every time I have hopped on the planets are brimming with things to find and quests to complete. I really hope (and I'm sure there is) loads of little easter egg quests like the black spindle from the taken king to discover down the road too. I have been slightly swept up in the rush to get "raid ready" but am doing my best to try and just enjoy the activities as they unfold naturally too. That being said I cannot wait for the first run at the raid, they have been the highlight of my gaming in the last few years and I am really interested to see what new things they have come up with.
  4. Bit of a delay but yeah, a code eventually was emailed to me and I redeemed it in the usual way.
  5. Thanks for all the invite reponses folks,I managed to accept the one from DrWatson98. Now I have to wait for it to let me set the download going.
  6. No worries, thanks for battling with their awful club system and giving it a go. If anyone else with invites spare fancies trying it I'd be much appreciated
  7. It should be FiniteLight, same as here.
  8. Sweet, thanks. I think once we are friends on the UBI club thing you take the steps listed here: https://support.ubi.com/en-GB/faqs/000026190/Friend-referral-in-Ghost-Recon-Wildlands-closed-beta ... thats if it all works as its supposed to of course!
  9. If anyone has a spare ps4 invite still going spare I'd like to try and get in on the beta action please! My ubisoft id is FiniteLight
  10. Yeah, saw someone yesterday get a 378 weapon drop in the crucible. I presumed they all go up to 385. He was level 375 I think so guess it works the same as the engram decryption as to what level drops you get.
  11. Looks like I was the slacker back then too! Looking forward to all the puzzle solving later, at least I am closer the recommended level this time at 348.
  12. Can't wait for the raid! Had great fun on this last night just doing some of the forge stuff and strikes. What a difference it makes when the content is difficult again. I'm only up to 345 light but hopefully I can get to 350 at least later on. Blues not decrypting above 340 is bizarre when the dropped blues go higher - really annoying to have the postmaster still fill with unhelpful tat. Especially now greens are going there too.
  13. Deffo up for this although I am struggling to hit 10pm starts consistently at the moment. I may have to start off via remote play and switch once the wife goes to bed!
  14. Can't make this as I've got friends staying this weekend. Can help out on one next week if one gets going though! Pre-ordered the expansion yesterday so looking forward to the raid crew getting back together!
  15. Welcome back! I've been back on it for a month or so now and there isn't much new really. All of the activities bar the challenge of elders are the same, its just now some of the activities give drops up to level 335. The good news is its a doddle to get close to or hit the new level cap ready for the next expansion. I'm trying not to burn out on it before the expansion is released so mainly doing Iron banner / PVP and organised activity stuff like the odd raid and COE run. I should be on for a bit again tonight and I'm happy to help get that quest sorted for you before a bit of Iron banner.
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