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  1. I didn't smile once. It was generic and boring and poorly balanced. I've played through two of the characters and still don't know what the storyline is. That's without taking into account that it's a Resi game. It certainly doesn't feel like one. It shouldn't be one.
  2. I've gone disc-based for £49.85. I'll let it install while I work on Friday.
  3. Aye there are sections of the game that are flat-out broken. I was stuck at Chris's final boss with no ammo for Christ knows how long. The driving sections complete themselves, they require no input from the player.
  4. I thought this was ok when I played it last year. It's infinitely preferable to Resi 6. I couldn't even finish that abomination of a Resi game.
  5. Think we'll see anything of those two Batman games? I'm cautiously optimistic about that Suicide Squad game. A new Naughty Dog IP would be braw. My personal megaton would be a Silent Hill remaster.
  6. Has anyone seen any 1080p streaming yet? I've largely been playing Resident Evil Revelations, so I don't think my stream will be 1080p.
  7. How are the graphics? Are they clearly more than a PS4 could handle?
  8. So essentially for PS5 there's no real reason to turn off RT? If it's mostly 60fps with the occasional dip, I can live with that. Locked 60fps at the expense of RT sounds a bit pointless to me, given the alternative option.
  9. I'm not going to be able to play this today because I'm too hungover :-(
  10. If Tilda Swinton was announced as the hero of a game, it would definitely help sell it to me. Big time.
  11. Where are people watching? Is there a YouTube link? Edit: the official link-
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