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  1. F-Zero GX is one of those holy grail games for me that I would dearly love to play again but have no easy way of doing so. I’d also really like to play Wind Waker and Twilight Princess again but as they’re not on Switch I can’t. I’ve been dabbling slightly in getting into emulation recently but my Mac isn’t really up to it. As I don’t have a PC, what would be the cheapest and easiest way to get something capable of emulating GameCube to a good level? I’m happy to use a standard controller. I’ve been eyeing up a steam deck but if a cheaper mini-pc is an option I could consider that instead.
  2. I was going to say Arkham Asylum as the perfect vertical slice but that’s already rightly been brought up. So instead I’m going to cheat a little bit and say the Destiny Beta. What I wanted was a true successor to Halo, and it took about 20 seconds from picking up the first weapon to convince me that they’d nailed the feel of shooting and the satisfaction when the yellow numbers pop out of the enemies’ heads was just bliss. I was genuinely excited when you could go to the moon! I have no interest in multiplayer at all, so my experience with the full game and its sequel only went as far as doing the campaign missions and some strikes with Randoms, but the Beta sold the game to me.
  3. Hi, I’ve got a different question! My son’s Ultimate has just expired. We had the free 6 month thing through BT, but now I want to renew using the Gold conversion trick. However the Xbox says our account is managed through BT, and I’m reticent to spend money on Gold codes if they’re not going to work. Has anyone done the same and know the easiest way to de-link my BT account from the Xbox one? Edit: to answer my own question, I spent an hour on the phone with BT and they were next to useless, although polite. I then spent half an hour on live chat with Microsoft, and they managed to override it by renewing for another month, which has wrestled control back to me. So I’ve got to pay for a month but then next month I should be able to let it lapse and do the thing.
  4. They. Absolutely. F**king. Nailed. It. You beat me to it, but that might just be the best final word of anything ever. And they’ve pulled it off in 2 different media.
  5. Sefton Hill was one of the talking heads in the overview segment so I assume he’s still involved to some extent.
  6. I had an email survey from Nintendo on Friday asking me about this. One of the questions was about the reason for buying the remaster and one of the possible answers was “to pass the time until Metroid Prime 4 releases”. I think that’s the only concrete evidence I’ve seen that 4 exists since the title reveal all those years ago?
  7. PSA: Get a Boomerang Rental account and have the games posted to you. It's like living in the 00s! I pay £10.99 a month and over the last 15 months I have played: Rift Apart Sackboy GotG Sekiro Forbidden West GoT RE VIII Lego Star Wars Sifu GT7 TLoU Part 1 GOW Ragnarok COD MWII Skyward Sword HD All of which has cost me the sum of £142 (you earn points which I've used to get 2 free months in that time) which is 2 full-price Sony games right? For me, where I like to play a single-player game to completion, and then probably won't play it again for several years, it's perfect. I have no interest in multiplayer at all so once I'm done with a game it goes straight back. Well worth it for me.
  8. I agree that Southampton are probably going down, but it would be the ultimate in LOLs if Marsch came in and kept them up at Leeds' expense.
  9. I’ve not used the Switch much at all recently, but I’ve just got back into it, first with Skyward Sword and now Metroid Prime. Both of my sets of Joycons have got drift, which I might get around to sorting at some point. I’ve been eyeing up the Hori Split Pad Pro, which comes highly recommended from here, but before I buy one I was wondering if anyone has any alternatives that also have the gyro in them (thinking ahead to TOTK)? I’ve got a Pro controller for TV play so I’m not bothered about being able to use them outside of handheld mode.
  10. I’m loving this so far. My Metroid Prime story isn’t as exciting as most of yours I’m afraid. I bought it on UK launch, and to my shame never finished it. Got stuck on a boss somewhere and then gave up when something else came out. Looking at the UK release dates it was probably Wind Waker but I can’t be sure. I then bought the Trilogy on Wii when it came out, never took it out of the box and sold it 3 years later for the same I’d paid for it. Not finishing it is one of my biggest gaming regrets (although these days I’m less bothered about abandoning stuff) and I’m on record here saying I would insta-buy a Switch release, so this is perfect for me. I’m a better gamer than I was 20 years ago (I can play Dark Souls games now) so I’m hoping I can finally do this justice. Someone should make a touching JR Hartley / Werther’s originals advert out of my story.
  11. I think that makes 8 PL teams that have changed manager so far this season (7 sackings, with Brighton being the odd one out). I know this happens every year but it’s plainly a ridiculous situation. Obviously last year Watford had 2 sackings, and we could yet see that again this year. Anyone know what the record is in a season? Also on the City thing, I firmly believe nothing will happen. They will worm out of it somehow.
  12. Quoted for truth. This is not a cover shooter, you should be sprinting around as if you were doing the ‘Team America’ wavy hands all the time.
  13. For each campaign 50 points works out at 20p if you buy PSN credit (£5 for 1250 points). So not literally nothing, but, yeah.
  14. Another alternative you might consider is getting a boomerang rental subscription. I pay £10.99 a month and put discs on a rental list and they get sent out in order. It’s like living in the 2000s! For a game like this that you might just want to play through the once it’s perfect. I’ve had way more than my fair share using that.
  15. Don’t want to spoil too much, but all I will say is, have you been to: If not, I’d suggest exploring all the crater, specifically the and if that still has you stumped, then there are plenty of YouTube vids on how to find that place. I had to resort to that to find it.
  16. Mass Effect, but they film everything twice with Male and Female Sheps and you can choose which one you want to watch. Maybe do it in a choose your own adventure style like Bandersnatch on Netflix.
  17. Does 1899 work as a single-series or does it end on a cliff-hanger? If it’s the latter I won’t bother watching it, which is a shame as it sounds interesting.
  18. Based on previous games I think it will likely be Walker/Stones/Maguire, with Trippier and Shaw as the wing backs.
  19. I always feel a strange sense of loss when the period of 3-4 games a day comes to an end. I know why they have the final group games on at the same time but I still would prefer to be able to watch them all. And then the first day when there are no games is a massive shock to the system. Bring on 48 teams! I'm going to say something quite controversial now. Notwithstanding all the issues about Qatar hosting, I'm coming round to the idea of a winter (Northern Hemisphere) World Cup. Purely from a selfish perspective, it means there's only a few days gap after the end of the tournament and the regular season will be in full swing again. I'm not saying it's necessarily a good thing for the players, but it will certainly help with the usual withdrawal symptoms I get after a big tournament.
  20. So I guess they’re just going to disallow every goal scored against Qatar? Must admit I didn’t see that coming.
  21. Gigawatt


    PS4/5 version is £23.09 on PSN until the 28th as part of the Black Friday sale. You could knock a bit more off that with cheap credit off shopto. It’s a great game and well worth that.
  22. My thoughts exactly. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Would have snapped your arm off for a point beforehand but we definitely deserved more in the end. The fortress remains intact, but a few more wins rather than lots of draws would make things a bit more comfortable.
  23. @neoELITE your lot are up at Fortress Sincil Bank today. Can you break our run of being unbeaten at home all season (although 6 draws and 1 win isn’t exactly amazing)? Quite a big turn out from the away fans for such a long journey.
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