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  1. I've just booked my seat for Cineworld Unlimited Secret Screening #4, which is going to be a 3D screening at Ashford on Tuesday, 15th December at 7:30pm.

    It couldn't be... could it?

    The running time of the secret screening is different from their advertised running time for Star Wars. So, unless they're really trying to disguise it, I would be pretty surprised (but pleased) if it did turn out to be TFA.

  2. I like Robbie's taste most of the time, but he's given some proper stinkers 5 stars. Him and Edith Bowman talked about it on Wittertainment this past Friday and she said she attempted to get through it 3 times and couldn't. It sounds like some overblown twaddle to me, but I've added it to my watchlist anyway.

    Don't listen to Edith Bowman. (Why would anyone listen to Edith Bowman?)

    Not saying it's an easy watch by any means but I thought it was really impressive and if you can spare the 3 hours I think it is well worth the investment.

  3. Well, my Action Bronson album arrived at last. One listen so far and I think it's banging, the production especially. Anyone else got it?

    Yeah, mine arrived yesterday too. I reckon it's a decent album. He sounds like Ghostface so much.

  4. And as mentioned before, surely he's not even allowed to unless Almunia gets injured.

    Couldn't he be signed under ordinary circumstances anyway as he's not attached to a club? Not that I expect it to happen, of course, but I was under the impression it would be fine.

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