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  1. Nice little article about Londoners going to watch football during the blitz. When Londoners Risked Their Lives To Watch Football During Air Raids The best part is this picture in The Mirror.
  2. Come back to me when they do a Hot Shot Hamish and Mighty Mouse version.
  3. Died this morning from a pulmonary embolism. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/feb/17/andrew-weatherall-british-producer-behind-screamadelica-dies-aged-56?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other If you're a music fan for long enough, eventually, every artist you idolise will let you down. Every musician, singer, songwriter or producer I've ever loved has, at some point or another put out at least one album that's made me think they've lost it. Except this guy, who was all of the above and never, ever let me down. Sabres of Paradise, Two Lone Swordsmen, his solo stuff, The Asphodells. Not to mention the the absurdly high quality and quantity of remixes and productions. I've loved it all.
  4. And Metropolis Street Racer is better than all of them.
  5. Saw this in Sainsbury’s today. Tempted to just write HONK on the inside.
  6. It isn’t, it’s complete rubbish.
  7. I’ve seen some terrible takes in this thread but rating Toy Story 2 as the worst of the initial trilogy takes the biscuit. You’re all monsters.
  8. Just watched the first episode, it’s really good. It feels like Locke & Key. It’s, I think, a bit more condensed, there’s stuff introduced quite early that I seem to remember being revealed much later in the comics. But that just gives the impression that the writers really know what they’re doing. The important thing was that there was one genuine full-body-chill moment. Deliciously creepy.
  9. I am deeply sorry about the formatting, I’ve tried to get the text out in a way that doesn’t take half an hour of my time but, y’know, twitter. But this is one of the most interesting pieces I’ve read about VAR.
  10. Whilst I appreciate that not all the suggestions are completely serious and many are actually really good ideas, I find it’s really disappointing that much of this thread is ‘current game I like’+’bigger numbers’. Is that really the only way we can think of improving games nowadays? My suggestion is Breath of the Wild. I don’t give a shit about the resolution or the frame rate. They can be improved if you like but I don’t really care. But I think significantly beefier hardware could really improve the feeling of being in a living, breathing world. It’s something that it’s pretty great at anyway, but imagine Hyrule with greater quantities and diversity of flora and fauna. Depicted with less pop-in and greater persistence. Or how about having seasons? Having plants and trees growing in spring and summer, before turn an autumnal brown before shedding their leaves. Or how about having a different visual style, like making the entire landscape look like a hand drawn watercolour painting. The artistry of BotW is stunning, more powerful hardware could allow for the artists to be even more creative.
  11. Wonderful final episode. Really loved the scenes with Eleanor and Chidi discussing philosophy. It’s just not something you ever see on tv. Also, number 9364 in Tahani’s to-do list is the most random joke I’ve ever seen in a US sitcom and it absolutely killed me.
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