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  1. Haven’t watched a Marvel film in a while but chucked this on for an hour last night and was kind of shocked at how poor it was. Everything just looks so inert and flat, you’d never believe this film was by the same person who directed Creed, which was such a wonderfully kinetic and alive piece of work. 

    Now that we’re past the initial wave of emotion around Chadwick Boseman’s passing, the decision not to recast the main character was simply an error. It absolutely kneecaps this film. 

  2. 39 minutes ago, Kevvy Metal said:

    There’s simply no way that this is a remake of the entire game. I shall be completely shocked if it is the actual case. 

    I don’t think it’s that unfathomable now we’ve seen more footage that shows it’s not a complete ground up remake and redesign like RE2 was.

  3. 22 minutes ago, Down by Law said:


    That part at 8:35 looks wonderfully atmospheric, the wind and rain effects look crazy good there. 


    Anyone else think Leon looks a bit like





    I mean I think that just looks incredibly fun to play. It feels like the developers very early in the project realised that the core of Resi 4 is perfect and doesn’t need to be messed with, so they’ve instead opted to go for something that seems more like a remix with all the graphical and QoL updates. 

  4. 4 minutes ago, Alex W. said:

    Are you under the impression that Microsoft is not a dominant market leader in the way Sony is? They’ve sold something like 75% as many consoles. They’re enormous. This isn’t, like, the playdate or the Analog Pocket we’re talking about. Microsoft can already decide to a large extent which direction the games industry goes in.

    This is definitely worth remembering as well, the whole minnow notion is absurd. There are only six home consoles in history that sold more than Microsoft’s last two machines. 

  5. 9 minutes ago, rgraves said:


    They've all made some pretty big bets on gaming recently. None have worked out or made them major players - kind of backs up the argument that letting this deal go isn't some kind of guaranteed silver bullet for MS success right?


    Basically, does *anyone* on here think that this deal going through would make MS #1 in the market? Anyone? And if not, what's the problem in terms of market competition?

    If it went through as MS would no doubt ideally have wanted it to, without having to give any concessions on COD at all? Yeah, I think it would make them #1 as soon as Xbox was the only console you could play it on.

    COD, Fifa, GTA. Those are the needle movers. 

  6. 15 hours ago, Kevvy Metal said:

    Yes, complaining about the Weapon Degradation System is like complaining that your guns should never run out of ammo in Halo. 

    Hmmm, but the Weapon Degradation System is like if the guns in Halo ran out of ammo really quickly and there were dozens of different guns so you never get familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of any of them. 

    Basically, the idea of weapons as ammo it really good, but it could be tweaked so they last a bit longer and are more memorable. I don’t remember a single weapon from BOTW except for the master sword. 

  7. 38 minutes ago, Stanley said:

    I feel for MS, they have a really good product in the Series S|X and Game Pass, they’re incredibly aggressive with their pricing, and yet here they are again in third place. Meanwhile Sony raises the price of its games and consoles and still they can’t make them quick enough 🤷‍♂️

    Well they have two issues. The first is that to gain ground in any market you usually need your competition to drop a bollock, and Sony just haven’t - they made a competitively priced powerful machine and supported it with a good lineup of software, whatever you think of the price increases. Compare that to the PS3 and Xbox One which were actively bad consoles. 

    The second is that MS’ commercial strategy is overly elaborate and often appears geared more towards impressing people on niche video game forums than the mainstream consumer. The weaker but cheaper Series S and Game Pass received so many rapturous plaudits as sure fire commercial successes without anyone stopping to think whether the average console owner who buys seven to ten games per generation would actually want those things. 

  8. 19 hours ago, mushashi said:


    It's 100% accurate, the person who provided them definitely has access to the very expensive NPD subscription report. Interesting how the UK is actually currently a stronger market for Microsoft than even their home market, which has always historically been their stronghold. Apparently consumers aren't quite as price sensitive in the US compared to the UK.

    Almost like the UK has become a much poorer country than the US in the past ten years…

  9. People will moan as usual but the lists for best picture and all the acting nominations are the strongest in ages, while also managing to factor in a few films people have actually seen as well. 

  10. This game is structured in a very peculiar way, like a linear narrative action blockbuster spliced together with an open world game. I like both bits - I particularly like the side stuff which really does reward exploration - but I can’t help thinking I’d prefer the 10-hour version or the 60-hour version instead of the halfway house.

    The two competing structures get in each others’ way in a manner that they didn’t in the 2018 game and I’m not sure why. 


    One other difference is that it’s only playing Ragnarok that I’ve realised how far Last of Us 2 raised the bar for this type of blockbuster. Everything in that vein that’s come out since hasn’t seemed as good to me. 

