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  1. Joint best alongside Lindy West’s review of the same film, I think. https://www.thestranger.com/seattle/burkas-and-birkins/Content?oid=4132715 Kermode actually references it in his review. The opening paragraph alone scorched my eyebrows off when I first read it.
  2. It’s the Liverpool thread. Words mean more.
  3. If Fabinho is this good at centre back, why on earth have we been playing him in midfield? We’ve lost the best defender in the world and replaced him with the other best defender in the world.
  4. Although that back four with Thiago just in front would be able to launch passes to literally anywhere on the pitch in an instant. No need to bother with a midfield, just play five forwards running around like crazy.
  5. The comics are magnificent. The way it maintains a gradual ebb and flow, with each grandiose climax being even more histrionic and epic than the last is really something to behold. And then after that got published nobody could be bothered translating manga properly any more and now you’re expected to read backwards. Fuck that for a game of soldiers.
  6. I don’t entirely agree with this but it’s still a good point. But there’s no way you could have known this just by watching the trailers for either the Lego Movie or the Lego Batman Movie. There’s not enough to go on. So until we’ve seen the actual show, there’s no way we can make that judgment. Vimes being ‘in’ a band might be the same as Lego Batman writing his own songs.
  7. Is it Batman if he’s a dinosaur? Genuinely surprised that someone as knowledgeable about comics as Gaiman could come up with a hot take that weak. His joke Batman wouldn’t even register in the top ten most ridiculous versions of the character. I mean, the most memorable screen version of the character was made out of fucking Lego. And the best superhero movie of the past decade was entirely predicated on the idea that you can do anything you like with the central theme as long as you stay true to the heart of it. Hands up everyone who’d watch a S
  8. The thing about Pratchett's comedy and storytelling is that it's not about the plot or the characters or the settings, although all of those things are important and absolutely top draw. What made him special, what made him utterly peerless, were the words he used to describe those things. I know that sounds bloody obvious for a writer but nobody reads Cormac McCarthy for the plot and nobody reads Harry Potter for the lyricism. And that's why Pratchett is such a struggle to adapt for the screen. If you lose the words, you lose the most important part of him.
  9. I didn't think that sounded right so I checked wikipedia. And you are correct. By three days. Here's a question. What was the first racing game to use drifting as a mechanic? Not the first game that had drifting, there are loads of 8-bit games where you would drift outwards if you took a sharp corner, but the first game that encouraged the player to kick the back end out to obtain the fastest route round a corner.
  10. OK, I take it back, Gomez is having a shocker.
  11. Absolutely this. Liverpool at full throttle win almost all the second balls in the middle of the pitch. The opposition hardly get a chance to play through balls in behind our defence. But Villa are winning those balls time and time again. It’s not Gomez and Van Dijk at fault, it’s those in front of them.
  12. It’s been renewed for a second series after being one of the biggest successes for Apple TV+. I thought it really started coming together around episode six and seven. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
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