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  1. We just finished tonight and our reaction was meh. 


    Killing Ruth really pissed me off, she was far and away the best character in it. You’re rooting for her as she’s had everything taken from her and been exploited by the Byrdes. And just when it looks like she’s going to get a happy ending it’s ripped away from her.  

    The Byrdes winning in the end in itself isn’t that problematic. It’s not what I wanted but that’s the choice they went with so fine. It’s less believable that Jonah is suddenly on their side at the end after everything that’s happened.


    The car crash being a red herring was a piss-take. Should never have been there as it destroyed the tension in the whole series for no payoff.

    I’m left with the same feeling as I had at the end of House of Cards, although this was nowhere near as huge a fall from grace as that show. 

  2. 9 hours ago, Anne Summers said:

    Anyway - I have finally managed to acquire a PS5 , after seeing one in a shop for the first time since they launched, two years ago or whatever ...


    I am one boss fight (well, two, technically, but I've beaten the first one a couple of times) from finishing the game. Obviously I'm far from done with it and am already thinking about my NG+ playthrough to get a different ending. 


    Should I transfer over to the PS5 version? I remember there was some suggestion, at launch, that the PS4 version was the best way to play the game, as in the most stable of the Sony options. Is that still the case? Or should I be looking at PS4 version on the PS5? Or is just jumping straight into the PS5 version fine these days?


    Can I transfer my PS4 version save to the PS5 version? If so, what it the process? Just transfer it to cloud save on the PS4 then install the PS5 version on my PS5 and then download the save?

    Or do I have to start an entirely new game if I want to move onto the PS5 version?

    I’ve just started NG+ on the PS5 version after playing first time on the PS4 version. If you have a VRR capable TV then the PS5 version is better now than it was at launch (though that’s the VRR update to the console rather than the game). It’s smooth enough in performance mode, but still has lots of visible stuttering in open areas.  Quality mode still stutters all over the place. The PS4 version on PS5 is super silky smooth at 60 fps all the way through. The visual differences are minor and loading is quick on both. 

    My rec would be download both versions (time and bandwidth allowing) and start with the PS4 one. Save transfer to the PS5 version is super simple from the main menu but is one way only. So I would suggest then trying the PS5 version for a little bit without making too much progress, and then you don’t lose too much if you decide it’s too choppy for you. Your PS4 save will still be there so you can go back to that one easily. 

  3. I'm really enjoying this series so far, there just seems to be something about the tasks that makes them more engaging?  Maybe it is the lack of social distancing but the interactions between Alex and the contestants in the tasks is frequently hilarious, and Alex's sarky comments are ace.  I guess it's probably always been like that, but it just seems to be working really well with this group.

  4. This might not be exactly an answer, but have you tried watching the Johnny English films with him?  Those are pretty good fun, and my kids loved them at that age.  I think the first is the weakest but the second and third have enough fun bits to keep anyone entertained.

  5. £75 for a replica shirt or £115 for the ‘proper’ one, is that right? I’m sure they’ll sell bucketloads but that still seems very pricey to me. 

  6. 39 minutes ago, Giddas said:

    I have never subbed to PS Now before and per this thread bought a 3 month code from g2a.com today. Applied fine.


    Thanks to you I’ve just done the same, so that £17 should then see me good for Premium until my Plus runs out next year. Might be worth looking out for cheap Plus in the next month to extend that before the new system kicks in. 

  7. 1 hour ago, filecore said:

    Good win for us today against Cheltenham 3-0 which cemented our position in the league for next year. 4 consecutive seasons in the 3rd tier for the first time since the early 80s. Phew. It was a bit touch and go over the last few months for a while.   I wasn't there today but did go to Fratton Park on Saturday to see us go down fighting 3-2, after coming back from 2-0 down.


    One more game for me - Crewe at home for the last game of the season. (See you there @Gigawatt?)


    Clear out and a bit of a refresh in the summer. Bring on Pride Park and Oakwell away next season.

    Yes it was a great game today, 3-0 up after 20 mins against a team who never really turned up. I think after that the team didn’t really know what to do having never been in such a good position all season. Even when the Cheltenham striker found himself with an open goal he managed to hit the post which is pretty much the opposite of the luck we’ve had all year, so that was nice. 

  8. I would like to recommend The After Party. It’s a comic whodunnit, centred around a death at a party following a high-school reunion. It’s an 8-part series of 30ish minute episodes, so easy breezy to get through. 

    I think it’s actually a really well done mystery in itself, but the gimmick is (no story spoilers here)


    every episode is a different genre. So the first is a Rom-Com for example, and each episode is themed around a particular character’s point of view.

