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  1. I dunno, a strategy fuck up robbed him of a shot at the podium, although that’s presumably what they were trying to do to Perez but got it all backwards.
  2. To be fair no one thought that would happen.
  3. Fair enough. The months with snow was the first thing I checked (December to April I think they said), but I guess that’s probably from a “guaranteed covering” perspective or something, rather than “chance of it happening”.
  4. The Montreal weather looks like it should be alright if they put it before the US GP (based on reports of seasonal weather trends, rather than personal experience); average highs of 13 in the daytime and same chance of rain as in June. I guess the teams wouldn’t be too keen on four races in a row without going home though.
  5. I always got the impression their stock of new releases relied heavily on the “You’ll give me £20 for these five copies of a game released today that I definitely didn’t just nick from HMV? Yeah, alright” crowd, so I’m not sure how they’ll fare in lockdown.
  6. I’m not sure if I was more surprised by that or the news that’s the same number of wins Verstappen has. Bottas does make me respect Rosberg a lot more than I did at the time though, when I thought “any idiot can follow Hamilton home every week in that car and pick up the odd win by luck”. The 32 to 22 victories Ham and Ros respectively picked up as team mates now seems a lot more impressive.
  7. I’d love an evening race, as midday Sunday means I don’t watch quite a few live, but the international issue is going to be far worse in the week; a fan in the US who’d get up at 6am on Sunday isn’t going to take an afternoon off work to watch a race at noon on Wednesday, and only a super hardcore Japanese fan is going to tune in at 3 am on a school night.
  8. “Ocon still hasn’t pitted” “Unbelievable” The only acceptable response there was “Ocon believe it!”
  9. I just can’t resist something at 99p which sounds like it might be good! And because I keep buying them it’s pretty much the case that unless they get read in the first few months it’s never going to happen; my Kindle displays the most recently purchased books first and I only ever go back two or three pages through the archive before I find one that makes me think “I’ll read that next”, so the one I bought longer ago don’t stand a chance!
  10. I hear you there. I think if I stopped buying Kindle books entirely it would take me about ten years to read my backlog. But I won’t. I basically read a book a fortnight but buy one a week
  11. I’ve only read Cloud Atlas and one other, but definitely worth a go at 99p!
  12. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07YBXJ2QB/ref=mh_s9_acsd_hps_c2_x_4_i?pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_s=mobile-hybrid-3&pf_rd_r=CE48MM3TK22Y2A3HY342&pf_rd_t=1201&pf_rd_p=7fd5af5d-187b-4287-89b2-b9d5e96ebf9b&pf_rd_i=5400977031 David Mitchell(author)’s new one is in the daily deal today.
  13. At least they applied ridiculous looking penalties nice and early, so I knew to abandon watching the replay of the race ten minutes in, rather than staying up till midnight.
  14. I only ever used one as a last resort. I remember I was stuck on one level for two hours with no idea what I should do, then finally caved and got a level title translation of something really simple (no idea what after all these years, but akin to “Climb the house with the red roof” or whatever!).
  15. “End racism” isn’t really (although it’s calling for generalised social and political changes), “black lives matter” is skirting a bit closer as there’s also a loosely organised movement attached (which I guess is why F1 aren’t using the phrase), but the “arrest the cops...” on Lewis’ t-shirt is specifically criticising/trying to influence a particular case in the US justice system and so undeniably political in nature.
  16. I assume most drivers got a “Safety car, pit! No, stay out!” but Ham and Gio didn’t get the latter, which would mean most drivers just listen to the pit wall and so the light really needs to be somewhere they can’t miss it!
  17. Yeah. Two drivers missing it (I’m assuming out of two who were instructed to box - do we know if anyone overrode a team instruction?) says they really need more/better placed lights. I don’t know where Giovanazzi (which I’ve probably spelt completely wrong!) was before the safety car, but I’m assuming he also had the added clue of several cars ahead of him not taking the “free” pit stop and still didn’t work it out.
  18. It’s a common trait with his films, but no others I can remember, so he either deliberately wants stuff to be hard to hear or mixes it so it sounds great only on set ups calibrated to a standard the average cinema doesn’t bother with, which is presumably also a deliberate choice (I’ve not heard this sort of quote applied to cinema, but I assume there’s a similar golden rule to the music industry version of “the final test for the mix is to drive round and listen to it in my shitty old car, because there will be fifty people mainly listening to it like this for every person using a high end ste
  19. The accents didn’t always help, but there were definitely key bits of speech which were barely any louder than the bass heavy “BAAAAUUUUUUM” sound he’s fond of putting in his movies. ”I’m about to explain something very important, as much for the audiences benefit as yours, and I’ll only say it once, BAAAAAAAAUUUUUUM, got it?”
  20. I’m not entirely sure what was happening most of the time, but I’m pretty sure it was really good. The sound was either fucked or deliberately heavily stylised so you couldn’t hear a lot of dialogue.
  21. I’m sure the commentators have said in the past that a wet race is defined by at least one car using a wet or intermediate tyre, so theoretically a team could keep one driver on the same tyre all race and stick the other on wets for the final lap, although I’m sure they’d find a reason to punish them for it!
  22. I’ve just booked for opening night in Norwich and we’re the only two seats taken in the screen so far. Things like Star Wars and Endgame were already nearly full at this stage, so it’s not looking too promising in the “massive blockbuster” stakes based solely on that.
  23. I seem to remember Eddie saying in his autobiography that to make the jump to F1 he had to gamble his entire personal fortune - including remortgaging his house - by putting it into the team, whilst knowing that if they didn’t finish in a certain spot in the constructors championship he’d have been bankrupt at the seasons end.
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