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  1. Sounds like a must buy for all you turtle heads!
  2. On the As an aside, about 5 years ago I went to Dover castle and we saw a display by Atkinsons Action Horses. Haywood Hollywood Horses seemed bizarrely similar!
  3. @Popo, I realised I’ve just agreed with you even down to using the same words. Sorry, I’ve had a few obligatory Friday night post film pints! At least we agree, I think there will be people that hate it though judging by the spread of review scores.
  4. I really enjoyed it, I had avoided the trailers so I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t expecting: Such likeable characters and it looks gorgeous. Comfortably better than Us.
  5. It’s not every film where someone ejects from a plane travelling 7000 mph though right? It’s just a fun theory and the guys on the Rewatchables podcast summed it up nicely: Anyway it’s a fantastic film and will probably be my film if the year. When I was 8 I was a massive plane fan probably due to that Action Force Skystriker Jet (that I never owned). I begged my mum to take me to see it and we went to the Sidcup Cannon and she tried to talk the usher into letting me in despite it being a 15. It was a no go of course and I had to wait for the VHS. Sadly neither the cinema or my mum are no longer with us. Thankfully only one of them got turned into a Wetherspoons. I had my own redemption arc by taking my 8 year old son to see it, he flipping loved it. I shed a tear.
  6. As for your second spoiler:
  7. I think this is a situation where this isn't the circuits fault. A24 are handling the distribution on this themselves and they are struggling to cope as they don't have a UK presence. Cinemas are falling over themselves to book it due to the buzz and to cash in on the multiverse craze. I think it's getting a limited release from 13th and will go wider from 20th.
  8. It’s coming to Disney+ on the 18th March. Was meant to be out today but delayed for some reason. Looks interesting, I’ll add it to my list!
  9. Bump! Don’t get too excited, I’m not here with news of Monster Squad 2. This has appeared on Amazon Prime. I’ve just watched it for the first time in 30 years, it’s still a lot of fun. Some of it is troubling now though. The squad essentially bribe the older sister to get her involved using the threat of releasing some nude snaps but the effects and makeup still stand up. It’s also worth checking out the doc Wolfmans Got Nards which shows you how much of a cult following it has around the world.
  10. I know, although I haven’t read it. I do think some of the cover images might make people ‘think’ they have seen a Wandavision comic.
  11. I thought it was based on a comic too. It is a proper Mandela Effect thing going on or are we all thinking of this maybe?
  12. He’s in all versions. Pete Docter was interviewed for the Total Film podcast and he confirmed that they are very much aware of his work, I think his chat show does Ok figures in the US. Probably helps him bag the big name guests as well.
  13. Steve was interviewed on Lorraine this morning, don’t judge me I’m on flexible furlough. He was promoting the book and talking about the new series. I mentioned to my wife that it would be cool if he’d hidden a hare on his bookshelf. We looked more closely and it was there! Amazing. edit. I’m an idiot, I hadn’t watched that unboxing video above. It’s clearly there in the shelf. Good to hear the new series starts filming next week though.
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