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  1. It does that thing that was a criminal offence back in 96 of being a pub shirt first and football kit second. If England wear the Blue shirt in the semi or final they will definitely lose. 

    After the grey kit loss of 96 there was an implicit agreement that all England away kits for ever more would be Red to appease the vengeful gods of football. At a push, dark blue third kits are acceptable but should never be worn in a tournament. 

    I’m only semi-joking. 

  2. I can’t see Coady or White getting any game time as Stones and Maguire have been very solid, and Mings was too so would seem to be the obvious sub if one is required. I am surprised we haven’t seen anything of Chilwell, as before the tournament I would have guessed he would be picked in front of Shaw. However Shaw has been absolutely immense in the last 3 games so now I wonder if we’ll see Chilwell at all?

  3. On 22/06/2021 at 11:55, schmojo said:

    I feel like this episode was better than any from last season.


    You sunnovabitch, I’m in.

    Come on, you missed an open goal here. 

    Loved the new episode. 

  4. It’s been reported that they had a 25-minute conversation with him in the tunnel after the game. Which is frankly a bit silly and you would have thought probably outside the protocols the team had set up. 

  5. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but now that there are 2 groups with 3rd place teams on 3 points that must mean England are guaranteed to qualify with 4 points as only Scotland or Croatia could get to 4. Also any win for Scotland would be good enough for them  

  6. They’re both on ITV channels so the quality will be terrible. 

    Edit: In all seriousness Ukraine Austria is the only one with any stakes as the Netherlands are already group winners and North Macedonia are out. 

  7. The frustrating thing for me now is that a draw against the Czechs is going to be good enough for 2nd in the group, which is probably the better place to be looking at the draw, so Tuesday’s game is probably going to be just as turgid an England performance. 

  8. 14 minutes ago, Anjin said:

    BBC are streaming it on iPlayer in 4k. ITV I don't think are.

    Cheers, any way of checking what devices that’s working on as it doesn’t seem to be on either my Sky Q box or Apple TV 4K. Is it browser only?

  9. I started playing this a couple of days ago and am loving it. Fought Phrike about 4 times and am getting close to beating it. It’s not frustrating as I can see what the patterns are and I just need to get better. I have a few early questions which I don’t think are spoilery but I’m going to hide them anyway. 


    Ive set always sprint to on. Is there any reason not to do this as I find it’s helping me move around more quickly?


    Is there much reason to buy a reconstructor? I’ve used one once, but if I’ve already cleared out the biome before going to the boss is there a way to get more obolites to buy items before going back to Phrike?


    I’m trying to hip-fire as much as possible, is there any real benefit to using ADS or is it just to improve accuracy. 

    What benefit does doing an Overload give you?


    I’m using the default button layout, which is working ok for me. Should I be thinking about moving dash to one of the shoulder buttons or any other tips?



  10. Yep, not going too well is it. 

    However, I am loving that New Zealand have a bowler with a mullet whose name is literally Colin ‘the Big Man’. 

  11. I think a notable mention is deserved for Spider-Man PS4 and Miles Morales. A short cutscene and then you’re handed control mid-swing through the skyscrapers of New York. Straight into the fun stuff. Side mission bloat (pigeons!) is a different question however. 

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