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  1. At a guess:



    He goes inverted, and has a facility large enough to sustain him for the time needed to go back. He gets out at 2015 and de-inverts*, puts a bet on Leicester to win the Premier League, and then uses that money to build the facility that he has travelled back in. It’s all getting very Primer in my head now which I love. 

    Plus, all the time he’s inverted, his team could be talking to him, bringing him up to speed on what he needs to do to recruit them all when he gets there. Imagine an HBO miniseries of the Tenet adventures, it would be wild. 

    *There would need to be a turnstile in the past for him to de-invert, so maybe the future helpers have made a facility for him which is fully inverted already, saving him the bother. That would be easier. I think Nolan probably hasn’t worked all that detail out. 

    While we’re on the physics, if you were inverted, then surely all the photons are going the other way, so if you looked at the sun or any light source it would appear black to you? I assume you’d still be able to see stuff as there would be plenty of light bouncing around. Crazy!



  2. It’s very thought-provoking isn’t it? I think on more reflection it really does hold together well, maybe even more so than Inception. I definitely want to go see it again so I can spot the early clues. 


    I’ve now changed my mind on the Neil being Max thing. I think it’s an inelegant solution as it would mean P waiting till Max was old enough to be recruited and then going back a long time to before the events of the movie. We’ve seen that going back is awkward at best, because you need your own air etc. 

    Far more likely in my opinion is that P goes back a significant amount (years maybe) to be able to set up Tenet and recruits Neil then. The beauty of this, is that P knows Neil would pass ‘the test’ as he is going to sacrifice his life to save P. And I think that then they have some Jolly japes, mainly going forward, and probably both of them are at the opera in their Tenet capacity, but I don’t think we see P there.


  3. Actually I’ve just read a plot summary online which means my supposed plot hole isn’t at all. 


    The Sator on the yacht is actually future Sator come back to die at the point he was happiest. So past Sator is still alive to go and do the car heist, Kat will still get inverted and there will only be one Kat left. 

    Also I now feel really sorry for Neil, who cheerily went off to die. So he saves P’s life twice in the movie, the other time being the opera, which P realises right at the end. R-Pats was great in this. 


  4. Just got back from seeing it. I haven’t read up anything yet, thought I’d post my initial thoughts here. We were the only 2 people in our lovely brand new Everyman Cinema, so as a movie-going experience it was unbeatable. I loved it, the wife wasn’t quite as enthused but still enjoyed it. As many others have said, the sound mix was off as the loud bits were mega loud and some of the dialogue was hard to hear, but not so much that I missed anything vital I don’t think. 

    For me, no-one else except maybe Denis Villeneuve makes cerebral blockbusters like this. To paraphrase Mark Kermode, Nolan is a director who says to the audience, you’re smart enough to get this so try and keep up. I love that he is allowed to make films that are so mind-bending. There were plenty of early hints at what was going on and most of those paid off for me. I have one major reservation which I have not researched yet that I’ll spoiler below. 


    At the end of the movie, presumably they have altered the timeline (by Kat killing Sator), so the car heist in Tallinn now won’t happen. I don’t have a problem with that, if you subscribe to the many worlds theory. But, that means there are now 2 Kats in the world, as the original Kat won’t now get inverted in Tallinn.  The Kat we see at the very end picking up Max is the ‘older’ Kat, as she has the phone P gave her, so what happened to the original who is blissfully unaware of the whole thing. Did they just shoot her in the head?


    I do think there is some credence to the theory of Neil being Max grown up. You can almost see him being recruited on a mission to save his mother from his father.  

    At the end, I read it as Neil is about to go off to his death, picking the lock and taking a bullet for P. P (and Ives too) knows this (as he is visibly upset) but he has to let it happen to achieve the mission. Does that sound right?


    It won’t happen as this won’t have taken anywhere near enough money, but I’d be well up for more of P and Neil’s time-bending adventures.


  5. Currently our consoles are connected to a 1080p projector that casts a 92” screen on the wall. It’s a bit of a faff with cables and I haven’t worked out the best way of blocking out the light in the room, but when it’s dark it’s amazing. Playing TLOU2 in supersampling mode looks spectacular to me. However when the weather’s like this it gets very hot as there’s a massive lamp right above your head. 

  6. I’ve never bothered with PSNow, originally because I didn’t think my internet would be good enough for the streaming and I wasn’t going to enter my credit card details to access the trial. Does Now allow you to play online on those titles that support it without PsPlus?

    After they added downloads I would have been more interested, except I’d already bought most of the big games they were advertising. Looking at it now, there could be just as many, if not more games than Game Pass? And I know most of those are streaming only, but Sony should really be pushing it much harder. 

    By this point I must sound like a broken record/repeating Spotify playlist, but if Sony could fold in the benefits of Plus while doing something huge like adding all their first-party PS4 games (which they aren’t making any more of so presumably have had their sales peak) they would potentially have a better service than Game Pass. 

    I can’t see them committing to launch new first-party games on the service as that’s clearly their strength that they’d want to profit from, but maybe they could have a year to 18 month window before adding them in, which probably wouldn’t affect sales too much?


