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  1. From when I first got a PS4 I’ve never had a payment method saved, and turned 2FA on as soon as it was available, all due to the advice from the forum and Pockets’ experience with Watchdog. I have only ever used credit bought elsewhere to buy stuff from the store and even then usually only when it was on sale. In fact I think  TLoU2 is the only game I’ve bought at full price digitally. Just through time I’ve built up a reasonable library of digital games. I now prefer to play downloaded games to minimise the faff of my 11 year old losing my disk when he wants to play something else (I didn’t foresee this being a problem as he was 4 when I got the PS4). 

    I’ve changed to the Authenticator app now, but I really can’t imagine how much of a pain it is for you to lose access to all your stuff just because Sony’s security is awful. I’m glad it is slowly getting sorted. It really drives home that jumping to fully digital now is probably not a great idea (for PlayStation owners anyway). 

    When I can finally get my hands on a PS5 (which I will still buy, because games), then I will probably go back to mainly buying games on disk again just to avoid losing complete access if and when this should happen to me. I know the saves might be gone but at least I could still play. 

  2. 3 hours ago, mikeyl said:

    Fair, ok. But did anyone here, who really really wanted a console when they announced them, not get a console?


    edit @Popo

    I really really wanted a PS5 and haven’t been able to find one, despite being ready at every supposed drop of stock checking every website I could. You can’t tell me that their pre-order process was anything other than a shambles. How hard would it have been for every shop that was getting some to have a list of people to sell it to rather than selling them all to the bots. I’m not paying scalper prices. 

  3. 18 hours ago, footle said:


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    And if the past is immutable, then future Branagh can’t come back to die, because the worlds already ended - and ten seconds of thinking would tell him that; and if he’s only dying in one of the quantum many worlds, in order to resolve the grandfather paradox, who cares?




    My understanding of it is that he isn’t going to activate the algorithm when he dies, his death merely activates a data burst of some kind that records the location of the algorithm, so that the future people can find it in their own time, and activate it in order to reverse the time flow and erase the past from then.


    This is why the final mission has to seem like a failure, so that Sator thinks the algorithm is buried and sends the data, but in reality the Protaganist and Ives extracted it and will presumably hide it in separate pieces in the past?


    So when the future people open the buried site they will find the algorithm is not there. But, that doesn’t explain why they wouldn’t be able to send another message back earlier to solve that problem and at that point I don’t want to think about it any more. 




  4. All your points are totally valid, it varies from being beautiful to janky all the time. There is an option in settings (which I don’t remember being there at the start) to have Cal auto-cling to climbable surfaces which might help?


    I’ve just finished my second play through. The first time I was playing it as Star Wars Uncharted and I found it really frustrating. This time (after some gaming education) I played it as Star Wars Dark Souls and got on with it better. 

  5. 8 hours ago, Monkeyboy said:

    Just finished it. Really enjoyed it, although not without flaws. One thing puzzled me though...


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    Why was Branagh still looking at the helicopter through the binoculars when it had already landed ten feet away on his yacht?


    The rest of the film made absolute sense.



    Different Branagh init? The one with the Binos is 'past' Branagh, but the one on the boat is 'future' Branagh who's come back to die when he was most happy.


    I'm basing this on memory from 2 cinema viewings, so it might be slightly wrong but there are definitely 2 Branaghs at the end.




  6. This season has been absolutely brilliant all the way through. My favourite episode was the 



    Ahsoka one as she was such a badass.

    But one more thing I want to add. 


    The 3 times we’ve seen Pedro’s face in both series, he’s managed to convey such a strong emotional response in different ways each time, without even moving his face! I don’t know how he did it, but it hit me. The goodbye scene in today’s episode was just beautifully played I thought. 


  7. 30 minutes ago, Eric86 said:


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    Wouldn't photons move backwards relative to anyone who'd gone through one of those time reversing gateways? In which case light would move away from the retina rather than towards it, leaving anyone in the wrong time frame completely blind.




    Yes! I thought this too (probably a bit too much). I reckon you would still be able to see from all the reflected light from other objects moving backwards, but looking at the sun it would probably be black?


  8. I’d had the twist of The Prestige spoiled for me before I saw it the first time. But the beauty of the film is that it is all laid out for you right from the start, it’s a wonderful piece of misdirection. 

    As for Tenet, I’ve already posted my thoughts but suffice to say I love it. It’s complex but I think it fits together perfectly once you understand what’s going on (or at least think you do). It doesn’t quite hit the heights of The Prestige or Inception (my favourite Nolan film) and for me that’s because it doesn’t have as strong an emotional message as either of those 2 films.  

  9. We have Hulu working on our Apple TV, but that required:


    1. To initially be in the US with a US address. 
    2. Setting up a US iTunes account. 
    3. Having a US bank account and means of payment. 
    4. Using a DNS service to fool the App into thinking we’re still in the US despite now living in Lincolnshire. 
    5. Maintaining the US bank account to pay for Hulu. 

    Having done all those it works fine. I’m sure someone cleverer than me can work out ways around all of those steps. The good thing about the Apple TV is that you can have apps from different regions active at the same time and even switch between iTunes stores really easily. I haven’t investigated using HBO Max through Hulu but might when some good films come out. 

