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  1. I would be interested to see if Game Pass can support a more episodic model of games. I know that’s been tried before with the Half-Life episodes, and more recently Hitman, but neither of those seemed to really work. 

    I’ve said this in other threads, but something like RDR2 was massive, and would probably have sold just as well if it was half the length and size of world. Imagine a version where each chapter gets released every couple of months onto Gamepass.  Or something more linear like an Uncharted type of game where shorter chapters get released episodically. AAA quality but smaller scope. It would be a good way to keep people subscribed. 

  2. Copied all that but if you remember when PS4 launched it was £349 / $399, which was actually not that bad for the UK if you assume sales tax of around 8% and an exchange rate of about 1.6

    I just think now the exchange rate is a lot worse and the US market is so much bigger Sony won’t have any bones about advertising the prices as the same. 

  3. XSX £499 / $499

    PS5 Digital £499 / $499

    PS5 Lump £549 / $549


    I think (with no evidence) that the existence of the PS5 digital edition is purely to have something the same price as Microsoft that breaks the 500 dollar mark, and Sony will be taking a loss on both editions that they hope to make up by pushing the digital edition hard. 

    If Lockhart is an actual thing which can play XSX games but only at 1080p and also has an SSD, I think that will be £399 / $399. 

    I reckon dollar / pound pricing equity is going to be a thing from now on. We’re already seeing Apple price things higher in pounds than dollars so the precedent is set, and I think both companies will focus on a better price for the US market. 

    I also hope I am completely wrong. 

  4. 6 hours ago, APM said:

    I think this colours your view very much. Here in Lincoln, we have one cinema, an Odeon, and it's £13 for standard seats per adult. You want a slightly nicer seat and it's £15. I think these sorts of cinemas deserve to fail as they are just money grabbing monopolies in small towns and cities. Living in London, I get that you don't understand that, but if I could get a film day and date with cinema release, I'd consider it much more. My cinema viewing has dropped off a cliff because it's too bloody expensive for what it is. 

    This is the exact cinema I was talking about. I’m glad it’s not just me who thinks it’s too expensive. 

  5. I bounced off this hard the first time I played it, I just couldn’t get used to the controls and gave up shortly after getting to Horseshoe Overlook. I then came back to it over a year later and fell in love with it. I still think that it controls terribly so I don’t have an issue with anyone who doesn’t like it for that, but you’re absolutely right that the scale is enormous. I loved the story and the world is beautiful. 

    I mentioned this in another thread but I think Rockstar made a mistake in making it so expansive. They could have made a game half the length, half the size of map and half the side content and it would have still been worth full price (for those who like it obviously). We didn’t get a GTA this gen, or maybe we could have had something new from Rockstar, which I think is a shame. 

  6. Well I would love to see it in a cinema (I saw Dark Knight Rises 3 times on IMAX), but at the moment I’m not sure I want to sit in a stuffy room for 3 hours.  

    Even if everyone who wants to see it goes, with social distancing rules how are WB going to make any money? The New Zealand box office isn’t going to make up the difference. 

  7. 5 minutes ago, kerraig UK said:

    If you pay £30 to watch it on VOD you'll have every major picture costing £30 within a year. Please don't do that to us.

    Putting aside the pandemic for a minute, this is something I’m interested in, and as you’re an insider and I’m just a consumer, maybe you could give us your view on this. 

    Where I currently live (Major US city), there are loads of cinemas, many with huge screens and lovely recliner seats. I have an unlimited membership which is great value and love going to the cinema. 

    I’m about to move back to the UK, where the only cinema within an hour of me is a shitty Odeon where it costs £50 for a family of four to see a movie (plus snacks) on a small screen with a load of other noisy people. 

    Purely as a consumer, the chance to watch a movie in the comfort of my own home is very appealing, because for me it might be a better experience. Obviously that’s specific to my situation, but it would be nice to have the choice. 

    From your perspective, what price point is reasonable to give consumers a choice in where they watch new release films? Are you completely against day-and-date VOD?  

    Sorry for dragging this off topic. 

  8. I watched all this in 3 days after reading this thread and I thought it was brilliant. Funny, but also quite moving in parts (the quarantine episode especially). Some really good characterisation, even the characters you’re not supposed to like have some depth to them, with only Brad (head of monetisation) coming off as a bit one-dimensional, but still very funny. The way that Ian is played seems a really note-perfect picture of a narcissist who is actually quite good at their job. It’s nice to have a show with gaming in that isn’t a dig at nerd culture. Also loved that 


    Rachel has an Aloy statue on her table at home. 


