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  1. I'm not aware of the game doing any behind the scenes balancing, so I'd hazard a guess you're just getting a bit better.  By the time you're able to finish the game you'll be able to go back and blast through the early levels hardly ever being hit.  I'd still get the odd cycle where I'd screw up and die really quickly mind you.  It's a beautiful example of pure game mechanics and your improvement is pure skill rather than 'levelling up'.


    My top-tip is to turn on 'Always Sprint' and then spend the whole time running around like a maniac - this game is not a cover shooter!

  2. As I'm sure many other will agree, Returnal is an absolutely amazing game, and well worth £30 of anyone's money.  Don't sleep on it.  I think that Extra is the sweet spot of the tiers for me, if you're just getting a PS5 then the selection is pretty great and it seems pretty likely to me that we'll eventually get most of the first-party games somewhere down the line.  Clearly aren't going to broadcast it while they can still sell them for £70 but Ratchet and Clank must be a shoe-in at some point, and maybe we'll even get Forbidden West once that's been out a year or so.

  3. Spoiler

    I assume the plan is that they would, but there’s an unavoidable period after they pull up from the attack where they pop into radar coverage and immediately get targeted by the SAMs. They then have to defend against those. Presumably the 2 who don’t get shot down do run out back through the valley, but that’s never even hinted at. 


  4. Episode V was great. 

    My wife was catching up the other episodes today so we could watch the latest one together. She has seen all the films multiple times. After the end of episode 3,


    Obi gets burned in a quarry,

    she turned to me and said “that must be how Obi-Wan lost his arm”, which genuinely confused me for 10 seconds or so until I worked out what she thought she meant. 

    Then, halfway through episode 4, she asked “why does everyone keep calling him Ben?”. I’m beginning to suspect she might not be a proper fan after all. 

    Anyway, one question I have, that I don’t think is clear unless I missed it. 


    The whole plot hangs on them kidnapping Leia to draw out Obi-Wan, presumably at Vader’s request, but I could also go with it being Reva’s idea to get closer to Vader. 

    But at this point, no-one knows that Leia is Vader’s daughter, and no-one knows any connection between Leia and Obi-Wan. So why did they assume that kidnapping her would force Obi-Wan to come out of retirement for one last case? Have I missed something obvious?


  5. My impression is that Southgate likes to be loyal as much as he can to try and help the togetherness of the squad.  Hence sticking with Pickford, Maguire and Sterling when they might not have had the best club seasons.  And to be fair they all played pretty well at the Euros.  He's also been very vocal in supporting the players who rarely get a game like Conor Coady.  I think for the World Cup it will be difficult to see past his first XI being very similar to the Euros.  Pickford, Stones, Maguire and Walker at the back with the only question being a Left-back.  I'd like to see Chilwell if he can get fit in time, but I suspect it might end up being Trippier if they play a back 4.  Rice and Phillips in the midfield with Bellingham and Henderson subbing in as required.  And then behind Kane it's going to be Sterling, Mount and one other, possibly Saka, although I'd really like to see Foden get a good run in the starting XI.


    This set of games seems to have been the last chance to look at some outside prospects, but even then I don't think that justifies the level of performances we've seen, and being unable to really create many good chances.  I think the 2 Nations League games in Sep will look much more like an established XI and that will be a much better barometer of where the team is.  However I don't see anything there that's going to magically solve the problems of creativity, it's all very good being defensively minded but if they don't score they aren't going to win much.


    After the World Cup, assuming Southgate stays, I think he will start to replace some of the core players.  One of Pope or Ramsdale should become the new No 1, and I think it might be time for either Reece James or Trent to be the first choice Right-back.  Maybe his thinking is that by then Tomori or Guehi are ready to step in for Maguire or Stones?  Something needs to be done at the top of the pitch to generate more attacking options I think. Who knows, that's just my random thoughts.

  6. I found it ok rather than a stellar game.  Coming to it straight after Elden Ring probably wasn't the best idea.  For me the endless collectibles and upgrades were a bit too much and the combat was a struggle as once you get seen and all the machines home in on you it quickly descends into rolling around all over the place.  I ended up knocking the combat difficulty down to easy and only doing side missions that were focussed on the main NPCs and that was a far better balance for me.  I thought the story was pretty good though.

