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  1. Jackson is a great shout. For a small selection that is all killer no filler, it’s John Cazale: - The Godfather - The Conversation - The Godfather Part II - Dog Day Afternoon - The Deer Hunter
  2. Really weird article - from the title I was expecting something a lot more spicy than a support team having their dreams dashed of finally getting free reign to create an original concept like...A remake of The Last of Us? As for the Days Gone stuff, it looks like the Bend team suffered from the weirdly aggressive coverage it got from the games media. Remember that game was pretty consistently trashed from the moment of reveal all the way through to its reviews - it’s initial sales were OK but it only really seems to have found its audience in the past year, especially with the PS5
  3. Flanders

    Disco Elysium

    Does anyone know what skills best complement Inland Empire? I like getting a lot of intuition through that (I’ve bumped it to 7) but I often don’t seem to be able to capitalise on it.
  4. That’s pretty much 300, no? That definitely deliberately leans into the camp aspects of the material more than any of his superhero films.
  5. Conversely, this is one of the reasons I found that Iron Man 3 is one of the better MCU films. I’ve increasingly become of the opinion that it and Guardians of the Galaxy are the only two genuinely lasting films in the whole thing. They feel like complete works. A lot of the later films in particular blend into underdone mulch - like they haven’t had enough time in the oven because they had to hit very tight release schedules in the service of all the shared universe bullshit. Civil War and Black Panther in particular are both films that have really really weird plotting and rubbis
  6. That link says Fallout 4 sold 13.5 million copies, which is more than any Halo game apart from Halo 3 and completely dwarfs any other game in Microsoft/Bethesda’s current portfolio outside of Elder Scrolls. It’s also higher than most first party Sony games. Skyrim’s lifetime sales are estimated at around 30 million. Elder Scrolls 6 releasing exclusively on Game pass will be the single biggest driver of new subscriptions that takes place in this generation.
  7. Game Pass absolutely is the end goal and Game Pass subscriptions are what, probably 20-25 million by now? Good growth but less than half of the user base of the poorly performing Xbox One console even after almost four years on the market with some very generous pricing. Microsoft want that number up at 100 million and you don’t get there with the loyal fanbases of the hardcore RPGs Obsidian and InExile make. You get there with Elder Scrolls and Fallout - as good as Arkane and Machine Games and Id et all are, Microsoft did not pay $7.5bn for those studios, they paid it for two of th
  8. Yeah, while the guys in that Twitter feed are being dickheads for actively championing it, you’d have to be naive not to notice that there’s some glaring overlap between what the various Microsoft studios are supposed to be working on. That kind of overlap tends to be rationalised when large takeovers go ahead, it would be more unusual for this not to happen. And Microsoft definitely will not accept a wait until the later years of this decade to put out new Elder Scrolls and Fallout games.
  9. I watched This is England ‘86 and ‘88 for the first time this week and it is just absolutely astonishing that Jed Mercurio presumably saw Vicky Mclure in that and then proceeded to not give her any proper acting to do for five series of Line of Duty. The man is the biggest fraud in Britain. Still in for series 6 of course. Although I’m sad there’ll be no Stephen Graham shouting about BENT BASTARDS.
  10. I hope the bigger scope extends to some ludicrously massive bosses, like Shadow of the Colossus big.
  11. I’m fully expecting this to basically be Dark Souls 4 but with some pointless traversing about on a horse in between levels crowbarred in. From will have set out to make something much more ambitious than that but they have a history of having to significantly scale back when those ambitions don’t work out. Dark Souls 2 and 3 both had very interesting concepts sliced out and it shows in the final version - Dark Souls 3 is a really good game and all but there’s no way the original intention was for it to be ‘just like Dark Souls 1 with a bit of Bloodborne on the side’.
  12. It also highlights that the musical score in the level is incredible. That underlying oppressive metallic drone that builds and builds as the situation escalates.
  13. This kind of nonsense has been spouted since the first game came out and it’s basically impossible to engage with because it’s a total fabrication. You can’t argue with it because this argument is essentially saying that your experience with the game - which as you say is at its core a very standard template of a cinematic action adventure - simply did not happen. All the posts talking about the gameplay throughout the 127 pages of this topic are lies. It’s so bizarre.
  14. From all accounts, most indie studios right now do pretty well out of whatever payments they get to go on the subscription service plus the much wider audience it brings them. I do think ‘right now’ is a pretty big caveat though, for a couple of reasons. One is that although the current payment from MS or Sony or whoever is probably enough to push your Indy game to breakeven so that you can stay afloat for your next game, it does fundamentally limit your ability to financially benefit if your game is a massive hit. This is fine for most developers because most indy games a
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