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  1. I would definitely buy that, but definitely wouldn't be able to play it. Silent Hill is easily the most soul-corrodingly scary piece of art that I've ever encountered. I can barely handle playing the regular original trilogy, never mind actually being in Silent Hill.
  2. This is why I'll always struggle to go fully digital - I'd be at the mercies of the PS store pricing, and never be able to take advantage of cheap retailers like shopTo. I just finished a very quick play-through of PS1 Resi 3. It'll be fresh in my mind for when this hits.
  3. I'd argue that Ant-Man and the Wasp happens largely before Infinity War - we see in the post-credits scene something that can tie it, and therefore the rest of the film, to a specific time-frame just before the end of Infinity War.
  4. Also, is anyone getting Natalie Portman vibes from Jill's character model?
  5. This demo is absolute dynamite. Am I right in thinking that they've taken quite a large departure in terms of level design from the original, though? Like, much more-so than they did with Resi2 remake?
  6. You know what I want that this super-fast storage will enable? An Ant-Man game. Imagine being able to, in real-time, move from a normal street to a huge jungle terrain with giant bugs because you shrunk down into the grass, then embiggen to the point where you're suddenly playing a Godzilla simulator.
  7. I'd love it if they released Black Widow on Disney + in light of its recent release cancellation. Can't see it happening though - MCU films regularly make in the ballpark of $1 billion, and there's no way they'll generate anything like that amount from new subscription fees.
  8. Fucking gutted. Kind of thought it would happen though.
  9. Hasn't Sony already committed to full hardware-accellerated ray-tracing?
  10. I wonder if they've slammed the brakes on production, so that they can retrofit a GPU that has more teraflops than XBox Series X into it. It'd be a fucking huge delay, but not beyond the realms of possibility. They have previous for doubling the amount of RAM in the PS4 at the 11th hour, although that isn't nearly as big an upheaval as even partially changing GPU specs.
  11. Can I ask a dumb question... If you get Sky Q, does Netflix come rolled into the cost of it, or do you need to pay for a separate subscription to that too?
  12. I am truly horrified and scandalised that it's being pronounced mah-ko and not may-ko.
  13. If the PS5 plays PS 1, 2, 3 and 4 games, I won't give a fuck if it's less powerful than XBox Series S or if it's £500, it's getting insta-bought. My absolute dream would be for them to fold PSPlus into Now, and for Now to become the Spotify/Netflix of PlayStation - 95+% of all games ever released on a PlayStation platform streamable, with PS4 and PS5 games downloadable too.
  14. Sorry but that was far, far short of the standard they've been hitting in this series so far.
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