    It stars Tiffany Haddish, Dave Franco, Ike Barinholtz and a few lesser know names, plus my personal favourite being Ben Schwartz in almost full ‘Jean-Ralphio’ mode. I really enjoyed it, and I reckon if you watched the first 2 episodes you’d know if you are going to like it or not. 

  9. It’s been a while but I did a full run through when my youngest was up feeding in the night. It’s probably no surprise that the sexual politics of the early films have not aged well at all in my opinion. I might be mistaken but I seem to remember that in OHMSS James has it away with more than one woman in a ski lodge and then immediately comes down and proposes to Diana Rigg. 

  10. Got to the credits this morning, 95 hours, level 157. Pretty sure I got a vanilla ending so I’ll go look up the others now. I don’t think I’ve ever played a game for this long before, this is as 10 as a 10 can be. 

    For most of the game I was longsword and shield with a bit of sorcery, but ended up leaving INT low and building up STR to get some good damage. Close to the end I respecced into DEX so I could use Moonveil and Rivers of Blood. Slight endgame spoilers:



    I settled on Rivers of Blood with Corpse Piler which is great for dealing a load of damage. Brass Shield in the other hand and Mimic +10. Managed to do Malenia which had been a sticking point when I was STR. 


    Final boss was ok in the end. First phase was simple once I’d learnt the patterns, and for the second phase I ended up just sprinting up close and wailing as much as I could and then running away from the ranged attacks. Probably only took 15 attempts which is pretty good for me.


  11. Yeah I watched it all and loved it. It’s just lovely feel-good TV, and every so often there’s a line that just cracks me up, such as:



    “There weren’t even that many school shootings this year”


    Also, I can’t believe it took me till the 3rd season to twig that his prepper girlfriend with the basement of tinned food and guns is called Sarah Connor. 

  12. Saw this on Saturday and really enjoyed it, it certainly didn't feel like a 3-hour film.



    I'm one of those people who's a sucker for long slow shots of people walking that take their time (probably why I think Blade Runner 2049 is a modern masterpiece), so the ponderousness of Batman's entry at the start and other parts of the movie really worked for me.  The shot of him approaching The Penguin's car after the chase was great I thought.  I'm a self-confessed Nolan fanboy so it doesn't knock those films off their perch just yet, we'll see how the sequels go.


    I really liked that effectively the Riddler won.  He enacted his plan almost perfectly and the only thing he didn't achieve was killing Bruce.  It's a good point made above that thousands would have been killed and that was kind of brushed over. The new Mayor got shot and then just casually strolled out through the water. Salt water in a gunshot wound would be pretty painful I would have thought.  


    I also think the point for me is that Batman realises that he is doing more harm than good, and I think it's made pretty obvious that the city would be better off if Bruce just did charity work.  Maybe the sequel will see him spending more time pretending to be the Billionaire philanthropist as it seemed to me that Batman is the man and Bruce is the secret identity in this film.


  13. 2 hours ago, pinholestar said:

    PSA for Radahn: 


    Holy shit, I just stumbled across a huge cheese for this absolute fucking arsehole entirely by accident as I was trying anything and everything on him in the vain hope that something would miraculously get me past this massive obstacle, and lo and behold I managed to completely skip the second phase of the fight. Never fist-pumped so hard in my life. :omg:


    Do the following:


      Reveal hidden contents

    You need the Hoarfrost Stomp Ash of War, which can be obtained from an invisible scarab in the pool of water south-east of Caria Manor.


    Just spam this on Radahn and it'll fuck him up completely and utterly. He didn't even have a chance to transition to his second phase because when he knelt down in preparation for it I just kept hitting him with it and it wiped out the second half of his health bar in seconds and killed him before he could even get up. :hat:


    Just tipped past the 100 hour mark in this peerless Miyazaki masterpiece too. Onwards!

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!


    I’ve just done in 4 attempts what I couldn’t do in the previous 50 or so! It didn’t skip the second phase for me but it was still a hell of a lot easier. 

  14. 2 minutes ago, Mike S said:

    Question for anyone who has explored Stormveil castle:


      Reveal hidden contents

    I am trying to find a way to get the big lift to work, the top of which is close to a site of grace.


    Is the solution obscure or obvious? I have explored all over the castle as far as it seems possible for me to currently access including a few hops over walls and onto rooftops but just cannot find the way down. There is also one door locked from the other side so I am sure there is more to find. 


    Being as opaque/non spoilery as possible in your answer, should I even be looking from inside the castle and it it isn't something stupidly obscure like an illusionary wall that I've missed is it? I just need to know that I am on the right path as it is getting a little frustrating now...




    From the Grace by the top of the lift, go out on the balcony with the sword feet birds. There’s a ‘rampart’ bit on the left with one of the birds on. Drop down from there and work your way round.


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