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  1. What’s the mark up on Android stores then? Anyone know?
  2. I don’t really understand everybody complaining about Apple getting a cut of everything sold via it’s store. If someone asked me to sell their stock in my store but without making money from it, I’d laugh in there face. And it’s not as if this is different from Nintendo, MS or Sony’s game consoles. It’s fine if you don’t like it, just buy an Android phone.
  3. Can’t judge a book by it’s cover? You really can.
  4. It’s superb, one of the best racers on the Switch.
  5. Gameslore is always my first point of call. On the odd occasion where they’re not the cheapest, I’ll still get it from them as they’re so reliable.
  6. Thank you for the explanation, but unfortunately I didn’t understand any of it. It sounds like paying to access a free-to-play game.
  7. Sorry, what’s a battle pass?
  8. Is anyone else playing this? I've been playing it when I can over the past fortnight and I'm really enjoying it. Just two more levels to complete on normal difficulty. It's hard to put my finger on just what makes it work so well. There's not just one stand out feature, it's every part of it has a little bit of magic sprinkled over it. The music is superb, not a single duff track. The artwork is terrific, really making use of the limited palette and the blocky level design. The main character is incredibly agile whilst still feeling like you're helming a walking tank. The weapon system is really clever whilst not being overly showy or out of place with the retro aesthetic. Overall, it absolutely nails what GMTK talk about in this video about 'doing retro right'.
  9. That was Moviedrome on BBC2. I remember that double bill.
  10. It's really something to see how much the players outside of the first team seem to love being there so much. Adrian, Lovren, Lallana, Moreno, Origi. All of those players knew that they were only getting game time when other players were injured or tired. And yet they all seemed to genuinely love just being in the squad. No doubt the pay-checks help with that but you can't fake the exuberance that shone from all of them. It's only been Clyne that's really stood out in the last few years. And maybe Shaqiri a little bit?
  11. Just finished the first series. = My girlfriend loved it so unfortunately I’m going to have to watch the second series as well.
  12. Nice look back at Inception and it's place in the sci-fi genre.
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