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  1. I'm not a Liverpool fan, but I love watching them play. I just watched this and found it fascinating. I might even have a slight man crush on Pep Lijnders now.
  2. Thanks to you I’ve just done the same, so that £17 should then see me good for Premium until my Plus runs out next year. Might be worth looking out for cheap Plus in the next month to extend that before the new system kicks in.
  3. Just looked on the PS5 and can’t find a way to subscribe to Now on there any more. I guess Sony are closing all the loop-holes before the new tiers start?
  4. With this news about the premium going to the later of your Plus or Now, I thought I’d see if I could find a 3-month Now code, but CDKeys, Shopto and Amazon seem to be out of stock of any Now subscriptions. On the PS webstore there’s no option to subscribe either. Have they taken away the 1-month option from the console as well?
  5. Anyone had a go of the PS5 version with VRR yet? Could be the perfect excuse to go do an NG+ run if it runs more smoothly.
  6. Yes it was a great game today, 3-0 up after 20 mins against a team who never really turned up. I think after that the team didn’t really know what to do having never been in such a good position all season. Even when the Cheltenham striker found himself with an open goal he managed to hit the post which is pretty much the opposite of the luck we’ve had all year, so that was nice.
  7. I would like to recommend The After Party. It’s a comic whodunnit, centred around a death at a party following a high-school reunion. It’s an 8-part series of 30ish minute episodes, so easy breezy to get through. I think it’s actually a really well done mystery in itself, but the gimmick is (no story spoilers here) It stars Tiffany Haddish, Dave Franco, Ike Barinholtz and a few lesser know names, plus my personal favourite being Ben Schwartz in almost full ‘Jean-Ralphio’ mode. I really enjoyed it, and I reckon if you watched the first 2 episodes you’d know if you are going to like it or not.
  8. It’s been a while but I did a full run through when my youngest was up feeding in the night. It’s probably no surprise that the sexual politics of the early films have not aged well at all in my opinion. I might be mistaken but I seem to remember that in OHMSS James has it away with more than one woman in a ski lodge and then immediately comes down and proposes to Diana Rigg.
  9. Got to the credits this morning, 95 hours, level 157. Pretty sure I got a vanilla ending so I’ll go look up the others now. I don’t think I’ve ever played a game for this long before, this is as 10 as a 10 can be. For most of the game I was longsword and shield with a bit of sorcery, but ended up leaving INT low and building up STR to get some good damage. Close to the end I respecced into DEX so I could use Moonveil and Rivers of Blood. Slight endgame spoilers:
  10. That deleted scene really didn’t work for me, I’m glad they cut it.
  11. Yeah I watched it all and loved it. It’s just lovely feel-good TV, and every so often there’s a line that just cracks me up, such as: Also, I can’t believe it took me till the 3rd season to twig that his prepper girlfriend with the basement of tinned food and guns is called Sarah Connor.
  12. Saw this on Saturday and really enjoyed it, it certainly didn't feel like a 3-hour film.
  13. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! I’ve just done in 4 attempts what I couldn’t do in the previous 50 or so! It didn’t skip the second phase for me but it was still a hell of a lot easier.
  14. It’s only been out for about 211 hours by my maths! That’s some dedication.
  15. I can’t find any materials to get my spirit summons above +1. Any good places to go and find what I need, which I think is Grave Glovewart (2) and higher?
  16. It’s an actual telescope that lets you get a bird’s eye view of the area.
  17. There’s a quicker way than that.
  18. I made a similar comment in the football thread: What I think should happen if the FIA allow Mazepin to race is that every other driver should refuse to, such that Mazepin is forced to drive the entire race on his own. Might be exciting just to see if he can make it to the end.
  19. What I would like to see is for every team to boycott playing Russia, to the extent that they are crowned World Cup Winners by default. It's clear FIFA aren't going to take any proper action, so this would be the only way for a sporting boycott to have any effect, by placing the whole competition into disrepute (more than it already is). The team formerly known as Russia as Champions in Qatar would be quite fitting?
  20. Very childishly, I laughed out loud at I’m 42 years old.
  21. I did a couple of hours on PS5 performance mode and I found the judder to be quite distracting. I’ve started again using the PS4 version and it does indeed seem to be buttery smooth. Loading times seem equally short which is nice. I think I’ll keep playing this way for now and see if any future patches improve the PS5 version.
  22. Not having any PS4 VR backward compatibility would be a massive own goal I think (that doesn’t mean it won’t happen). When there’s such a large library of titles, having at least some of them patched for PS5 would help with adoption I would have thought.
  23. I started this a couple of days ago for the first time and I’m enjoying it so far. Just did my first ‘proper’ boss, which took a reasonably large number of attempts, par for the course with me and Souls games. I love that this is Souls but quicker. I’m slowly getting the hang of the systems. I also like how all the ‘interface’ (menus, ‘bonfires’, gourds etc) is pretty much the same in all the soulsbournes, like it’s a house style or something.
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