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  1. Not if you were 6 in 1986 it isn’t. Although objectively you’re probably right.
  2. It’s been reported that they had a 25-minute conversation with him in the tunnel after the game. Which is frankly a bit silly and you would have thought probably outside the protocols the team had set up.
  3. I also managed to do the 3rd boss last night. Now that is how to do a boss fight. It’s slightly overwhelming that I’ve been playing for about 25 hours and have just finished Act 1.
  4. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but now that there are 2 groups with 3rd place teams on 3 points that must mean England are guaranteed to qualify with 4 points as only Scotland or Croatia could get to 4. Also any win for Scotland would be good enough for them
  5. They’re both on ITV channels so the quality will be terrible. Edit: In all seriousness Ukraine Austria is the only one with any stakes as the Netherlands are already group winners and North Macedonia are out.
  6. The frustrating thing for me now is that a draw against the Czechs is going to be good enough for 2nd in the group, which is probably the better place to be looking at the draw, so Tuesday’s game is probably going to be just as turgid an England performance.
  7. It would be funny if Ranieri came in and immediately won the league.
  8. Yes mine came about 10 days before the estimated delivery by date.
  9. I also think playing Trippier at LB with Shaw or Chilwell available is odd. But I am encouraged that Mount and Foden are starting. I hope we see Grealish sooner rather than later.
  10. Cheers, any way of checking what devices that’s working on as it doesn’t seem to be on either my Sky Q box or Apple TV 4K. Is it browser only?
  11. Does anyone know if there is any way of watching the Euros in 4K in the UK?
  12. Fuck! I just got further than I had before, put the PS5 in rest mode and then it did a system software update on its own and lost all my progress.
  13. I did the first boss last night on attempt no 7, didn’t even have to use my astronaut in the end. Had a little run round the second biome before getting destroyed.
  14. I started playing this a couple of days ago and am loving it. Fought Phrike about 4 times and am getting close to beating it. It’s not frustrating as I can see what the patterns are and I just need to get better. I have a few early questions which I don’t think are spoilery but I’m going to hide them anyway.
  15. Yep, not going too well is it. However, I am loving that New Zealand have a bowler with a mullet whose name is literally Colin ‘the Big Man’.
  16. I think a notable mention is deserved for Spider-Man PS4 and Miles Morales. A short cutscene and then you’re handed control mid-swing through the skyscrapers of New York. Straight into the fun stuff. Side mission bloat (pigeons!) is a different question however.
  17. Especially as the game was in Middlesbrough.
  18. The combat is really fun. It’s like a mix between the early Assassins’ Creed games, the Arkham games and a tiny bit of Dark Souls parrying. There’s plenty of freedom to either stealth your way in to camps, snipe with arrows, or just walk in the front door and call them out for a stand-off. The stand-off mechanic is cool, and the one-on-one duels that pop up every now and then are awesome. Also the environment is quite often stunning, the swaying flowers as you ride through on your horse are beautiful. I say get it, it’s great.
  19. The Infinite trailer will just be a 45-minute Craig monologue.
  20. I was signed up for alerts so got an email, when I clicked through I could add to basket, but I've already got one so just thought I'd post it here. The bundle I saw was nearly £800 though so probably not the worst one to miss.
  21. Simply Games appears to have bundles available now.
  22. Great news, hopefully it gets there soon. I'm also reticent to spend £70 on any game, in fact the only true PS5 games I've played so far are Miles and Demon's (plus a couple of the PS Plus freebies). But I've had so much enjoyment from playing Ghost of Tsushima, Cyberpunk and God of War in lovely smooth 60fps, and I'm just about to start another playthrough of TLoU2 now that patch has hit, that I can wait for the prices of some of the newer games to drop.
  23. Just finished my first run through the critical path, having done all the 'major' side jobs I could find before going past the point of no return. To help with your question, I played the first half on PS4 Pro and the second on PS5, and as @Floshenbarnical has said many times already it's like a different game when it's running at a smooth 60fps with very few glitches or streaming issues. Having seen the Digital Foundry videos I reckon you'd have an even better experience on XSX. And boy what an experience it is. For all the jankiness that's there, once I learned more about the systems and found a play style that suited me (soften everyone up with short-circuit and then non-lethal clean-up with the Widow Maker) the story came alive. Without looking at any spoilers beforehand I made the choices that I felt were right and in my ending: Once I've mopped up the other endings I think I'm going to wait for the PS5 patch, and then come back in as a man for another go at life, I've still got loads of other side jobs to search out and I'll see if I can make things go differently next time in the main jobs.
  24. If I’m not mistaken there were 2 returning characters from mid-morning matters this week. Also, Nigel Lindsay has the distinction of playing 3 separate characters in the APU (IAP, movie, MMM).
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