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  1. Had a go of this on my son’s old One S which I’ve borrowed now he’s got a Series X. It’s been surprisingly good even though it’s only on wifi. Better than I’ve had on a web browser on the iMac and better than PS Now, and both of those were on wired connections. I wonder if it will be possible for me to play the Series X version of the Halo Infinite campaign like this rather than downloading the One S version?

  2. I’m genuinely stunned this thread only has 7 pages and hasn’t been posted in for 14 years. In Nolan canon this film is only second to Inception for me. It is just wonderful. For me it’s the realisation that everything is laid out for you right from the beginning. It’s all there, but you don’t want to see it. And Michael Caine even tells you you don’t want to see it. It’s a masterclass in misdirection and a beautiful study of obsession and what it costs. Love it. 

  3. It was a pretty dire first half and B&P could have gone in 2-up but for hitting the cross bar and a fingertip save from Long. 

    Michael Appleton must have given them a right rocket at half time as the second half was completely one-sided, or maybe they just got tired, but it should have been made more comfortable than 1-0. 

    The 8-year old enjoyed herself and was asking questions all the way through so at least she was engaged. Won’t be getting her a season ticket just yet though. 

  4. 3 hours ago, cubik said:

    Is the WD SN850 the go to SSD?

    After getting a PS Now sub I've just had to delete a load of stuff off my internal drive to make room for PS4 downloads. I know I could play them from a USB drive but I'd rather just improve the internal storage.


    The 1TB version is currently just under £133 and a heatsink is an extra tenner or so. I'm probably going to hold off till Black Friday to see if there's any mega bargains though.

    You are me a week ago. I installed it 2 days ago which I guess means I’m an engineer now. I did add a cheap heatsink which was easy enough, although I’m not qualified to say whether it is really needed or not. Seems to be working absolutely fine. 

  5. Destiny. Played the Beta and from picking up the first gun and shooting the Dregs I was in. I don’t really play online so all I ever did in the end was the story missions alone and some strikes with randoms but boy that game feels good to play. 

  6. It’s the same as a lot of games, the patch just makes it so the game is aware it’s running on a PS5, but it’s still a PS4 native app. So if you download LOU2 off of Now to your PS5, it should automatically recognise that and will unlock the framerate to 60fps. Some games have options but LOU2 and some others like Horizon only have a single mode when running on a PS5. 

  7. 43 minutes ago, macosx said:

    Am I right in thinking 

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    You have to take down the eight and grab their slabs multiple times for that quest line graphic to be completed with the orange tick thing at the end of it?


    Yep, I think you have to unlock all the upgrades for each. 

  8. Just finished this and thought I should bump this topic, because this game is really good and more people should play it.  Considering it launched at less than half the price Sony are charging for their first-party games (£33), it's a real bargain.


    It looks beautiful and sounds amazing with some lovely music.  Running in performance mode on PS5 it was silky smooth and I had no issues whatsoever.  As has been noted, it definitely cribs from a lot of places but it all comes together so well and doesn't outstay its welcome with too many map icons and collectibles.  There is a nice amount of variation in gameplay with some of the platforming sections and very light puzzles.  Once all the combat techniques have been unlocked, the different strategies you can use to take down enemies are really well implemented and it controls beautifully.  


    If I had a criticism, it would be (again already noted) that there can be a stark difference between the difficulty of the normal enemies and the bosses.  It goes from being Zelda/Uncharted straight into a Dark Souls Boss fight.  I played on the middle difficulty level. There were a few times I got stuck for a while, but then I got myself back into the Soulsbourne mindset of learning the boss attacks and treating it like a dance and each one eventually clicked.  There are some great bosses in here.  It's also the first time I've used the PS5 hints system which in this is very helpful for all the different phases of each fight.

  9. Well deserved win for Lincoln today, and only our 2nd home win of the season.  Definitely the best performance we've seen at home this season with a lot of energy and pressure, which eventually paid off in a stoppage time winner.  Tense for the last 15 minutes after Charlton equalised with their only real attempt of the game.  It was great to see a really positive performance and I hope we can take this into our next game on Tuesday and get some momentum going.

  10. 59 minutes ago, neoELITE said:

    Three points yet again thrown away. 


    Cambridge, Lincoln, Fleetwood and probably Portsmouth. That's 8 points in the bin. We'd be miles clear. I hate us holding on to a win. We're shit at it. FFS. 

    I think this was a lucky draw for us. Plymouth should have been 2 or 3 up at half-time. Our second-half was better, but if I’m honest I think the last-minute penalty was a bit soft and I’m not sure the draw was deserved. 

    On the plus side, it was great to meet @filecore in the flesh, my first real-life mukker encounter!

  11. We were there too. After scraping a draw against Rotherham it was quite a disappointing game. Second half was more enjoyable. Despite having a goal disallowed for a dubious offside Lincoln never really looked like scoring in my opinion (which sounds ridiculous). Ipswich fans were loud I thought, they’ve obviously got good travelling support. 

    it’s our first time as season ticket holders and we’re enjoying it immensely. Could definitely do with seeing a win against Plymouth, however unlikely that might be. 

  12. I also found the gunplay quite hard to start with, but now that I’ve got a few powers and upgrades and have got used to the controls a little better it’s working ok. I think on a controller gratuitous use of aim-down-sights is acceptable. 

    My current fun thing to do is to collect all the gun turrets and bring them with me like a conveyer belt so I’ve always got cover wherever I go and sometimes barely need to do any shooting at all. 

  13. 1 hour ago, Mawdlin said:

    I found the epilogue a slog. This game really didn't know when to end. It felt like the narrative became so important they forgot about pacing. It was very stop start and it spoiled the overall experience for me. The pacing was much better in the original game (I played it again leading up to this so it is fresh in the mind).


    I completely agree with your points on the pacing.  I think the epilogue would have sat better if it was released later as a separate DLC (for free obvs).

  14. The Witness is to this day the only game I have the Platinum on. I’ve got close with a couple of others but my time is more valuable than the grind. The Witness doesn’t require you to do all the trophies to get the Platinum, only to complete “The Challenge”. 

    The beauty is, because of 


    the time limit and randomised puzzles plus it resetting if you pause

    it’s impossible to cheat at this. You can only do it if you’ve properly learned all the systems the game has taught you. The game is a masterpiece in designing a language, teaching it to you, and then saying “show me”. And for that reason, irrespective of whatever Jonathan Blow says, or the subtext behind the game, it will always be special to me, because it’s about the journey. 

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