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  1. You might know this already, and it’s probably not a spoiler but I’ll box it just in case. Anyway I agree, she’s really good in this. I’m loving this series so far, it’s miles better than any other Star Wars TV.
  2. I don’t have Apple Arcade any more as it was just a 3-month trial, but it’s good to know that might be an option too thanks.
  3. Sweet, I might go pick that up then. I spent endless hours on the Vita one and I have the PS4 one, but these games really suit a handheld.
  4. I played this for a little while on Apple Arcade but couldn’t get on with the stick swiping mechanic for taking shots. Does the switch version have an option for using button control like the Everybody’s Golf games?
  5. I see you’ve been dabbling with playing Elden Ring next, which just might be the best game ever made. If you want something where the defending mechanic is key though, I’d suggest Sifu, which I played straight after Sekiro on a recommendation from this thread. That game really nails the ‘feel’ of being a kung-fu master which was what I was still craving following Sekiro.
  6. When I saw it (in Scunthorpe of all places) Tornado was first too. I seem to remember there being a couple of callbacks during the second half. I’m going to watch Snowflake first this time and see if it works the other way round. Tornado was also my favourite. Stewart Lee is ace.
  7. It does a bit less damage but it's still useful in the first phase against Genichiro. In the next 3 phases I didn't bother using it at all.
  8. @MardiganX you are me from about a month ago. No kidding I must have taken over 200 attempts to get through the final boss but it was worth it. By the time I could do it I was able to zen through the first 2 phases being super aggressive and barely taking a scratch. I didn't use any of the abilities as I'd long run out of spirit emblems by then (you can still use Mortal Draw though). Stick at it and you will get there and it will feel amazing.
  9. After watching Mark Kermode’s review I also think this could be fun to watch for the giggles.
  10. Run past them all and jump down off the cliff behind where there is a 'bonfire'. Rest there, then jump back up, kill the first guy you see and then jump up and to the left on top of the big wall where there is a dude with a gong who alerts everyone else. Kill him, and then you can quite quickly take everyone else out before taking on the mini-boss.
  11. The documentary is brilliant and I’m not a fan and only barely remember them first time round. It starts out in full Spinal Tap mode and then about halfway through the rug gets pulled and you end up rooting for them. It’s well worth watching.
  12. All of your spoilered points are valid: Apart from that, I think this show is ace and everyone should watch it.
  13. I don’t get this at all, why would he want to go to Everton when he’s been such an integral player at Wolves? Does Bruno Lage not like him any more?
  14. I wonder if there’s a build that makes it feel like Sekiro? I guess you wouldn’t get the grapple or double jump but I’d love it if you could get the feel of deflecting like in that game.
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