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  1. I'm also holding on to the hope of a major back-compat bombshell - ps1-4 games playable either straight from the disc, or via PSNow.
  2. Guys, I hate to piss on your chips, but there's some current stuff Marvel's doing that has art that would make you cry out for the sweet release of Leifield's worst work. Exhibit A: This is meant to be the big reveal of Frank Castle using the War Machine armour. It looks like a high-school kid's drawing of a chubby fish man.
  3. Yeah that's another issue I'm having - the checkpointing isn't great. Also on a base PS4, it can get REALLY choppy when there's a lot of physics happening. This game is clearly pretty CPU-bound. I can't for the life of me understand why there's such a huge stall when accessing the menu system though. Surely a game shouldn't be stalling that hard when it's loading a menu system into memory?
  4. Taliah was was put into the pit as a child. Let's say she was 8 years old ( probably younger). Bane, who let's say was 20 then, looked after her. She is now high up on the boards of Wayne Enterprises. Let's say, very charitably, that she's managed to do that by the age of 35. Given the very generous timeframes I've laid out there, which are actually pretty unrealistic, Bane is at least 47. He's likely a lot older than that. This film is truly stinking with plot holes.
  5. Am I the only one who thinks that this game is totally solid? I keep dying and dying over and over - there are some bosses that kill me in like 2 or 3 hits. It feels like I'm under-levelled in an RPG - is there an expectation that I should grind in this game? Also the map is an absolute fucking abomination. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get to the medical ward. These things are an absolute shame, because the storyline, setting and lore is truly god-teir stuff. It's basically what's keeping me going.
  6. I've longed for a superman game, where you play as the villain and try to take him down.
  7. Why are they explaining shield/parry mechanics like they've invented it?
  8. Godfall looks like it's running on the same engine as God of War.
  9. If they remade the original I'd be duty-bound to buy it day 1. The original Silent Hill is one of the most impactful games of my life.
  10. Of course it doesn't, but that doesn't mean it's not a much richer source of inspiration and content to draw from than the films.
  11. My OG UK PS3 has played pretty much every PS2 game I've thrown at it without issue. Were those issues fixed with a firmware update?
  12. Konami couldn't care less about Silent Hill. Everything past 4 was a cheap and cheerful cash-in, and they've been happy to make a mess of the lore to get some cheap fan-service that'll sell a few more copies. Ideally I'd have them get a decent Japanese team on it, keep the original trilogy, and reboot the series from 4 onwards.
  13. Sony having exclusives is anti-consumer is a bit rich. It's one of their main strengths. Also, Microsoft in recent years made a big hoo-ha about buying tons of studios, precisely so they can have tons of exclusives too. The whole thing is absolute nonsense.
  14. Aaand The Sinking City isn't searchable on the PS Store website, or on the PS4's site. The PSN backend is truly garbage. I genuinely think they should just bite the bullet and do a from-the-ground-up rewrite.
  15. Holy shit I nearly pulled the trigger on The Sinking City last week. Great stuff!
  16. I did the exact same thing - I downloaded Control whilst streaming it. The performance of the stream was absolutely hellish. I paused the download and restarted the stream, and it worked great. No practical difference between playing it locally, apart from the resolution. Make sure your PS4 isn't downloading anything at the same time, it makes all the difference.
  17. It's largely PS3 games I've been playing :-)
  18. Not a fan of PSNow holding different save files than the PSPlus cloud. They really should unify that. Also, having new games show up on my PS4 start screen every time I dip into a new Now game is a bit annoying. The tech behind it is superb though. I instantly forget that I'm playing a stream.
  19. Sorry to be a pedantic comic book super-nerd, but Spider-Man has never been a central character in the Avengers, and tends to only be tangentially related to them in the comics.
  20. Double Fine being bought by Microsoft is gutting to me, as a PlayStation Fanboy. If they bring out sequels to DOTT or Brutal Legend on Xbox I might actually buy one just to play it.
  21. Vagrant Story 2 is horseshit. Konami working with Japan Studio on SH? Horseshit.
  22. I just completed a Claire A/Leon B run through on the PS1 original last week, and I really feel like doing a similar run on this needs to be started this weekend.
  23. I bloody love a bit of 4th wall breaking. When the game directly fucks with the player. Especially when a game simulates a hardware failure - in Arkham Asylum, there's a bit where the graphics start to spaz out in a fashion very similar to a failing GPU. MGS 1 has a bunch of famous examples. Eternal Darkness pretending that your controller was unplugged, and pretending to delete your savegame was especially delicious.
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