  10. Personally I like having the choice. At the moment I have my PS4 connected to a 1080p projector and when I can find a PS5 that will be too. So I will be playing Demon’s Souls in performance mode, and with something like Miles Morales I would really like a 60fps option with ray tracing that drops the resolution to whatever it needs to achieve that (let’s say 1080p for argument’s sake). 

  11. Maybe Sony and Microsoft should do what all the ticket sites do and use the bots to buy their own stock and sell them on for major profit. Maybe they already are. 

    Edited to add: I am annoyed as I really want a PS5 but clearly won’t be able to get one for months. I’m sure someone else suggested it earlier but maybe the stores (like Smyth’s or Curry’s) could go low-tech and have a list of people who’ve phoned in and give them out in order. Although they’re still selling out so probably don’t care either. 

  12. 1 hour ago, Calashnikov said:

    That’s what I’ll be doing. I believe they can handle the new Tempest tech / 3D audio just fine, provided you use them via Bluetooth with the dongle. An IGN review of the new headset seemed to suggest 3D audio doesn’t work if you’re just wiring headsets through the pad.

    IGN have an article on the website about how to use 3D audio which says you can plug headphones into the controller to get it. I’ve also heard the creative director of Demon’s Souls say you can do just that. I really hope that is true as that’s how I do most of my PS4 gaming now so I’d love to continue with what I’ve got. I think IGN are maybe just being evasive on the subject (including on this week’s Beyond podcast) as they are currently sponsored by SteelSeries. 

  13. If ever there was a game that doesn’t need a remaster then TLoU2 is surely it. If they can get it running backwards compatible at 4K and/or 60fps I’m not sure what else they could sell a remaster on. Maybe they’ll bundle the multiplayer with it? I guess the rain in 3D audio would be pretty cool. 

  14. 19 hours ago, Ferine said:

    Looks like The Talos Principle is leaving Game Pass next Tuesday, which is a shame as I was going to recommend it to those that enjoyed the lateral thinking of The Turing Test. The former is about three times as long – and gets significantly harder, from my recollection – but it features tonnes of creative puzzle rooms and has an intriguing setting, plus a bunch of computer terminals for those interested in excavating the story; if you put an e-mail in a game, you know I'll read it.

    I really enjoyed The Talos Principle. Considering it’s basically a puzzle game it actually has a really engaging story. Anyway, just thought I’d mention for any PS4 players it’s currently £2.99 on the PSN store, which is an absolute steal (although clearly not as good as Game Pass). I’ve now bought it 3 times. 

  15. Also Quick Resume is (presumably) going to work for Back-Compat games that are run from an external hard drive as it’s writing to the SSD when it suspends. If PS5 doesn’t have similar then anything run externally (pending results from external SSDs) is still going to have the same load times as currently. It’s an amazing feature that deserves a lot of credit. 

  16. After bouncing off this a few years back, I came back to it after getting into Dark Souls. Finished it last night, by which I mean I saw the credits, I’m sure there’s a whole load of stuff I missed. Really enjoyed it, although as with Dark Souls I couldn’t tell you a thing about the story other than it was night and now it’s daytime. Very much looking forward to Demon’s Souls now as I’ve never played that before. 

  17. On 09/10/2020 at 11:08, Gigawatt said:

    From the teardown video, we saw the unit has 2 USB ports at the back (finally) and one on the front. The video says both the ones at the back are 10Gbps, which I think is 1250MBps. So those are not going to be fast enough to run PS5 games off an external SSD which we already knew, but I guess will be fine for external storage and hopefully data transfers will be quicker than on PS4 (I’m no expert on these things but does that sound correct?).


    The USB port on the front just says “Hi Speed”, so I infer from that, that the front port is primarily for charging controllers.  I’ve had a quick google for box contents and it just says USB cable, so I presume that means a USB-A to USB-C cable. I could be wrong of course and it could be USB-C to USB-C, but I haven’t seen anything to confirm that. 

    So assuming everything above is correct, what is the USB-C port for? Again the video says 10Gbps for the USB-C port. My guess is that this is future proofing for PSVR 2 (I suppose 3 technically) which is going to have a single USB-C cable running to the console for power and video, and then use inside out tracking for position (or maybe the PS5 camera which would just be USB in the back). This future proofing is a little bit like us all looking at the light bar in 2013 and wondering what the point of it was, although USB-C is obviously a bit more useful. 

    I might be completely barking up the wrong tree here, but it just seemed like a reasonable set of assumptions to me. 


    Sorry to be quoting myself, but at least it’s not about size. I watched one of the unboxing videos (and am not watching any more) and it looks like the controller charging cable is USB-A to USB-C? So I reckon my earlier theory about PSVR2 having a single cable USB-C connector could be valid? 

  18. 16 minutes ago, grounded_dreams said:


    Taken from this tweet from Sucker Punch official account:


    Text from the tweet:

    'PS5 owners playing with Game Boost will see an extra option to allow frame rates up to 60FPS, and while loading speeds on the PS4 are already great, just wait until you see them on the PS5!'

    Awesome, I haven’t played it yet but will probably wait till I can get hold of a PS5 now. It’ll be like a launch game for me. 

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