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  1. 1 hour ago, Mawdlin said:

    I found the epilogue a slog. This game really didn't know when to end. It felt like the narrative became so important they forgot about pacing. It was very stop start and it spoiled the overall experience for me. The pacing was much better in the original game (I played it again leading up to this so it is fresh in the mind).


    I completely agree with your points on the pacing.  I think the epilogue would have sat better if it was released later as a separate DLC (for free obvs).

  2. The Witness is to this day the only game I have the Platinum on. I’ve got close with a couple of others but my time is more valuable than the grind. The Witness doesn’t require you to do all the trophies to get the Platinum, only to complete “The Challenge”. 

    The beauty is, because of 


    the time limit and randomised puzzles plus it resetting if you pause

    it’s impossible to cheat at this. You can only do it if you’ve properly learned all the systems the game has taught you. The game is a masterpiece in designing a language, teaching it to you, and then saying “show me”. And for that reason, irrespective of whatever Jonathan Blow says, or the subtext behind the game, it will always be special to me, because it’s about the journey. 

  3. 2 hours ago, p1nseeker said:

    I'm ashamed to say i never played the original, so i'm very excited for this.

    For your own sake, please please please do everything you can to avoid spoilers before you play. The story is a video game great in my opinion. 

    I tried replaying this on iPad a few years back and found it a bit clunky and bland despite loving it on Xbox. I’m definitely up for the remake if it is more than just an upscale and polish. 

  4. England don’t deserve to level the series by default. If the ECB had any integrity they would call this one off completely and give India the well-deserved series win. 

  5. Don’t forget that Phil Foden is out injured at the moment who was a starter in the first couple of Euro games so that’s one less person competing for that attacking slot. And no Sancho. I don’t see Mount or Sterling being ousted from the starting line up any time soon. 

    For today obviously Lingard played well but I was impressed with Bellingham’s touch. I wonder how long before he is regularly in the starting line-up. 

  6. I’d never played any before the collection came out. Irrespective of how they play, going through all three before 4 came out really made the emotional beats of the story hit harder for me. I know the story might not be why you play these games but I thought Nate and Elena’s journey was great. 

    Lost Legacy is a perfectly paced love letter to the whole saga and is a wonderful way to see off the series. 

  7. I read it last year for the first time in preparation for the film and loved it. I have posted my thoughts about that and the 1984 film already in this thread, I’ll have forgotten all that by the time the film actually comes out. 


    Denis Villeneuve gave me Arrival and BR2049 so I have complete and utter faith that this is going to be brilliant, I just hope it does well enough to allow the second part to be made. 

  8. 41 minutes ago, Tonald Drump said:

    BT Shop have got stock in of series x but only in a bundle with an extra controller

    Seems to be gone now. I’ve been trying to get one for my son’s birthday for the last month or so and haven’t seen any even though there have been 2 or 3 PS5 drops in that time. I’m following all the stock checkers but it just seems quiet. Wonder if they’ve been hit by the same supply issues as everyone else?

  9. My wife (who knows nothing about gaming or youtubers) immediately identified Dan TDM just from having heard his voice a million times before. 

    I thought this was enjoyable, with the closest touchstone for me being The Truman Show. I do think it will date incredibly quickly. 

  10. 5 minutes ago, Gigawatt said:

    Looks like they are going for my plan, but just by getting the openers in and out first before the one-day specialists come in.


    Sorry for shameless self-quote.  But, yeah......

  11. If England have any guts they should open with 2 of Bairstow, Butler and Ali and treat it like a one-day game. At least then if they do lose early wickets Burns and Sibley could come in and bore India into a draw. Obviously got to bowl them out first. 

  12. 2 hours ago, iknowgungfu said:

    Well I have one available. I’ve just spent about £800 on coffee equipment and I don’t have time for a PS5 at the moment.  Send me a PM if anyone needs it. 

    Does your coffee equipment use proprietary simple plug and play capsules that a dummy could use or does it require a specific open standard of coffee which you have to install yourself but only if you have an engineering degree? I think that is the most important question on the forum right now. 

  13. 1 hour ago, Bangaio said:

    It’s also a different thing when it comes to the filthiest leavers which move and are relatively connected on a Boeing

    This took me a little while but I got there in the end. 

    The whole Airbus vs Boeing Flight Control Strategy discussion is a good one. I think Airbus shade it for me (I hate yokes) but your point about the levers is totally valid. 

  14. That’s the A15 by RAF Waddington. It’s deceptive because the runway threshold is very close to the road so a normal approach can look quite interesting. I had to defend one of my guys once who was tried by social media for what was a perfectly safe landing. There are signs up telling people not to stand there but as you can see no-one pays any notice. 

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