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  1. Assuming your aircraft has 'traditional' instruments then a good rule of thumb is that the VSI is the first thing to move when you initiate a climb or descent and the last thing to stop when you level off. If you're in a climb or descent and you want to level off, adjust the attitude to 'stop the clock' (stop the altimeter changing) and hold that until the VSI settles down. You can then make smaller adjustments to finesse. If you think you're flying straight and level, the VSI will give you an indication of whether you start climbing or descending before the altimeter moves. If your aircraft has some fancy-pants electronic display then it might have a Velocity Vector (VV), in which case you just put that on the artificial horizon and jobs a good 'un. Trimming is a dark art, it may be that the sensitivity of the hat is too high (I don't know if you can change it in settings). Bigger aircraft tend to have specific trim wheels which are much less sensitive and allow fine adjustment, but I don't know if that's simulated here? Is there an auto-trim setting that would make life easier?
  2. Would there be any benefit to one with a heatsink in PS5 or is the cooling fan designed to negate that?
  3. You’d be missing out. Ted Lasso is absolutely fantastic, The Morning Show is great, and I really enjoyed Mythic Quest. There are plenty of other recs in the thread. I don’t think I would necessarily have paid for it monthly, but for free there’s some really good stuff there.
  4. Cool thanks, it just wasn't showing through the App, had to log in on a browser to see. Anyway, is it any good?
  5. Metro Exodus is £8.49 or £13.49 for the Gold edition for PSPlus members right now. I quite fancy giving it a go, but 1 - Is it a good game? and 2 - Does that include a free upgrade to make it the Enhanced Edition so I can bask in all the 60fps Ray-Traced goodness?
  6. See I have no idea who that character is, or the actor. So for me, the finale was quite deflating as it was just a guy explaining the plot and then no proper ending. Should I have to Wikipedia that character so I can have an emotional attachment to the show?
  7. I know this has been mooted before: Do the penalty shoot out before the game. That way there’s less pressure, and at least one team is going to have to press to get a result in extra time.
  8. After finishing Act 3 a couple of days ago I’ve just started Mass Effect Legendary edition, and it feels like walking in treacle.
  9. Yep, depends on the exact layout but you can either sprint round and up the slope, or to the translocator. Also if there are any green towers in any area, I always make a beeline for those and get rid of them first as they shield/regenerate (not sure which) the other enemies.
  10. I reckon that if you’re ready for the boss fight you should just run through that bit.
  11. it’s weird isn’t it. Not even the option to run the PS4 app.
  12. It does that thing that was a criminal offence back in 96 of being a pub shirt first and football kit second. If England wear the Blue shirt in the semi or final they will definitely lose. After the grey kit loss of 96 there was an implicit agreement that all England away kits for ever more would be Red to appease the vengeful gods of football. At a push, dark blue third kits are acceptable but should never be worn in a tournament. I’m only semi-joking.
  13. You’re probably right, he might have played against the Czechs. But now, I can’t see Shaw getting dropped.
  14. I can’t see Coady or White getting any game time as Stones and Maguire have been very solid, and Mings was too so would seem to be the obvious sub if one is required. I am surprised we haven’t seen anything of Chilwell, as before the tournament I would have guessed he would be picked in front of Shaw. However Shaw has been absolutely immense in the last 3 games so now I wonder if we’ll see Chilwell at all?
  15. Don’t worry, it’s only 18 months till the World Cup.
  16. It runs at 60fps at about 1800p (I think) and the loading times are already extremely short on PS5. I struggle to see what they can realistically add other than some haptics to make it much better. It’s already a great game.
  17. Here are the details from the blog, which explains why you can’t see the PS5 options. Still doesn’t explain why they’ve done it this way though.
  18. Come on, you missed an open goal here. Loved the new episode.
  19. Not if you were 6 in 1986 it isn’t. Although objectively you’re probably right.
  20. It’s been reported that they had a 25-minute conversation with him in the tunnel after the game. Which is frankly a bit silly and you would have thought probably outside the protocols the team had set up.
  21. I also managed to do the 3rd boss last night. Now that is how to do a boss fight. It’s slightly overwhelming that I’ve been playing for about 25 hours and have just finished Act 1.
  22. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but now that there are 2 groups with 3rd place teams on 3 points that must mean England are guaranteed to qualify with 4 points as only Scotland or Croatia could get to 4. Also any win for Scotland would be good enough for them
  23. They’re both on ITV channels so the quality will be terrible. Edit: In all seriousness Ukraine Austria is the only one with any stakes as the Netherlands are already group winners and North Macedonia are out.
  24. The frustrating thing for me now is that a draw against the Czechs is going to be good enough for 2nd in the group, which is probably the better place to be looking at the draw, so Tuesday’s game is probably going to be just as turgid an England performance.
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