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  1. Personally I would love a ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ style film where Bond actually does some espionage in a realistic way but I realise that would never sell. I’d also love a Nolan Bond Trilogy as I think he is an amazing director who could really re-invigorate the ‘franchise’ just like he did with Batman. But that probably won’t happen. Realistically, I’d settle for a Bond film where the plot isn’t “Bond goes rogue but it turns out he was right all along”.
  2. Thanks all, I think persuading her to wait until she has her own one is the way to go.
  3. Thanks. I’ve never played an Animal Crossing before so no idea how it works. I think we’ll go for the cartridge option and she might just have to start again.
  4. Quick couple of questions for those who know the system better than me if you don’t mind. We have a standard Switch. My 7-year old daughter wants to get Animal Crossing. She has her own profile on the console that she can play it on. She also wants to save up and buy herself a Switch Lite (I’m so proud). 1. If I buy Animal Crossing on cartridge, is it possible for her to export her profile to a Switch Lite when she gets one, including her save games (for other games as well). 2. If I buy Animal Crossing digitally (which would be on my profile), is it possible to then sign in my profile on a Switch Lite when she gets one and redownload it for her to play? Plus export her profile as above. I’m leaning towards option 1 as that seems less faff. Cheers for any help.
  5. Watching the IGN coverage the other day they suggested that the 2 models of PS5 might straddle the Series X in price, and that may have been one of the driving factors for the release of the Digital Edition so Sony can have something cheaper than Microsoft. They did still make the assumption that Lockhart is real and an all-digital system which would undercut everything.
  6. My current thinking is that if the standard edition is anything up to £100 more expensive than the digital edition then I will go for that. I figure that I will probably save more than that over the life of the console with cheaper and/or second hand physical titles, plus I don’t have a 4K blu-ray player. Also the digital benefits are still there assuming there are no other differences between the consoles. I freely admit that the digital edition looks nicer, but that’s not enough to sway it for me.
  7. I think if they have this ready for launch, and if it is a Lost Legacy-ish size and length of game, then if they sell it for £30 it would be a great move. I’ve no doubt this will be excellent fun and a good showcase for early PS5 titles. An Aperitif for what’s to come if you will.
  8. Is this the most meta film-going experience of all time? Incep-Inception-tion? BWAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! Sorry.
  9. I thought it looked noticeably shiner than on PS4, although it’s hard to tell from such a short trailer. I haven’t seen any confirmation of whether it’s a shorter, Lost Legacy style thing yet, but that seems like a good idea if they can get it out for Launch.
  10. Well I thought that was great. A good mix of games for everyone whatever your tastes are. When the first 3 games were a new Spider-Man (even if it’s a shorter episode), GT 7, and a new Ratchet and Clank, I don’t see how anyone could complain they weren’t bringing out their big hitters in terms of IP. A new Resident Evil and Demon’s Souls. Horizon looked fantastic. For me that was way better than Microsoft’s last video briefing. I would definitely like to have seen more demonstration of actual gameplay with some focus on what the SSD can do and how 3D audio works but I’m sure that will come. I can see how the console design will be divisive, but it definitely screams high-tech gaming system to me rather than boring black media slab. I presume the curves and spaces are to allow for cooling but I guess we’ll find out in due course. I kinda like it but understand why others might not. I’m undecided on whether to go for the digital edition (which looks better) or not, but that will depend on what the price differential is and what they end up announcing for back-compatibility.
  11. In Mark Cerny's tech presentation a million years ago, he suggested it would be coming first to headphones, then TV speakers, before making its way to surround set-ups later. One of the issues he mentioned is that with headphones each speaker is isolated from the other, however with TV stereo speakers they have to compensate for each ear hearing audio from both speakers, which is obviously compounded (by the factorial? I'm not an expert on this) as the number of speakers is increased. The way he was speaking seemed to indicate that the fancy 3D audio stuff might not be there for launch, or if it was it might only be for headphone wearers. I'm sure someone who paid more attention might be able to give more detail than me?
  12. For me if all PS5 games looked the same as now but with near-instantaneous loading I would be in. The SSD is the most exciting change in my opinion. I do a lot of my gaming with headphones plugged into the controller so I’m also very interested to see (hear) what they’ve done with 3D audio. I’m assuming there will be a reasonable level of PS4 back-compatibility as that might affect my choice to upgrade but if most of my library can come across then I’ll be getting one as soon as I can.
