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  1. 15 minutes ago, Triple A said:

    Yeah this was decent.  GF loved it too.

    Moss was superb and the tension building also great.

    Could have done with a longer act 2, building even more tension through her being gaslit further.

    One thing that bothered me - 

      Reveal hidden contents

    CCTV would have picked the knives’ floating, then the cuts being made, then being put in the “killers’” hands; surely Moss’s character would have implored restaurant footage be checked upon the murder of her sister. That’s assuming there was a feed from inside the restaurant of course. Also the police would have ensured to watch the feed from the camera in the house during their investigation of Adrian’s death, to rule out doubt? I doubt the cop friend could have erased the footage ahead of emergency services’ arrival at the scene, or talked his superiors into dropping the investigation, especially given there was a camera pointing at Adrian.




    On your first point about the restaurant, yes I agree, depends how likely it is that the restaurant has CCTV. In the house though, she specifically holds his hand on the knife as she does it, so a review of the footage would just show him picking up the knife in an awkward way and doing it to himself. She (I’m sorry I can’t remember the character’s name) probably planned on it. 




  2. That link just says their next film has been sold to Netflix. I couldn’t find anything with a cursory google saying Free Guy is coming, do you have another link?

  3. 28 minutes ago, Kryptonian said:

    No, do you have a link? I like looking back at all stuff like that.

    Sorry I’ve been scouring YouTube for a good 20 minutes and can’t find the exact clip. I distinctly remember a developer walkthrough where right at the start he threw a grenade off a cliff and watched it explode to show the geometry was fully drawn even where you couldn’t go. It was a similar walkthrough to the one you posted but not exactly the same. 

    There is always a chance it might be the product of my fevered imagination, but I’m confident I didn’t make it up. Destiny looked amazing in the first reveals. 

    Sorry for dragging off topic. Halo looks alright?

  4. Do you remember when Bungie first showed off Destiny, the demonstrator stood at the start of the Cosmodrome level, looked in the opposite direction to where you were supposed to go and said “Hey, see all that, you can go there, and we’ll be exploring that in later content”. Well that never happened, and I’m getting similar vibes from this and that article, where I have an inkling that this might not be quite as open as we might have liked. 

    I’ve said this before but this is going to be hamstrung by having to cater for Xbox One, so there’s only so much they can do with the structure. It looks like fun, but at the moment it doesn’t scream upgrade to Series X to me. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, LaveDisco said:

    It's teased throughout that there is a different Cortana, or something weird is going on. Turns out, pre-reboot humanity has been wiped out due to *mystery*, Pre-reboot Cortana, in a last ditch attempt to save humanity has found ring-people's-artifact that allows her to merge and explore alternate realities.  Your one such reality. As is every other player of the game. Campaign ends with a tease of Halo 2 reboot (but different - the blue alien guy turns up etc,) and then the alternate timeline gubbins allows for them to explain and push multiplayer.

    Following on from your idea, imagine (and this is something I thought could have been done in Half-Life 3) that at certain points in the campaign the vista opens up into a vast battlefield. The alternate realities collide and you find yourself sharing the fight with a load of other Master Chiefs from other realities pushing through an otherwise immovable enemy presence. A bit like Journey, or the shared spaces of Destiny. 

    There is no voice chat, so I can’t be sworn at by whiny Americans, it’s just all of us in it together at the same time. An infinite number of players, with more popping in and out as they hit that part of the campaign. 

    I like the idea of the campaign being a lap of the ring. 

  6. Am I right in thinking that intent isn’t in the Handball rules anymore? I’m sure I’ve seen penalties given on VAR where the ball is blasted into an arm by the players side from a foot away. Hence why you often see centre backs squaring up with their arms behind their backs right? Anyway that was as clear cut as anything. 

  7. What a weird quirk of capitalism this is. A load of companies have products, which are all ready for release. There are multiple different methods (VOD Purchase or Streaming platform) that these could be released right now, but they won’t, because their whole financial model rests on them going through this other method of distribution (cinema).


