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  1. Is there no red button “watch whatever you want” option this time? I’ve just been watching whatever’s on BBC One every time the baby wakes up for a feed
  2. Now I remember; it’s only just added to your time if you don’t stop again!
  3. wasn’t according to the f1 Twitter account though :s
  4. Horner’s cheque was bigger than the offer in Toto’s email.
  5. “Has Max given Lewis enough space, but equally has Lewis given max enough space?”. Well, Lewis has about two feet to his right, whilst Max has two thirds of the track to his left.
  6. Looked like Max turned in on him from the angles I’ve seen so far
  7. So it is literally that we’re shit at taking penalties. 79% is bang on the average for penalties scored, over all top flight football globally. We let in exactly as many as you’d expect, but fail to score too often. I was looking up loads of penalty stats earlier and the misses all came where they were most likely to; messing about on the run up dramatically lowers your chance of scoring, and the final one went to the spot it’s where most likely to be saved (if the goal is divided into squares, three rows of 5, that spot sees only 32% of shots aimed at it going in. Directly at the keepers feet is then about 50%, and then there’s nothing else below 60% [low to the other side of the keeper] and I think the rest of the goal is well over 80%). Of course that’s for an all football average over decades, could well be a sweet spot when facing that particular keeper, who might have a thing for diving somewhere else most often.
  8. I’m assuming the guy I saw dressed as Mario in with the Italian fans is English and in disguise, having only been able to get a ticket in that section.
  9. If it stays like this my boy’s name is going to switch from “I don’t think I’ve ever actually met another Luke” to there being at least five others in his class when he starts school.
  10. I hadn’t paid enough attention to the calendar, so thought it had already not happened in March.
  11. For the book perspective on the Bruce Lee fight, where you get in the characters heads, very roughly summarised:
  12. Yeah, I seem to remember Max doing worse to Lewis (I think Monza, based on my memory of the corner in question from Forza?) with no one batting an eyelid, and am sure there are dozens of similar examples that went penalty free!
  13. If the first quarter of the novel is anything to go by, about 10 hours of that rumoured 25 hour version are probably scenes demonstrating how Cliff is the biggest bad ass tough guy on the planet, and the Bruce Lee fight was just the one they decided to keep in the final cut.
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