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  1. Current Gen or Next Gen. Edit: Just to explain what I mean, I can see in my head a massive matrix of all the different versions of Ass Creed Valhalla, with all the different variables of pre-order tat, statues, XP bonuses, Male/female cover art etc, and now add into that the ability to have physical/digital editions with or without next-gen upgrades. The mind boggles, or maybe it's just me.
  2. While I fully commend the use of Blue Monday, I feel the thunder was already stolen by the first Wonder Woman 84 trailer. The different versions are a mess, can’t wait to see what Ubisoft do with Valhalla now they've got an extra variable to play with.
  3. Finished a couple of days ago, loved it, and also love the fact that it can be discussed in such detail here in an intelligent and reflective way. What a deep and engrossing story it has, even if there is some disagreement over the themes and motivations, and visually, aurally and mechanically it is way up there. One glaring problem though, how did Abby’s dad die when all I did was shoot his toe with an arrow? Also, I went to Seattle Aquarium in March and the one in the game is way better than the real life version.
  4. I don’t have any friends to talk to anyway.
  5. Just my noise cancelling Bose Quietcomfort 25s that I’ve had for a few years. They’re comfy enough and the sound quality is good enough for me. I can wear glasses with them but they still encapsulate the ears fully. I don’t think the mic works in game (it’s effectively for iPhone) but that’s not a factor for me.
  6. I just haven’t experienced it yet so am holding judgment until I can have a go for myself. Haven’t tried the Xbox ones. Headphones is my standard way of playing so if it gives a great spatial audio experience that way I will be over the moon.
  7. Sorry about derailing the thread, but I think the point I was trying to make is that Sony are trying to sell something they can’t demo and that might play into Microsoft’s hands. Either way they both need to start getting info out. Despite sounding like a misery guts I’m sure I’ll get at least one of them at launch.
  8. I agree with you, in that I think the haptics will be a big nothing. I do a lot of my gaming with headphones plugged into the controller, so I hope that 3D Audio actually works, but I am sceptical at the moment.
  9. Sony are going hard on promoting the new features like haptic feedback and 3D audio, as evidenced by the new trailer. Their problem is that there is no way they can demo these to the public in the current environment. So I don’t think these selling points will come to the forefront until the console is out and reviewers/influencers can rave about it on YouTube. Whether or not these features are a worthwhile upgrade remains to be seen. So with that in mind, both manufacturers have nothing else to sell but shinies. We’re less than 3 months from probable release and we still haven’t actually seen any real gameplay from any exclusive launch titles as far as I can see. Even without an E3 to present at there is nothing stopping Sony or Microsoft putting out some full gameplay vids of games that are actually coming at launch to whet people’s appetite. At this rate, I feel that when they both come out with a £549-599 price point, I’ll be so non-plussed having seen nothing of note that my excitement levels will be low. They both really need to get prices out now, and either let that sell the console if it undercuts the opposition (which ever way round it is), or start explaining why we need a £500+ console.
  10. If anything they could cut out most of the fetch quest, add in a bit at the start for people who don’t play Fortnite, slow the whole thing down and it would be a much better and shorter film.
  11. But that’s the worst one!
  12. I remember in an Ashes Test (which I think was Edgbaston 2013, but I’m not googling to check) that Graeme Swann got hit for 6 by Ricky Ponting, and then the next ball went right through the gate and hit the stumps. That must be an awesome feeling.
  13. Ooh, Ooh, imagine if that’s the case, and then in the sequel you get to be the Justice league taking revenge?
  14. If this is a next-gen launch title I would be very excited. I know nothing of the Suicide Squad other than thinking the film was bobbins, but I have faith in Rocksteady.
  15. The PS Remote Play app is on iOS, and I know it’s not exactly the same thing, but that took a while to come out. Hopefully Apple will eventually relent. I assume at the moment they don’t want a competitor to Apple Arcade, but once that dies they might be more amenable.
  16. You say that, but my local cinema is £13 a ticket and there are 4 of us, so the pricing looks quite attractive. Not that I’m going to watch it. Definitely, I think it’s very cheeky of Disney to do this as it’s a slippery slope to them paywalling other stuff in my opinion. They should just put it on Disney+, but I guess their business model is going to have to change before that happens.
  17. If Brentford got promoted, where would they play their home games next season?
  18. I’m a relative novice, but I think if you kill the blacksmith he’ll drop the crest (just want to stress I didn’t do that). I think you need to do that bit to get you something that allows you access to another boss.
  19. I assume the Quarantine episode is one of those, just wondering which other episode was a highlight for you? I really liked the whole series.
  20. Thanks all, I’ll admit that I couldn’t tell you a single thing about the story, so I’m going to be pretentious and say that the real story was the journey of self-discovery and learning. Like The Witness, which is still my only Platinum trophy. I’ll probably play something a bit more cheery like The Last of Us 2 next but then I’ll give Bloodborne another go.
  21. I beat the final boss tonight, so I can finally say I’ve played Dark Souls. The Switch says 80 hours but I think a quarter of that is from an aborted start last year. Here are a few of my spoilered thoughts. I have played a few hours of Bloodborne before but never got into it. I might give it another go now. Is it worth playing DS 2&3? I’m now intrigued by the Demon’s Souls remake for PS5, what was that game like compared to Dark Souls?
  22. Yeah that just makes me really want to play all those games (haven’t played TLoU2 or GoT yet as we’re moving but I will do as soon as the PS4 is unpacked).
  23. I’m now thinking that how they frame Lockhart will affect the message. I reckon a good strategy would be to call it the Series X Mini. If it’s a digital only, 1080p machine at £300, or £20-25 a month subscription including GP Ultimate, it will be a very tantalising proposition.
  24. Are Sheffield Wednesday ironically using “Standout” as a hashtag for a camouflage kit?
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