  9. I love Nolan’s films with Inception and The Prestige being my favourites. I can totally understand all the criticisms that have been posted here and agree that a lot of his films have flaws but I find them all very enjoyable just the same. I’d love to go see this day 1 but can’t imagine going to the Cinema any time soon. I’ve read Nolan has been pushing for a theatrical release, but I wonder if they’ve missed a trick of testing this as a major VOD release. Like others have said I’d happily pay £30 to watch it at home.


    Plus from the trailer it looks like Robert Pattinson is literally just playing Christopher Nolan in this. 

  10. Squadrons looks cool but the rest of it was a bit dull don’t you think? It would have been nice for some big surprise hitters or maybe a better look at the next gen sports games, but maybe that’s being saved for Microsoft’s show? I guess the Mass Effect remaster isn’t happening?

  11. 12 minutes ago, womble9 said:

    100% and here’s a full why! 

    Games loading way faster and at 4K / 60fps and those games not only being new releases but also my current (massive and game pass enriched!) catalogue, 

    That is a very strong argument and not something I think Sony have a reply to. 

  12. 1 hour ago, Vemsie said:


    Some third-party games will be next-gen exclusive though, like Resident Evil 8. That might sway some as well.

    But that will be on PS5 as well (although it might look and run better on X). So if you already have a One X, why wouldn’t you go for a PS5 knowing you can still play all the first-party Xbox games for a couple of years, plus all the Sony exclusives. I don’t have an opinion one way or the other, I just think there’s a chance Sony could grab an early lead if they have some killer exclusives in the first year or so. 

  13. I agree with a lot of posters that Microsoft’s messaging has been clear, and there’s no doubt that they are being very pro-consumer with their approach. 

    my question is: if you are already an Xbox One X owner, is the promise of shinier graphics and shorter loading times enough to persuade you to upgrade to a Series X when for the first couple of years all the first-party games will be fundamentally the same across both generations? And while it might be enough for us, is Joe Public going to feel the same?  Halo Infinite could be amazing, and I hope it is, but it would still be amazing on One X. 

  14. Personally I would love a ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ style film where Bond actually does some espionage in a realistic way but I realise that would never sell. 

    I’d also love a Nolan Bond Trilogy as I think he is an amazing director who could really re-invigorate the ‘franchise’ just like he did with Batman. But that probably won’t happen. 

    Realistically, I’d settle for a Bond film where the plot isn’t “Bond goes rogue but it turns out he was right all along”. 


  15. Quick couple of questions for those who know the system better than me if you don’t mind. 

    We have a standard Switch. My 7-year old daughter wants to get Animal Crossing. She has her own profile on the console that she can play it on. She also wants to save up and buy herself a Switch Lite (I’m so proud). 

    1. If I buy Animal Crossing on cartridge, is it possible for her to export her profile to a Switch Lite when she gets one, including her save games (for other games as well).


    2. If I buy Animal Crossing digitally (which would be on my profile), is it possible to then sign in my profile on a Switch Lite when she gets one and redownload it for her to play? Plus export her profile as above. 

    I’m leaning towards option 1 as that seems less faff. Cheers for any help. 

  16. Watching the IGN coverage the other day they suggested that the 2 models of PS5 might straddle the Series X in price, and that may have been one of the driving factors for the release of the Digital Edition so Sony can have something cheaper than Microsoft. They did still make the assumption that Lockhart is real and an all-digital system which would undercut everything. 

  17. My current thinking is that if the standard edition is anything up to £100 more expensive than the digital edition then I will go for that. I figure that I will probably save more than that over the life of the console with cheaper and/or second hand physical titles, plus I don’t have a 4K blu-ray player. Also the digital benefits are still there assuming there are no other differences between the consoles. 

    I freely admit that the digital edition looks nicer, but that’s not enough to sway it for me. 

  18. I think if they have this ready for launch, and if it is a Lost Legacy-ish size and length of game, then if they sell it for £30 it would be a great move. I’ve no doubt this will be excellent fun and a good showcase for early PS5 titles. An Aperitif for what’s to come if you will. 

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