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  1. Sounds like you need to start a Grounded playthrough.
  2. Absolutely DO NOT download it if you can help it. Under no circumstances run it.
  3. It's a bit daft that I've recently beaten this for a second time, in a Grounded playthrough, and done a speed-run for the perma-death trophy, but still want to do another playthrough. When Factions gets released I'll be all over it.
  4. I've finally hooked up PSVR with my PS5, purely just to see it running. What an absolute fucking faff setting this shit up is. Resi 7 looks vaguely higher res, it's certainly not a night-and-day difference though.
  5. Bitterly disappointed that they had nothing on Resi 8.
  6. Someone really liked the Daredevil corridor fights.
  7. I've been doing a similar RE run-through. 5 was a bit of a slog, and I've genuinely never been able to get through 6. It's such a fall from grace in so many areas. I absolutely adore the original PS1 trilogy, and loved the remakes.
  8. Eating green potted plants is a cure for all that ails you, up to and including gunshot wounds and maulings by sharks, dogs and 'other'.
  9. I loaded up and old save game in this yesterday, in the block of flats. Jesus Christ, this is one hell of a game. The tone and sense of menace hasn't aged a single day - so oppressive and bleak. Still probably the single most frightening game I've ever played.
  10. Started my 2nd playthrough of this when the patch came out, and I'm about to platinum it. What a game.
  11. Christ, I'm going to end up playing this again, aren't I. I'm a bit torn. The HD remaster is on PSNow, and I bloody love using that service. I also have the PS2 disc and a BC PS3, and bloody love using PS3 BC. Not sure which one I'll plump for.
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