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  1. Yeah. He seems to be acting like Jack Bauer gone rogue, when you’d expect everything to be incredibly carefully stage managed for PR purposes. He’d have been the public face of a raid on the super solider HQ, but as part of a team of 20 managed from a control room in the Pentagon.
  2. Thanks for the recap! Perhaps the President just forgot about her too
  3. I’m the same with her; dimly remember seeing her before but have no recollection of who she was or what apparently-horrible-but-also-justifiable crime she’d committed that caused her to be hiding out in crime city.
  4. Well, with First Class if I’m wrong I’m wrong! I guess I just didn’t notice it’s absence from the big jumbled list of X-Men movies until it was actually time to watch it. Then with The Wolverine, I must have typed “Wolverine” in the search box last week when we wanted to watch ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ and so seen it listed, then this week noticed its absence when I searched for X-Men because it doesn’t have that in the title or as a tag, so simply just doesn’t show in the results.
  5. Have some X-Men movies vanished? I could have sworn First Class (the next one for us watching in order) was on there a week or so ago, but no sign tonight. Same with the one where Wolverine is in Japan (or something along those lines; haven’t seen that since the cinema release).
  6. I’ve got Killers tickets for what’s now June 2022 (having originally been June 2020, then delayed until June 2021), Rina Sawayama in November and Wolf Alice in January. My last gig was The Darkness in December 19, quite a gap considering I usually make it to about a dozen shows a year!
  7. China especially never looked likely to happen, so you’d have thought they’d have had that in place as a back up.
  8. And he is probably the least recognisable Avenger at the best of times. I didn’t actually know he was called The Falcon until they announced this series
  9. I came in to ask if anyone else was fooled by the fake Friday and settled down to watch the new episode before realising their mistake
  10. Ah, I wondered how much he managed to hear when in costume!
  11. I’ve taken to doubting everything, so that actually makes me less certain about how good they’ll be. I took it before as “We’re struggling, honest “, but now that looks like “we’ve solved it, honest “
  12. The only flaw is when the next TES or Fallout comes out that’s all I’ll be playing for the next two or three years*, so it’s unlikely to be worthwhile for me to subscribe to anything rather than pay cash. *mileage may vary for people with more time to play games
  13. She was instrumental in literally saving half the universe about a month earlier. Half the town wouldn’t have even been there without her. That’s got to count for something.
  14. Is there one missing, or did I imagine what I think of as THE Batmobile design? Kind of like the 1989 one but without the jet engine (so there’s some empty space between the wheels) and a bit more angular. Perhaps I’ve just combined that with the Batman Begins version in my mind, as I’ve not seen any of the movies for years.
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