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  1. Ah man I don’t know. I’m still not really feeling it. Im wondering why both this trailer and the original one have led with Far Cry camp-clearing missions as the main attraction. Remember just how massive Halo 3 felt? This doesn’t feel massive.
  2. I think that looks way better than expected given how much sniffiness there’s been about this release.
  3. I mean, if you’re talking about gamification of gaming, you could be forgiven for thinking that the leading Xbox exclusive is ‘how to get three years of Game Pass for a quid!’, as opposed to say, a video game. Based on what gets the most chat in the Game Pass thread on this forum.
  4. So I was tickled that the main maguffin of the movie is a mashup of two Metal Gear Solid classics: And then I read a Reddit post that pointed out there’s even more Metal Gear in there:
  5. If anything it’s a weird date to move Elden Ring to, launching an open world action adventure one week after a higher profile open world action adventure title lands on your biggest user base is mad.
  6. I’ll happily pay £60-70 for something I know I’m definitely going to like and make time to play. £70 for Demon’s Souls PS5 was a no-brainer because I love Souls game and it was clearly the most super-swank version of that. I’ll happily pay full price for Horizon Far West as well because I loved the first one. I would really like to play Returnal but haven’t got it yet because there’s a chance I might be shit at it as I’m not great at arcade action and I can’t quite justify £70 on a maybe. I think £40 is the maximum for a maybe game.
  7. Resetera is the truly bleak realisation that you can successfully purge a community of so many of the awful blights of online discourse - racism, sexism, homophobia - and still be left with a bunch of unpleasant, thick arseholes.
  8. Because judging by the comments on that article, then they wouldn’t be able to crow about how they get so much more content for a fiver a month from mega corporations who have brutally undercut every single other form of human expression in order to devalue it and make sure that in the long run they’re the only game in town when it comes to media. I mean lord knows I’m signed up to the hilt like the rest of us but shitting on smaller companies because they can’t give you their stuff for basically free is just grim.
  9. I bought this last week and have already powered through Mass Effect, which really is janky as fuck in terms of gameplay and has a very slow beginning. Despite this, Vermire onwards is still amazing after all these years, just grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go. I immediately started Mass Effect 2 afterwards and oh god it’s the raddest game. It’s so fucking rad. I love it so much and it looks so gorgeous in 4K. The jump in quality of everything from the first game is the most astonishing improvement from a sequel ever and it happened in three years! The graphics are miles better than ME1 even after it’s being touched up. The dialogue is instantly snappier, the combat is magically no longer shit, the conversation cutscenes are so much more vibrant. The opening Normandy destruction is AMAZING. An hour into the game and you’re doing secret missions for MARTIN FUCKING SHEEN who will be in loads of this game and Mass Effect 3 and doesn’t dog it once. I’ve got to travel the galaxy and round up a crew of desperadoes so that we can jump through a mass relay full of black holes to kick the shit out of a bunch of abducting arseholes who are in league with evil machine Lovecraft cunts from the dawn of time. Mass Effect 2 is up there, it’s really up there.
  10. Just watched the first episode of this and quite liked it but I fear the story is setting up for Jared Harris and Lee Pace to only be bit parts which is a problem because all the best scenes had one or both of them on screen.
  11. That episode ends up with the other Daleks turning on him for being tainted and they tie him up with chains and drag him about with them. Their cuntiness remains undiminished.
  12. I really liked RTD’s Doctor Who and I think it got better with age as Moffat’s writing tics became more irritating and then Chibnall, let’s face it, killed the show. Fascinating thing with RTD and Moffat was their different understanding of the show’s main villains. RTD didn’t really get the Cybermen whereas Moffat had a bunch of good stories with them, but the flipside was that Moffat didn’t get the Daleks at all. I don’t think there’s a single memorable Dalek story in Moffat’s run. RTD on the other hand really grasped that you shouldn’t try to be clever or arch with the Daleks to diminish them - his Daleks are just complete and total Nazi cunts who almost always carry genuine menace.
  13. Erm, maybe it was the stream or my memory’s off, but graphics-wise, did Bayonetta 3 there not look as good as the first two games? Just seemed a bit flat and I didn’t like the enemy design at all.
  14. Halo probably isn’t going to be very good, but low expectations might mean we’ll all be satisfied if the campaign is, say, Halo 4 standard, which was a perfectly decent time. But even though my hopes aren’t high, I’m still excited to be getting a proper massive blockbuster dropping on Gamepass day one. To me that’s the big promise of the service and it has rarely materialised up to now - I think this is really only the third genuinely big game to debut like this and the last one (Gears 5) was two years ago, astonishingly. Halo is the kind of game where whether it’s good or not, it will seem mind boggling that it’s been released for a small monthly fee. I don’t even think many Netflix or Amazon Prime films have managed to have that kind of big-time feel.