  13. I got this in a recent PSN sale for about £15 with all the DLC. I enjoyed it but would say it is the loosest of the 3. I’d agree that the challenge tombs are the best part. As part of my lockdown gaming marathon this came just shortly after a 3rd play through of Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy and against those this came off poorly. Now they are different games so a straight up comparison is probably not completely fair, but while Uncharted 4 is a much more linear game, it is a masterclass in video game story-telling and acting (IMHO obviously). SOTTR is a more open, almost hub-and-spoke style of game, so can be forgiven for not having the same laser focus, but in comparison it all seems a bit wooden, with a load of shot/reverse shot conversations and awkward cutscenes (again IMHO obviously). There is a large portion of the game where Lara is forced to wear a particular costume as a disguise, and it really broke the immersion for me as it was very incongruous with the context of the cutscenes in quite a few cases when Lara was trying to be deadly serious while dressed like However, the combat encounters are great fun and can be approached in many different ways, and actually I found the combat slightly more enjoyable than Uncharted for that reason. Particularly Exploration is very much like Uncharted, and is therefore very fun. The challenge tombs are great and very varied. Of note, the game has a good suite of difficulty options to allow you to tailor the game to your liking which are very welcome. Also on Pro (and I assume X), you can choose target 60fps at 1080 or locked 30fps at 2160 (which I assume is checkerboarded but it’s not clear) which was a nice option to have. In summary, well worth 15 quid.
  14. Thanks for that, sounds even more complicated. So with that system if you were running 11th near the end of the race you might as well just retire so you can be front of the grid for the qualifying race?
  15. Forgive my ignorance on this as I haven’t been following, but wouldn’t reverse qualifying just end up with everyone driving as slowly as possible while trying to make it look like they’re not?
  16. If Arsenal beat Man City then they should play the Merseyside Derby at the Etihad stadium for maximum LoLs. Edit: I’m obviously not serious.
  17. It seems to me this may be a win for Sony, if (and only if) they have a couple of killer exclusives that show off the advantages of the new generation. If Series X is only launching with Cross Gen games, it might be hard for Microsoft to sell the advantages of the system. Are quicker loading and multiple suspend-resume big enough selling points to get someone to upgrade from a One X to play the same games? I'm assuming all third-party games are going to be near enough the same on Series X and PS5, save some higher resolutions on the X. But if you buy a PS5, you can still play all those games, but also get whatever amazing killer launch titles Sony has in store for you. If you have an Xbox One X that already plays all the Microsoft exclusives for the next 1-2 years, why wouldn't your next-gen launch system of choice be the PS5? I can't find a clear way to explain that, but it seems to me that Sony might have a shot at claiming the Next-Gen right at the start, and if they can manage it properly we could see a repeat of this gen.
  18. Mark Cerny showed this image during his talk. The only reason for doing that is that those gaps are meant to say PS3, PS2 and PS1. Do we think they have backtracked on that or are they going to announce 4 generations of back-compat next week? So far their messaging has been way less clear than Microsoft so it will be interesting to see if they clear that up.
  19. It’s a good point; when you think about it, there hasn’t been a GTA game this gen. Yes Rockstar have made loads off GTA online, and no doubt all their development efforts went into RDR2 , but it’s a shame that we never saw what else they could have done. I enjoyed RDR2 but it was massive. In my opinion Rockstar could have released a game half the size at the same price and maybe then spent some time developing something else as well. I fully admit that’s a simplistic view and it’s nowhere near as easy as that, I just thought it a shame that in 7 years they’ve released a port and 1 new game (notwithstanding their continued support for the online portions, which I don’t play so can’t comment on).
  20. Does this also hint that backwards compatibility isn’t built-in and will be on a case-by-case basis for games that have already been released? Bit like 360 back-compat was on the One at first?
  21. I haven’t checked the UK store, but the US store is showing each individual Bioshock game at $19.99 and the collection at $49.99.
  22. Are we all letting this get ignored then?
  23. I’m so excited for this. I won’t deny that some of Nolan’s films have flaws, but as a mainstream director putting out intelligent blockbusters it’s only him and Denis Villeneuve who are up there in my opinion. I would love to see this in an IMAX, but I’d be amazed if any cinemas are open to full capacity before the end of the year. I get the feeling that both Nolan and WB would rather wait to get this into the cinemas but I really hope they can find a way to release this on VOD at the same time as well.
  24. I have 2 kids with permanent butterfingers so a tempered glass screen protector went on the first day. I’ve had to replace it once already. Doesn’t adversely affect the screen at all in my opinion.
  25. A lot of mine have been covered already but I’ll add one very small one from this gen. In one of the early levels of Uncharted 4 there’s a bit where Nate jumps over a wall into dense foliage, and the way the leaves and branches smoothly moved around him as he ran through them was a big graphical wow moment for me.
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