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  1. I’ve been continuing my slow-paced run through of this having only seen the odd episode before. 

    Just seen the series 10 episode “Charlie work” and wanted to say that I thought it was spectacular and masterfully done. There’s a ‘single-shot’ halfway through the episode that is just as good as that bit in Children of Men. It’s well worth the odd low episode when the highs are like this. 

  2. Doesn’t look like it. I bought a new copy off Amazon for £40 as I couldn’t wait any longer and thought 1.1 would be a good time to get involved. 

    Install, update to 1.1 (thank you FTTP), load, go to settings, can’t get out of settings, press PS button and close application. Great first impression CDPR! 

    It actually let me start the game next time and I’ve enjoyed my first hour so far. 

  3. Just now, MattyP said:

    Indeed actually surprised me they pushed them out at the prices they did. Think they were worried about sales in the current economic climate... :D And yet we have this situation. 


    It must have been a pretty dicey decision to have to make. I’ll admit that I thought any new console would be a tough sell in late 2020. All common sense would say that launching high would be a mistake, but I assume a combination of the demographics of console early adopters plus the fact that other stuff still isn’t open in most major markets has made the console launch pandemic proof. Who could have known that at the time? Microsoft and Sony were also trying to out-psyche each other while trying to judge the market!

  4. You’re both making good points but looking at it from the retailer’s point of view. We know Curry’s and Game don’t care and would probably prefer to sell to the bots, but that doesn’t help the consumers. And Sony and Microsoft must be kicking themselves for not launching $100 higher and they could have had some of that scalper money for themselves. 

  5. A few points. 


    1. Yes these consoles are all eventually making their way to gamers, but many are paying an inflated price, which is money they might otherwise have spent on games or accessories. Microsoft and Sony can’t be happy with the situation even if the retailers couldn’t give a shit.  

    2. How about Sony says to Mr Amazon, you’ve got 2000 consoles arriving tomorrow. Amazon goes through its list of people who’ve expressed an interest (ordered by date), and says “Do you still want a PS5, you’ve got 24 hours to complete an order”. Any that aren’t sold go down the list. It would be trivial to check for duplicate Amazon accounts (maybe a bit trickier for multiple people at one address but some credit card/ID checks could overcome that). For brick and mortar, a simple pen and paper list would suffice. Ban employees from buying from their own stores. 

    3. People could put their names on multiple retailers’ lists yes, but it’s more likely that once they knew one was secured genuine buyers would decline offers from the others. There would still be people trying to buy multiples to scalp. 

    4. If you knew that you were in line for one, you’d be less likely to consider scalper prices. 

    5. No-one needs to hammer the internet all day long. 

    6. Sony and Microsoft could disincentivize the retailers by offering preferential terms on things like future digital sales, or withholding stock from those who sell all their stock to bots. 

    In the current situation neither the platform holder nor the customer are better off. They’d sell out either way,  why are they letting it continue? 

  6. 24 minutes ago, Popo said:

    Ok, my speed build has saw me through to bringing Ornstein down to half health, which is already a big improvement!

    Keep at it. Beating O&S solo on Switch was one of the most difficult yet most satisfying moments in gaming for me. You can do it!

  7. 14 minutes ago, Uncle Mike said:

    Given the rapid U-turn (and more than a U-turn, given the F2P change - is there word for more than a 180? I guess it's a reflex)

    I’d say Overswing. 

    To me it appears like this was probably just the next move in a sequence of events which goes: 1. Announce all games coming to all Xbox platforms. 2. Launch Series S and X with Halo Infinite as a mega killer app. 3. Bring EA into GPU. 4. Increase price of Gold to push people to GPU (to pay towards the Zenimax purchase). 


    On the face of it it seems like a reasonable strategy, but obviously it hasn’t gone quite the way they would like, and it looks like (from the outside) demand for PS5 is outstripping Series X. So for new players who aren’t already in the ecosystem, that move would put them at a serious disadvantage to Sony when it comes to attracting the Fortnite crowd. Pleasantly surprised they’ve reacted so quickly, but it smells like left hand not talking to the right to change their strategy when the situation changes. 

  8. It infuriates me massively. I know that none of the retailers or Sony actually give a toss, and no doubt Game are actively happy to sell to the scalpers as was mentioned earlier, but it just sours everything for me. 

    How hard would it be for each shop to just have a list, and hand them out in order like it’s the 20th century or something archaic like that? Might actually get some customer satisfaction that way. 

  9. Seeing as I can’t find a PS5 for love nor money, I bought this in the PSN sale and have been pretending I’m playing Demon’s Souls :D.


    Anyway, it’s a bit good isn’t it? It feels like Bloodborne in a Dark Souls skin and has a load of QoL improvements over DS: Remastered which is nice. Loving it. 

  10. Mr Bean always has a special place in my heart because they filmed the swimming pool scene at my local pool where I did swimming lessons and in the car park of the local bowling alley. Simple things. Plus it’s great obviously. 

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