  15. I’m finding the talk in this topic about all you parents’ kids not liking anything you like a little depressing. My dad was enormously influential in the development of my taste in media - not games because that wasn’t really his bag, but certainly books, music, TV, film. Tickled me that someone mentioned that at least the boomers didn’t force Just William on their kids, because my dad did indeed read us Just William and it was fucking brilliant because Just William is fucking brilliant.
  16. I loved this game when I first played it but the 60fps patch has confirmed it as one of my absolute favourites from the past few years. There’s a lot of excellent writing and game design in here that I think some people missed because of the Ubisofty front end. The machines, for example are just brilliant - they look incredible, they’re all totally distinct and they work in every single environment the game puts them in. And regarding environments - Horizon has terrific diversity and cohesion of settings in what is a very pleasingly compact open world. I’ve also been struck this time round by all the ‘modern’ stuff with the various tribes and so on - yes it’s not up to the standard of the past story (for content or acting) but I have to give Guerrilla props for creating a wholly original and again, cohesive world and history. How many games of this scale have done that in recent times? Almost all the Ubisoft open worlders are based on the real world, BOTW had the existing Zelda IP to build on, Witcher was based on a book series, Spiderman is well, Spiderman. There’s also a lot more Death Stranding in this than just the same game engine. You’re not meant to fight every machine you meet, you have to find routes around them and stealth past them in a way that has much more in common with navigating the BTs in Death Stranding than getting round the place in other open world games, which is often largely risk-free.
  17. Every single one of Arkane’s recent games has been a commercial disappointment in no small part because Bethesda didn’t/couldn’t invest enough to market them properly. Bethesda probably initially signed up to do Deathloop and Ghostwire as exclusives so they’d get the benefit of the kind of exposure Sony have been giving them - the subsequent sale to Microsoft was born out of the same challenge they had selling anything that wasn’t Fallout, Skyrim or Doom.
  18. Absolutely baffling the online rage this game generates, people were seething that there was a trailer at the PlayStation event for the only major PlayStation exclusive coming out over the next few months. I thought the trailer looked really good and sold me on the game in a way previous ones didn’t - the time loop looks fascinating.
  19. I’ve taken a break from this because I got distracted by 60fps Horizon, but yeah Cyberpunk’s a good game. The thing I can’t get over with the reaction to it (outside the bugs) is that it is totally sci-fi Witcher 3, with arguably better combat and much enhanced role playing. It’s exactly the game I would have expected the makers of Witcher 3 to create. I really don’t get why the many people who loved that game wouldn’t adore Cyberpunk, unless of course they were playing the broken old console versions.
  20. The newer Gears games just don’t have It do they. Perfectly decent shooting but simply not ludicrous enough. Is it 2 or 3 where the COLE TRAIN has a blissful flashback to his days as an American football player while he’s running around with a bomb?
  21. It’s pronounced WERM goddamit.
  22. I started replaying this when it was released for free a few months back but stopped because I couldn’t handle the 30fps. Been playing it again this week after the patch and it really is stunning. I’d forgotten how hostile the world is relative to most other open world games, you spend a lot of time figuring out routes to go around the machine sites, especially if you ramp up the difficulty to hard. Went through the first cauldron last night, absolutely epic at the higher difficulty and better frame rate and resolution. If you didn’t know better and someone told you it was a new PS5 release you’d believe it.
  23. I would pay up for the ultimate edition of this if it came with DLC that turns Giancarlo Esposito’s knock-off Gus Fring into his character Buggin Out from Do The Right Thing. Fascinating career that man has had.
  24. Even if you think you don’t care about story in a game, it’s still important because it helps build coherence and pacing. The best Halo campaigns are CE and 3. They’re also the most straightforward narratives where it’s always clear where you are, what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. They’re both very simple save the world stories but they work. Narratively I had no clue what the point of what I was supposed to be doing was in Halo 5, it jumped around random planets so I didn’t feel like I was on any coherent journey and so when I got to the first Warden fight and it was terrible I had zero motivation to plough through in the hope that the rest of the game would be any good. Game stories don’t have to be ‘Oscar worthy’ or whatever, but they have to service the gameplay and the experience. There’s a reason Halo isn’t just a series of Spartan Ops and Bloodborne isn’t just a bunch of chalice dungeons.
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