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  1. There’s a quicker way than that.
  2. I made a similar comment in the football thread: What I think should happen if the FIA allow Mazepin to race is that every other driver should refuse to, such that Mazepin is forced to drive the entire race on his own. Might be exciting just to see if he can make it to the end.
  3. What I would like to see is for every team to boycott playing Russia, to the extent that they are crowned World Cup Winners by default. It's clear FIFA aren't going to take any proper action, so this would be the only way for a sporting boycott to have any effect, by placing the whole competition into disrepute (more than it already is). The team formerly known as Russia as Champions in Qatar would be quite fitting?
  4. Very childishly, I laughed out loud at I’m 42 years old.
  5. I did a couple of hours on PS5 performance mode and I found the judder to be quite distracting. I’ve started again using the PS4 version and it does indeed seem to be buttery smooth. Loading times seem equally short which is nice. I think I’ll keep playing this way for now and see if any future patches improve the PS5 version.
  6. Not having any PS4 VR backward compatibility would be a massive own goal I think (that doesn’t mean it won’t happen). When there’s such a large library of titles, having at least some of them patched for PS5 would help with adoption I would have thought.
  7. I started this a couple of days ago for the first time and I’m enjoying it so far. Just did my first ‘proper’ boss, which took a reasonably large number of attempts, par for the course with me and Souls games. I love that this is Souls but quicker. I’m slowly getting the hang of the systems. I also like how all the ‘interface’ (menus, ‘bonfires’, gourds etc) is pretty much the same in all the soulsbournes, like it’s a house style or something.
  8. I’ve just done the £10 upgrade from my digital version of U4 (which now makes this the 3rd time I’ve bought this). At the distance I’m sat from the TV I couldn’t tell the difference between Fidelity and Performance, so I’m enjoying blasting through in silky smooth 60fps (my TV doesn’t do 120). This means I now have a disc copy of Lost Legacy that I no longer need. If anyone wants it I’m happy to post it anywhere in the UK. It’s a US disc so I don’t know if the upgrade path will work on a UK PSN account, but worst case it’s a free copy of what is an amazing PS4 game. PM me if you want it. Edit: Going to @MattyP
  9. No worries, we’ve got a couple of Tue night home games coming up that I assume you can’t make it to, so we might have a chance of getting some points then.
  10. Here’s mine. Fortnite is all from the boy who uses my PSN ID to play it. I’m pretty happy with the rest of my top 5 though. It annoys me slightly that when they update a title it overwrites what was there before, I’ve never played and don’t own the DC of GoT, so it shouldn’t show there I don’t think. Returnal defo GOTY for me. Demon’s is only in first place for time as I did a second play-through while I was isolating.
  11. Agree with all the above. I think if you haven’t played them before, then going through them all in order really helps the emotional story beats in 4 hit harder. I was so invested in Nate’s relationships by 4 that it meant a lot more to me. Lost Legacy is a victory lap/love letter to the series which basically takes all the best bits and puts them in a perfectly paced adventure to see the games off in incredible style.
  12. Yeah couldn’t you just stay away until we’ve got a few more wins on the board?
  13. I’d recommend watching the first series of The Morning Show. And do not watch the second series of The Morning Show.
  14. My number one tip for the whole game is to turn on ‘always sprint’ and never stop moving. If you treat it like a cover shooter then you’re doing it wrong in my opinion.
  15. We’ve just mainlined all 3 seasons of this in a couple of weeks and just wanted to agree that it is excellent.
  16. Watched Don’t look up yesterday. I thought it was really good but my word is it depressing. Not the thing to watch on Jan 1st. Some spoiler thoughts that I don’t think have been mentioned yet.
  17. I think I’ll definitely give it a go seeing as it was free on PS Plus. Mass Effect is about as RPG as I get, is it more intricate than that or more along the Dark Souls line?
  18. I quite fancy trying this now I can upgrade the PS4 game for free. As someone who has never played a Final Fantasy game, what sorts of games is this similar to?
  19. I’d go with Spider Man. Playing in Performance RT is a glorious thing. And if you’re getting the ultimate edition you’ve got a couple of days to get through Remastered so you can play Miles Morales on Christmas Day.
  20. Just got back from seeing it and I thought it was great.
  21. Astro’s Playroom is pre-installed. It’s fun but not very long. If you’ve skipped PS4 then I’d recommend getting a PS Plus subscription as there are plenty of gems in the PS Plus collection for you to try.
  22. There’s a shot in the film that I’ve only read the first book so I don’t know if this aligns with or goes against how it’s described on paper?
  23. I’ve watched all 3 episodes this week while I’ve been in isolation. As fan-service it’s remarkable and a wonderful archive, but as a piece of film-making I find it really frustrating. There’s a 2-3 hour epic documentary in here that would have been amazing if it had been edited bit more I think. As it is there is a lot of meandering and not much happening, which is great for fans but I thought 2 hours of it in the first episode was probably a bit much. But then Paul McCartney starts playing Let it Be and it’s magical.
  24. For me my favourite was Brotherhood because it took everything in AC2 and refined it massively. I know you haven’t played it but I definitely see that as a main game in itself which you haven’t included in either option in the poll. That was before they all became a bit too bloated in my opinion probably after Black Flag? No doubt everyone’s opinion will be a bit different.
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