  7. 5 minutes ago, cubik said:

    Apologies to @Gigawatt, I didn't realise the All Access deal was a way to buy the console from MS over 24 months. I thought he meant software only.


    In that case, I totally agree it would be a no brainer for a lot of people.



    No worries, I think Sony need something to counter what at the moment looks like a stonkingly good value offer from Microsoft on many fronts. 

    4 minutes ago, footle said:

    It’d be funny, but they’ve not announced anything that even sounds like quick resume. Probably because they have a relatively small SSD for 4K.

    They haven’t really announced anything about how the system actually works yet, but I’d hope they’ve at least seen what Microsoft are doing and are going to copy it. I know nothing about software or programming, but I assume that as long as there is 16GB of free space on the SSD it should be possible to dump the game state to it? Excuse my ignorance if that’s completely wrong.  

  8. My previous guess was they would go £449/549.


    What I think will happen: They will drop to £399/£499 so they are bracketing the Series X. Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls as the major launch games. No announcements on any services. 

    What I’d like to happen: The presentation starts on a black screen. We hear the familiar beep as the PS button is pressed, and the system boots to the dashboard in less than 5 seconds. Whomever is playing (lets get Shu in for old times’ sake) mucks around for a little bit, then clicks on Miles Morales, which loads in 2 seconds to the title page. He presses continue, and is almost immediately swinging through Manhattan. He then demos quick resume to some other games (DS, GT7, and Probably Bugsnax). After that there’s some browsing of the PS Now tab which now includes all first-party PS4 games. Close with a mind-blowing All Access type deal for £25/30 a month which includes Now and Plus (which are now the same thing). £299/399 at retail, November 10th (for shits and giggles). 

  9. 6 hours ago, Talvalin said:


    Wait, do you have it already, or is that just a placeholder for when the game is actually released and becomes downloadable?

    (the release date for Japan is apparently September 18th)


    5 hours ago, Super Craig said:

    It's available for preload if you pre-ordered it from the eShop.

    What he said. It’s all downloaded and ready to go as soon as it unlocks. I assume that will be midnight on the morning of the 18th. 

  10. 19 hours ago, Stanley said:

    How does it devalue it? I think it’d be great if the price was right, but with joycons rather than Pro Controller - multiplayer out of the box and compatible with stuff like Ring Fit Adventure. 

    Yes I think that’s actually a better idea. 

  11. 2 hours ago, CS2x said:

    I would love a souped-up Switch. I can absolutely see its value and can see why the Lite appealed, but I actually wanted the opposite - a docked-only version! (which I understand defeats the entire concept of the thing.) 

    I would have liked to see an Apple TV-sized puck, bundled with a pro controller, with slots for game cards and memory cards. I think that without a screen or battery it could potentially have been quite cheap. If they’d launched it at the same time as the Lite I think it might have been quite attractive. 

  12. 3 minutes ago, Dudley said:

    They will never kill the digital edition, killing physical media is both company's long term strategy,


    That is a good point. I think what I mean is kill the digital edition now and work on getting something cheap and cheerful like the Series S. 

  13. After the Series S announcement yesterday what are everyone’s guesses on price? I’d previously gone for £449/£549 but I think that might be suicidal now. 

    Maybe they should kill the digital edition and go hard on the ‘exclusive games’ angle. 

    I also think they need to combine PS Plus and Now at a good price, and maybe even get every first party PS4 title on there as a sweetener. That would compete with MS, cos it looks like they might not be able to on price alone. 

  14. On PS4 now I can transfer games between the internal and external hard drive. Admittedly it takes an absolute age and you can’t do anything else while it’s happening, but it can be done. Don’t know about Xbox. 

    I can’t see this not being a function of the new consoles. Archive anything you’re not playing to your external HDD and transfer anything you want to play to the SSD. Presumably you could play old-gen games straight from the HDD, or move them to the SSD for quicker loading. If it can be a background process then it should be seamless. Not sure about automating it though. 

  15. 12 minutes ago, Isaac said:

    I think that someone else (sorry, I forget who after reading 16 pages) was bang-on when they said that the Series S is the actual next gen Xbox pitch.


    £249 is priced to fly off the shelves. This is Microsoft's pitch to the mainstream, the Series X is purely for the enthusiasts.

    ‘Twas me. The more and more I think about this it seems like a master stroke by Microsoft. That price is just insanely good for what they’re offering. 

  16. After digesting this some more, I think that in reality, this is the next-gen Xbox and Series X is a smokescreen of sorts. If they’d come straight out in Jun with this, everyone would be up in arms about it not being 4K, no disc drive, small SSD, and not really next-gen. But instead, they come out of the gate with the Series X, which from a tech standpoint does everything the fans want. 

    Now, the Series S is a cheap and attractive way to get everyone who doesn’t care about 4K onto Gamepass, without alienating those who want a properly powerful machine, because they can go get an X. I wonder what balance of manufacturing they’re doing, because at £249 this seems like a steal to me. 

    And I’m really intrigued to see how Sony react, because all they’ve got to counter this with PS5 digital is that it can do a few more pixels? The SSD isn’t even that much bigger. I’m ignoring the actual games for now. 

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