  7. It was so refreshing hearing Bairstow speak so openly and incisively and being willing to defend Root and Silverwood so much. You definitely wouldn’t hear any footballer being so honest after a game. 

  8. 1 hour ago, feltmonkey said:

    You must be enjoying this from Stokes, @Gigawatt?  😀

    My 12-year old and his mate were getting a bit bored and cold so we left just after he came in. Only saw his first few boundaries but it was obvious he wasn’t going to hang around. Heard the rest of it on TMS and he was out by the time we were out of Nottingham in the car.  

  9. 88DDC529-4D20-426F-AC14-FDAE1D68DEB6.thumb.jpeg.4ddb0bd33ccf9d33d8f18baf5232094a.jpeg


    I’m at Trent Bridge today. It’s been absolutely brilliant watching Root come in and score his fastest Test Hundred. Him and Pope are on fire. 


  10. 6 hours ago, Orion said:

    Question about part of the film 


      Reveal hidden contents

    I've not seen the film and been avoiding spoilers and this thread. Someone here though posted in another thread, not related to this film at all. A description of what sounded like the end or a big action sequence from this. I tried to skip when I realised what I was reading but it mentioned flying very low, under an arch then under roof height to avoid some SAM sites.


    Has that prick spoiled a section of the film ?


    I wouldn’t worry about that at all, those are just minor details which are outweighed by all the other epicness. 

  11. Seen this twice now, the second time was even better as I could really focus on the details. The flying scenes really are epic. 

    20 hours ago, drmick said:

    Did they explain why each pair of F18s had to be a two-seater and a one seater? What was the point of the one-seater in each pair?



    There are quite a few contrivances in the film to make it more cinematic and I think this is just one of those. The 2-seaters could have dropped the bombs themselves and lased them in (self-designation) as there are 2 people. You can see they are carrying bombs but don’t drop them (in my head they’re saving them for a re-attack if the first ones miss). I suspect having the single-seater drop the bombs while the 2-seater lased (buddy-lase) was just to add to the drama. Similarly some of the formations they were flying weren’t realistic, but again that’s probably so it looks better on screen and doesn’t expose real tactics.


    I think the justification for not using F-35s is also really just there to allow them to use F-18s, there aren’t any 2-seat F-35s for them to film in.


    Overall though I thought it stretches credulity just enough to be a fantastic spectacle without going over the top. The end fight with the SU-57 was immense.


  12. 18 minutes ago, K said:

    One other thing. I suspect that I’m onto a loser by even considering asking why something happened in Top Gun Maverick, but

      Reveal hidden contents

    when going over the top of the ridge and down into the Death Star exhaust vent crater of doom, why did the pilots have to invert? I guess the real answer is “because it looked fucking amazing”, but can fighter jets turn faster when pulling back or something?


    Basically yes



    If they had stayed wings level and ‘pushed’ over the top, there would have been some serious negative G, which is really uncomfortable, and the aircraft is probably not stressed to more than about -3. Rolling and pulling allows more G (they say in the film the Super Hornet has a 7.5G limit but they exceed that to 9+ on the pull-out) to make it a tighter apex over the top and is more comfortable. It’s pretty normal.


    Also if inverted it would be easier to visually acquire the target (although more difficult for Bob to get the targeting pod on).


  13. 8 hours ago, df0 said:

    Fallen Order any good? Never played it.

    I think it’s a good but not great game. It starts off fooling you into thinking it’s Star Wars Uncharted, but in reality it’s more like Star Wars Dark Souls. If you approach it like the latter you’ll have a lot more fun with it in my opinion. Don’t be afraid to turn down the difficulty so you can feel like a proper Jedi. The main villain is really well done in my opinion. 

    The sequel could be pretty special if they tighten up some of the issues mentioned above. Get rid of the slidey  sections for a start. If they made it feel like Sekiro it could be immense. 

