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  1. Probably printed signatures, but nice that these turned up in the post either way. I dimly remember filling out a form months ago when Mercedes tweeted or something offering them.
  2. MrPogo

    Squid Game

    Yeah. I’m surprised no one gave it a go, but would have expected them to be taken out by a sniper for doing so. i was also expecting a twist in the
  3. Quite a few sports require you to be seriously competing as a young kid if you want to turn pro; F1, swimming, gymnastics and tennis all seem to be “if you’re not dedicating all your spare time to travelling the country and competing seriously by about 6 or 7 it’s too late”, and I guess without a pushy parent that’s not likely to happen.
  4. I’ve not seen anything to suggest she doesn’t love tennis, but even Raducanu mentioned recently how she loved racing motocross but reached a point - at about the age of 10 - where she had to choose between that and tennis, so went for the one with more earning potential.
  5. Well Im watching the Formula One version.
  6. Never in front, then torpedoing into the side of someone and almost taking his head off?
  7. Verstappen needs a race ban for that one.
  8. MrPogo


    I looked up the prize money about a week ago and my first thought was “wow, if she wins she’ll be rich enough to retire at only 18!”, and realised the main reason I never made it in any sport was my lack of drive (and also skill and athleticism).
  9. Oh, it is Button as the co-commentator (unless there’s another Jenson). I’d spent the race thinking it sounded a lot like him, but not quite right.
  10. Yeah, it’s really good. I first listened to her other albums a few months ago, but most of it didn’t quite click, but this one does!
  11. Although didn’t he effectively end up getting the best case scenario? I seem to remember Glock was only ahead of Hamilton because he alone decided not to pit for wets and try gambling on trying to skate around on slicks (which I think did still gain him at least one place), and this way Massa at least got a “we woz robbed” sympathy card to play. If Glock had pitted like everyone else it would simply have been “Hamilton did it!”. of course I may have remembered that very wrongly!
  12. I saw that in a sports bar in New York, with me and my brother the only Lewis fans in a venue otherwise filled with Italian-Americans in Ferrari shirts. TV and movies had taught us the demographic of that population comprises solely of either mafia or Joey Tribiani, so we decided best to celebrate quietly.
  13. I’d be happier with a cancelled race and that formally allowing points to be awarded based on qualifying (even if that follows a few “at least we had a go at seeing if it could be run” non-race parade laps), rather than this “technically we had a race” nonsense.
  14. Puts paid to all the claims that the FIA favour Mercedes/Lewis at least.
  15. I’m going to have to look into how they work out some of these events. Presumably it makes sense somehow, but I can’t imagine how they decide it’s all equal to have a bloke with no forearms and hands, a bloke with one leg and a bloke with no visually obvious disability all taking part in the same event (1000m cycling TT in the velodrome). They were knocking various amounts of time off the results most of them got to make it fair and balanced, but no idea how they arrived at those figures!
  16. I thought Mercedes F1 was effectively now self sufficient from the latest financial statement I saw, generating so much in prize money and sponsorship that the parent company only put in about €15m last year (and possibly also with that not being necessary, as I seem to also remember they recorded a profit greater than that figure).
  17. I assumed it was a step to make sharing accounts more awkward, as it did lots of getting codes texted to your main phone and changing passwords etc.
  18. I’ve spent years thinking athletes spent time in the Cool Room (as in temperature, presumably good for performance somehow) before their events, but an on screen graphic just showed me it’s actually the Call Room.
  19. What the hell is this 200 lap track cycling race where they keep holding hands and everyone seems to be going at wildly different speeds?!
  20. Looks like it would, but they seem to have a relatively old field and long careers compared to a lot of events, so presumably isn’t too bad!
  21. Yeah. And the time zone actually works out nicely for me; with a two month old baby I’m awake for 30 min at a time three or for times a night as he gets fed, and it’s nice having random Olympic events to tune into! Sometimes it works out great, as I got to see the start and and of the race walk, but you occasionally get thr odd stinker when there’s only golf on or something.
  22. The walking is definitely a ridiculous event (especially in the early stages where they’re all doing comedy walks in a big pack), although they do get through 50k a good hour faster than I can run a marathon. I saw the Canadian bronze medalist when I was in Vancouver four years ago, as he trains on the same big stretch of riverside walk they hold Parkrun on.
  23. Saw that shadow in the olympic skateboarding and immediately wanted to reach for my catapult.
  24. Yeah, they want to have a bit of a spread at the Olympics. If you just had the absolute top competitors there’d only be six countries represented, including eight Americans and six Japanese, plus an Aussie, a Brit, a Finn and three Brazilians.
  25. Even the mainstream events tend to half a massive gulf between the medalists and the worst competitors. Things like the 10,000m tend to have about five realistic medal contenders out of a field of about 25, and the slowest are getting lapped and a good two minutes behind the winner. I looked up Melissa Williams and she’s ranked 45th in the world for that event (out of 495) and wins the African continental championships every time she enters (but is then usually 20th of 20 in the world championships, presumably getting in by winning her regional event), so isn’t exactly an Eddie The Eagle or even taking advantage of loopholes. Seems more likely that Africa probably just doesn’t have much of a skateboarding scene and so she’s winning legitimate competitions against very weak fields and racking up world ranking points accordingly.
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