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  1. Sounds like the perfect game duration for me. One of my favourite things about the PS1 Resi trilogy is how brief the playthroughs are.
  2. I've just finished the fifth episode of season one. So far I'm a bit bemused. Am I missing something? It's not nearly as odd as I've been led to believe, aside from the unusual, presumably intentionally stilted and awkward directorial choices. It's not blowing my mind. I'm a bit disappointed. On paper it's the kind of thing that I'd love.
  3. I was disappointed that we'd lost the angry, scary and vengeful Drax between GOTG 1 and 2. He seemed to just transform into a laughing idiot and has been that way ever since.
  4. I would bloody kill for this to come to console. It would be an absolute insta-buy.
  5. Jesus Christ, I've gone this whole time gaslighting myself thinking that there must not be a quick turn, but kind of remembering it from GoW2018! I've been trying to do the circle button + down, resi-style to quick turn!
  6. The Is some proper cracking stuff. Got some real old-school PS2 God of War vibes from it.
  7. Does anyone else think that Atreus's character model looks a bit off? Especially around the mouth? A bit disappointing, given that all of the other character models are utterly superb. Also the Was not something I thought I'd see in a God of War game.
  8. Angela Bassett was excellent in this. I didn't care much for Riri Williams. I felt like there are a lot of questionable plot points around her.
  9. Aye, it's a bit mental streaming a PS1 game. Streaming would chew through far more network data than actually downloading the game outright would do.
  10. Similarly, I have no issues with the streaming. I've completed a bunch of PS3 games using it with no problems at all. You basically forget that it's being streamed. I wonder if many of the people bemoaning streaming are doing so just because they don't like the idea, rather than having had bad experiences using it.
  11. I was hoping that we'd see some proper cult/rare stuff like Rule of Rose or ObsCure. Evidently that's not happening.
  12. Because of an existing PSPlus subscription (which I got for £20), I'm signed up to premium until July 2024. I can only hope that behind the scenes they're revamping their emulators, and by the end of my subscription we'll be seeing a better calibre of offerings and emulation. Unless that happens, I won't be renewing.
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