  14. I’ve never watched Clone Wars or Rebels so don’t really know who the Inquisitors are (apart from playing Fallen Order), but they all seemed pretty good to me. In general I enjoyed the first 2 episodes but I agree with some of the comments here about the chases etc. 



    The montage at the start was way better than all the prequels combined. They should just release that as a stand-alone for anyone who’s never had to watch them.


    It seemed to me as if Obi-Wan had cut himself off from the force, a bit like Luke did in TLJ. So it made sense to me that he had to fight with his hands and a blaster, and was easily hit and made to bleed. Maybe he couldn’t risk using his saber as without being attuned to the force he might slice himself open? When he saves Leia he re-opens the connection, and then the Inquisitor can feel him after that.  Just my interpretation of it.


    It was a bit of a stretch that 2 Jedi just happened to be hiding in the same town on the same backwater planet (admittedly where everything seems to happen in Star Wars). They could have tried to stay away from the small universe in this I think.

    I’d like to see some proper action pretty soon in the next episodes. 

  15. I suppose it’s a marmite film and I’d never criticise anyone who doesn’t like it. I know a lot of people don’t like the slow pace of it, but that really works for me. I’ll admit that Jared Leto is hamming it up a bit too much. But it looks and sounds amazing and the story really worked for me. Plus it has one of the most inventive sexy-time scenes that I can think of. 

  16. We just finished tonight and our reaction was meh. 


    Killing Ruth really pissed me off, she was far and away the best character in it. You’re rooting for her as she’s had everything taken from her and been exploited by the Byrdes. And just when it looks like she’s going to get a happy ending it’s ripped away from her.  

    The Byrdes winning in the end in itself isn’t that problematic. It’s not what I wanted but that’s the choice they went with so fine. It’s less believable that Jonah is suddenly on their side at the end after everything that’s happened.


    The car crash being a red herring was a piss-take. Should never have been there as it destroyed the tension in the whole series for no payoff.

    I’m left with the same feeling as I had at the end of House of Cards, although this was nowhere near as huge a fall from grace as that show. 

  17. 9 hours ago, Anne Summers said:

    Anyway - I have finally managed to acquire a PS5 , after seeing one in a shop for the first time since they launched, two years ago or whatever ...


    I am one boss fight (well, two, technically, but I've beaten the first one a couple of times) from finishing the game. Obviously I'm far from done with it and am already thinking about my NG+ playthrough to get a different ending. 


    Should I transfer over to the PS5 version? I remember there was some suggestion, at launch, that the PS4 version was the best way to play the game, as in the most stable of the Sony options. Is that still the case? Or should I be looking at PS4 version on the PS5? Or is just jumping straight into the PS5 version fine these days?


    Can I transfer my PS4 version save to the PS5 version? If so, what it the process? Just transfer it to cloud save on the PS4 then install the PS5 version on my PS5 and then download the save?

    Or do I have to start an entirely new game if I want to move onto the PS5 version?

    I’ve just started NG+ on the PS5 version after playing first time on the PS4 version. If you have a VRR capable TV then the PS5 version is better now than it was at launch (though that’s the VRR update to the console rather than the game). It’s smooth enough in performance mode, but still has lots of visible stuttering in open areas.  Quality mode still stutters all over the place. The PS4 version on PS5 is super silky smooth at 60 fps all the way through. The visual differences are minor and loading is quick on both. 

    My rec would be download both versions (time and bandwidth allowing) and start with the PS4 one. Save transfer to the PS5 version is super simple from the main menu but is one way only. So I would suggest then trying the PS5 version for a little bit without making too much progress, and then you don’t lose too much if you decide it’s too choppy for you. Your PS4 save will still be there so you can go back to that one easily. 

  18. I'm really enjoying this series so far, there just seems to be something about the tasks that makes them more engaging?  Maybe it is the lack of social distancing but the interactions between Alex and the contestants in the tasks is frequently hilarious, and Alex's sarky comments are ace.  I guess it's probably always been like that, but it just seems to be working really well with this group.

  19. This might not be exactly an answer, but have you tried watching the Johnny English films with him?  Those are pretty good fun, and my kids loved them at that age.  I think the first is the weakest but the second and third have enough fun bits to keep anyone entertained.

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