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  1. Woke up at 5.03, checked phone and saw an alert from 2AM. Went straight to Argos, and got as far as add to Trolley before they all disappeared! Putting them up at 2 in the morning is beyond a joke now.
  2. That was a tough boss to do, it definitely does feel like dancing when you get in the zone and finally defeat it. I’ve only played DS3 once, what does an SL1 run mean?
  3. You get the special version with a USB-C hub hanging off the front.
  4. I’ve said this before but I can’t be arsed to find it to quote myself, but I reckon that’s what the single USB-C port on the front is for. It’s not used for anything else and it will be a whole lot easier to use than the current version.
  5. Saying out of stock now. I didn’t want to get one from Game anyway
  6. I laughed out loud at that. Kathryn Hahn is just amazing I think.
  7. Smyth's almost let me put a pre-order in and then crashed when I hit checkout.
  8. When you say timeline order, do you mean chronological? Ant Man & The Wasp has mild spoilers for Infinity War. I recommend watching Infinity War first, then Ant Man must be before Endgame. I take it from that order you’ve already seen Captain Marvel? if you really want to do Ant Man first then
  9. It’s basically Joker then, for the Disney Cinimatic Universe?
  10. I really hope it isn’t reason to panic, but every time I’ve had that particular status the item has never turned up. Perhaps somebody else got the five-finger discount. Fingers crossed you get yours.
  11. Good to see Argos doing their bit to combat bots by making stock available when most people will be able to get online
  12. Tried all of those on 3 different browsers and the app. Not my day today.
  13. It was probably less than 5 seconds from getting the stockinformer telegram alert to hitting add to basket but still no luck.
  14. F**k this. In terms of next-gen games, “trying to beat the scalpers” is my least favourite.
  15. Trying on the app, mobile browser and desktop and getting nowhere.
  16. Already been mentioned here, but the 2 best things I’ve seen in recent years are Chernobyl and Fleabag and they are both short. In fact Craig Mazin went to HBO and asked them to cut it to 5 episodes as he couldn’t make it work in 6. And if we’re specifically talking about character development then I would like to make a special mention for Joe Pera talks with you.
  17. Being in a packed cinema on opening night when that happened was such a great moment.
  18. I really hope this is good. I would be perfectly happy if the first series followed the story of the first game exactly. And then I fully expect a Twitter meltdown if the second series follows the second game exactly.
  19. It’ll go Stadia exclusive and the rule of double-negatives will see it become the biggest thing ever.
  20. Not sure what that’s got to do with anything, I was just commenting on him not just doing the usual “best for the team, game of 2 halves, blah” that so many others do and actually daring to look engaged (I think Antonio at West Ham is similar but he wasn’t on the list). And if we’re talking about those who should be figureheads then Marcus Rashford is obviously top man, but I would have thought he’s a dead cert for England anyway.
  21. Outside of how good they all are at football, whenever I see Patrick Bamford interviewed after a game he’s always eloquent, smiling (when they’ve won obviously) and actually looks like he really enjoys the game. For that reason alone I’d take him as he might actually be a good ambassador for the game. Caveat that with I have no idea if he has a Twitter history or anything.
  22. Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet. and Ted Lasso.
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