  11. 1 hour ago, Broker said:

    The nature of the industry is that you never really hear very much until years later. Given that Spencer is prone to doing things like going on about how important multi platform is and then buying Bethesda and making Stargell exclusive, I’m really not as sold on his “your mate Phil in a Battletoads shirt” image as a lot of fans seem to be. I think that his biggest success since taking over has been a very successful marketing campaign of himself and the Xbox brand. Really, since he’s taken over the rate of game releases has cratered and the big ones that have come out have had a very mixed reception.


    Again, this could be because he’s giving the studios way more freedom and they’re crafting amazing games that are taking a bit longer and not getting cancelled, or it could be that Microsoft are mismanaging the studios. We’ve certainly had less high profile cancellations in recent years. But I suppose what I’m suggesting is that the kind of management that tanked Fable Legends, Scalebound, Knoxville and others might not be as gone as Xbox PR wants us all to think it is. Whatever has changed under Spencer, it certainly hasn’t resulted in a lot of great triple A games that are making the Xbox a must buy. 

    I mean, during all those cancellations the person who was running Microsoft Studios - aka the game development part of the Xbox business - was…Phil Spencer. 

    The guy is clearly very good at business strategy and marketing, but he might just be not very good at getting video games made. 

  12. I still don’t really care for the aesthetic and tone that they’ve presented of this, but Arkane does Far Cry sounds a lot better than Arkane does Left 4 Dead. 

    This game could really do with Starfield coming out before it, I think it’s a tough ask for an Arkane title to be the first big Xbox exclusive in ages and will only result in a slagging from loads of arseholes who don’t normally go near their stuff. 

  13. 20 hours ago, Loik V credern said:

    Yeah I couldn't be more interested in a dinosaur film that isn't Jurassic World, it will feel like being purified. Even if I found A Quiet Place 2 the flimsiest film, I assume it was just rushed than.. I took this as John Krasinski's next film (is doing something called If with Ryan Reynolds and Steve Carell). Not that A Quiet Place's story didn't have weak parts and contrivances either. The directors of this don't seem to have directed anything notable.


    Driver doing this makes me think of Adrian Brody doing Predators, both actors seem kind of similar in vibe to me, not known for action, except Brody's career was on the slide when he took Predators and Driver gets all the best films. 


    Just browsing reddit then, 'Really?! This is what they're calling it??' thread..yeaahh, it is nothing isn't it. 


    The Jurassic World's were so bad it can't come soon enough to watch something that rectifies that. Characters you care about even just a lot bit, some tension.


    Given the forgettable title might dent its box office, what else could it be called? And how does someone else go about using Cloverfield for their own gain ?

    Difference between Driver and Brody is that Brody is a slight slip of a man whereas Driver is a hulking giant. Also ex-military so will probably look authentic doing the pew-pew. 

    I think every contender for best actor of their generation should have at least one completely stupid B-movie schlock film on their resume so am well up for this.

  14. 12 hours ago, mushashi said:


    The Xbox Game Pass first strategy seems in a state of flux now anyway. There was a recent comment from Phil Spencer that he doesn't expect XGP to ever amount to more than ~15% of his division's total revenue and they've already hit the wall in terms of console subscriber growth too, which would indicate they're going to change tactics with it going forward if it is no longer the promised Golden Goose.




    If you do some reverse maths based on their published actual and bonus target figures, then XGP has remained bizarrely consistent in actual total yearly subscriber growth over the last 3 years, no matter what the actual content on the service or any Pandemic-induced growth spurt (unless it would have done worse in the first year of the Pandemic without that help). This year's figures will be interesting to see, unless they decide to obfuscate or remove them from their bonus target. They certainly expected Halo/Forza Horizon to do more for subscriber growth.


    I’ll be intrigued to see if there is any strategic pivot if the ABK deal goes through. If you were looking at it from a cold bean counter point of view, to maximise Call of Duty’s potential as a subscription driver, you need to get all the people who only play COD to sign up.


    That means for these people Game Pass needs to be cheaper on an annual basis than the cost of COD at £70 plus Xbox Live/PS Plus basic etc. At the moment those two things are roughly the same.


    Of course, with Game Pass you also get access to hundreds of games. Problem is, that means very little to Jimmy CODplayer because he doesn’t care much about playing anything else. Ditto the Blizzard games like WoW, Diablo, Overwatch. 

