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  1. 14 hours ago, Marlowe said:

    I'm not saying this ref in the City Dortmund game is bought but he's so far doing a pretty good impression of one that is. 

    I’ve just watched the highlights and you are not wrong. I’d be severely annoyed as a Dortmund fan right now. Bellingham getting booked for being kicked by Ederson was a joke. 

  2. I finished this a couple of days ago (got to an ending).  I loved it and couldn't put it down until I got to the end.  For me, I hit a bit of a hump around the Maneaters, and then another one at the swamp where I had to go off and learn how to do archery for a bit, but after that it was all plain sailing.  Maybe I was massively over-levelled at the end but the last few bosses were too easy if anything.  It definitely didn't have the satisfaction I got from beating the final boss in DS3.  I'm not sure if I broke the balancing myself or if anyone else agrees the end-game stuff is a bit of a walk in the park?

  3. 3 hours ago, Festoon said:

    Whu do they keep pretending it's not Sky?

    Presumably as soon as they change its name to Sky, then a load of people will realise they don’t need to be tied into long contracts with continual price rises. And along with that I assume that Sky need to keep a certain number of subscribers on board for the economics of keeping the infrastructure going. 

  4. My wife has just blitzed through the whole thing as she was worried it was going to drop off. I only dropped in and out and it seemed like all they ever did was go and raid people’s houses, which is probably a bit reductive of me. I did kind of get roped in for the last series and thought the ending was really well done. 

  5. Whereas Sony have emailed me to suggest I buy Demon’s Souls and Miles Morales, despite those being the only 2 PS5 games I have bought and installed on the console. I’m not sure I’m that worried about their analytics. 

  6. I've been playing this for the last 2 weeks since I got my PS5 and nothing else is getting a look-in.  I'm not going to go to the lengths of multiple play-throughs, just getting to an ending will be enough for me as time is my limitation.  I'm absolutely loving it, and the near-instant reloads on death are such a welcome QoL thing that helps with that one-more-go itch.  I've said this in either the Bloodborne or DS3 threads before (I forget which), but I really hope that in Elden Ring and onwards From put bonfires much closer to the Boss battles.  Running through Ritual Path and Inner Ward time after time is quite painful, if good for farming souls.

  7. On a recent Digital Foundry video they made the point that with the advent of 120Hz displays, there might be an option this gen for developers to target 40fps as a compromise. I wonder whether this would just create too many options, but it was certainly an interesting idea. 

  8. 20 hours ago, wev said:

    The plate challenge?


    I thought that was a Tornado? Looked boxier than the Phantom

    It was a Tornado (probably a GR4 but might have been a GR1 depending on how old it is). 

  9. 27 minutes ago, joffocakes said:

    I only own The Witness out of those (and I havent played it)

    The Witness is my only Platinum. You should really play it as it’s astoundingly good in my opinion. However, at its core it is still just a puzzle game so if you don’t get on with it at the start it might not be for you. 

  10. 8 hours ago, TehStu said:

    Is it me or does the bat mobile not want to stop? I've taken to just jumping out.

    That’s what feels so good, don’t worry about stopping, just launch yourself out of the Batmobile into an attack or long glide. It gets even better with more upgrades. 

  11. 1 hour ago, Gringo said:

    I’ve just started Arkham Knight. It does seem a bit bamboozling initially. I’ve never played any of the other ones so my logic is the driving shouldn't annoy me as much.

    Good advice from everyone else about putting points into the Batmobile. I would also suggest changing the controls so accelerate is on RT (I can’t remember what the option is called but it’s not obvious), and Battle Mode is toggle on/off. I found it much more enjoyable that way. 

  12. As a counterpoint I absolutely love Arkham Knight, it’s my favourite game of the generation. However, I would definitely not recommend you play it without having played Asylum and City first, as the story leads directly on and its mechanics and style are an evolution. 

    Arkham Asylum is the purest of the 3, so if you try that and like it you should like them all. 

  13. 5 minutes ago, Dudley said:


    I imagine they may have looked at the pathetic profit margin and possibly just stopped ordering them for a bit.

    I reckon you’re spot on there. I’d imagine they’ve assessed they couldn’t afford the strain on their website from the bots, at a time when they in particular are doing very well from all the lockdown business. 

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