    Meanwhile the cinemas tell them that if they do release via digital, then they won’t get to show any more films in their cinemas, even though none of the cinemas can open, for who knows how long. And the cinemas can’t make money without gouging on ticket prices and up-selling buckets of popcorn. It’s bonkers isn’t it, as the real losers are the consumers, who are expected to pay twice for the product if they want to see it on time and then keep it forever. 

  8. 10 hours ago, Stigweard said:



    The films budget is in the region of $225m and if this hits the Internet it won't make anywhere near that amount of money and it would be up on pirate sites within hours.


    Best to just wait till cinemas are back to normal and if it doesn't make the money they hoped for, release it on streaming early.

    Sadly I know all of this and we’ve had this discussion multiple times now in this thread. I just want it now! I can’t see any way I’ll be going in a cinema any time soon. 

  9. I guess that unless they’ve built 2 separate games, whatever Infinite is will have to work on the One S as well as Series X, so it’s unlikely there will be any amazing uses of the Velocity architecture, other than maybe faster loading. I’m intrigued to see what they’ve done but I’m not expecting a revolution. 

  10. It’s a bit weird how managers are disposable on a whim, yet the players (who I suppose are a financial asset) are untouchable, and have to be kept happy and playing to keep their resale value up. 

  11. Does anyone have any inkling on how premier league managers’ contracts work? It’s a strange job in that you pretty much know you’re going to get fired at some point, and so there must be some financial benefit for being kicked out the door at a moment’s notice? 


  12. 7 minutes ago, PeteJ said:

    I see Future Man is up there, what's that like?

    You should definitely give it a go, but I suspect it’s Marmite. I really enjoyed it, it’s knowingly stupid, and very funny in parts. The first series is the strongest I think. 

  13. It’s exciting, and I think they are doing a great job with how consumer friendly they are being this time round. I switched from 360 to PS4 last time round, mostly due to no back-compat, price, and the always-online debacle. While those have been rectified, it was too late for me. They’re doing a great job this time of laying out all the options and there really seems to be something for every price point. 

    I still think Sony have a chance of taking an early lead if they have some good exclusives in the first year that really show off PS5. But they need to come out strong with some pro-consumer stuff as they are already losing that battle to Microsoft. 

  14. The first time I played City I did all the Riddler trophies, but on this I just couldn’t face them all. I think it’s worth doing the Riddler side missions up till the natural end, but seeking out all the remaining trophies is just a pain. 

  15. For a film that prides itself on getting the space travel right, the 



    Space surfing scene at the end, through the rings of Neptune is appalling. Even worse than the Iron Man antics in Gravity or The Martian. 

    Also the gravity appears to be completely Earth-like on the Moon or Mars. I suppose you could argue that the film isn’t about the science, but the ending just screamed Hollywood studio input to me. 

  16. I think this is probably my game of the generation. Asylum and City were great and this was a perfect follow-on for me. The story is well told, it refines the combat and stealth mechanics even more, and the Batmobile is so well integrated that you really feel like a bad-ass screaming around the city. I’ll admit there are a few too many tank battles though. I still think it looks amazing too. 

  17. There are a lot of Nintendo games for me on the list, mostly because I have foolishly got rid of hardware in the past and have no way of playing these games now. I would love:


    Mario 64, only ever played it on DS which I gave up on as the controls were terrible. 
    Mario Sunshine.

    Mario Galaxy 1 & 2.

    Zelda OOT, might be my favourite game of all time given the impact it had on N64. I bought my son the remaster on his 2DS, but I never got round to playing it. 

    Majora’s Mask, only ever played this on GameCube via the Zelda special disc, but never finished it. 
    Wind Waker.

    Twilight Princess.

    (Skyward Sword can get straight in the bin).

    Metroid Prime.


    I would dearly love Switch versions of all of these. I have a Wii still somewhere in storage so I could always dig that out I suppose for the Galaxy games at least. 


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