    To get round this I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Microsoft start offering stripped down cheaper Game Pass variants based around the giant service titles. For example, for £70-80 a year you get CODpass, which gives you all COD games including the current one, early access stuff, extra on Warzone etc etc. Maybe you also throw in a library of 10-20 games showcasing the best of Game Pass to try and entice COD players to upgrade to the full fat version. 

    What I don’t think is going to work is just chucking COD into the existing Game Pass framework and expecting it to print money - especially if they end up having to keep it on PlayStation and PC for the next decade. 

  15. Very interesting that the FTC directly mentions Microsoft’s immediate shift of upcoming Bethesda titles to exclusive as a contributor to a mistrust they won’t do the same with Activision. 

    Really makes me wonder whether the Bethesda and ABK deals were just two very separate opportunistic moves rather than a coherent strategy. They surely wouldn’t have bought Bethesda outright if they’d known it could have harmed their chances of getting ABK.

  16. 27 minutes ago, Anne Summers said:

    What I remember about the time I spent playing it:


    The main character keeps having sort of mini breakdowns and screaming at the radio or just at the sky, out of frustration about his general situation, or something. It was really annoying.


    An open-world vehicle-based game where you only get one vehicle (I think) - Sure I get it, it was a biker game and bikers have their one bike that they love, rather than a fleet of vehicles like some millionaire criminal playboy might have at his disposal. But in the context of a game it still makes it dull when you have to go everywhere using the same mode of transport. 


    The towns and settlements seemed flat - maybe this was me coming to it after I'd been playing a Bethesda game or something where towns and settlements have a range of interesting characters, missions, shops, things to do, etc. Here it was like the settlements just have no-name NPCs wandering around aimlessly, one shop, one mission-giver etc. 


    Hordes of zombies were fun but they were flawed in one way, which was that they either had invisible barriers they wouldn't cross when chasing you, or they would only chase you a certain distance and then gave up. Can't quite remember exactly how it worked. But it took a lot of fear out of the situation due to the fact that you always knew that if you did something wrong and alerted a horde, all you would have to do is run for long enough in one direction and after a minute or so you'd be safe. You could then return to the danger area and everything would have gone back to exactly the way it was before you alerted them. I know this is game design, and it's hard to make games where making little errors like this have real long-lasting consequences on your game, but but the mechanics were just too transparent, which ruined an otherwise well-engineered game. 



    The breakdowns are hilarious jank, they’re part of what makes it a good 6-7/10 game. 

    That and the BOOZEMAN of course. 

  17. Watched the last hour of Last Jedi when it was on the telly a while back, it really is such a weird film. Like I kind of agree with all the people who say it’s the best one after Empire but I also can’t argue with anyone who says it’s a terrible mess. Very high highs, very low lows. 

  18. Twitter is such an inappropriate medium for these comments, would have been a much greater tribute to Days Gone if John Garvin shouted them loudly while skulking in a bush. 

    ‘YEAH AND THREE IT HAD WOKE REVIEWERS HA HA YOU SONS OF BITCHES’ as you creep on a wrongun to garrotte them. Ah Deek, you unhinged loon.

  19. 13 minutes ago, Talk Show Host said:

    I was talking in regards to SX, because that is when GP became the main selling point of the console. No one would buy an Xbox One for GP. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

    Sorry but that just isn’t true. Game Pass was absolutely the main selling point for Xbox from 2017-2020, which let’s not forget is just under half the Xbox One’s lifespan and the entirety of the Xbox One X’s. 

    Shit, I bought a One S secondhand for Game Pass in 2019. Forza Horizon 4 was released on it day one in September 2018. 


  20. 1 hour ago, Talk Show Host said:

    I think they expected more in the console space, but I don’t think by a lot. For a two year old service, during a hardware shortage and without a surplus of AAA it would be mad to expect a lot more. The service will expand as big games hit and Microsoft takes advantage of the AB buyout. Plus, there will be many more deals centered around GP to make it the “go to” place for gamers. They don’t even have to go after the same demographic as Sony to be a success (Nintendo hasn’t) and that gives them an advantage. If they can pull it off of course. 

    Which is a big IF because we are talking about Microsoft here and their ability to appeal to a broader gaming audience. 

    What? Game Pass isn’t a two year old service, it was launched in 2017! It’s had five years at dirt cheap prices to build a user base.  

  21. Just now, Stanley said:

    Yeah the problem with this strategy is that Game Pass is performing well below expectations and they have no AAA games, so I’m not sure why you think that makes Sony look like fools here, at least they actually have the games. 

    And also that 2022 was the year it turned out the entire entertainment subscription model might just be an incredibly stupid way for large corporations to light mind-boggling sums of money on fire for lower returns than they got in the past.

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