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  1. Calibre 50 by Seta I think, great game. Had the twisty joysticks like Ikari Warriors. Was a mega drive port also but that wasn't good
  2. That system in the basement made any tune sound great, used to get v hectic in there on the W/E`s Also missed are Unity and Section 5 although they are long gone. Gutted I never made it to Boogie Times, Essex always seemed too much of a trek from SW london
  3. Black Market records shut down yesterday apparently, end of an era etc etc. V sad to see it go Also FuntimeDave check out section23 on Soundcloud for some tape pack rips
  4. A must watch, a classic. If you love your hip hop or jungle play spot the sample, there are many
  5. please not fckn savage...have we signed campbell though? and is adel going or is that a rumour? I kind of blame wilkins for ruining us back in the day, he made some of the worst buys in the history of the league
  6. saw this earlier - pretty good, it has been pimped as a female hangover - not really that type of film...some great performances, kirstin wiig running sh*t, also had the guy from the IT crowd as the love interest, he was actually well suited for it, didnt expect that...also the draper from mad men with a small role...this one is worth seeing....probably one of the better comedies this year I`d say (not much competition though)
  7. @rudi, you seemed to like the last 10 mins that I thought was unecessary....still, not a bad film, and gyllenhaal was good..reminded me of this tho: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0453467/
  8. saw this earlier - after the first 10 mins thought it was going to be an awesome sci fi groundhog day, then it kind of lost its way..worth a watch, bad ending I thought..should have gone for more of a bleak game over, instead it dragged on a bit in an attempt to manufacture a nice outcome...6/10 I reckon..same as Limitless ( promising initially then no idea where to take the story)
  9. Hiya, I used to be on the amiga "scene" and have lots of demo collections I`d like to share, have a couple of questions (sorry if this is off topic) 1. Are all my old 3.5" discs fckd now? 2. If not how & where can I upload them? any help would be appreciated as I`ve got boxes of discs but don`t know what to do with em Cheers ( my tag was Pogo from ACC if there are any of the old skool around)
  10. @Art Vandelay check this link for lots of live mixes, lot of hardcore on there but some quality jungle also http://www.djmixtape.net/ravebase/ have to confess to still liking a bit of vibes & dougal....
  11. here you go: http://www.thejunglepreserve.org/2007/08/1...er-1995-ron-sl/ got one of them tape to mp3 things, if I ever get round to doing all the old kool tapes will post linkage
  12. check this, plenty of oldskool http://www.thejunglepreserve.org/ also dnbshare should have some old & new kool sets, just search the archive http://www.dnbshare.com/download/ used to love defection 89.4 back in the day
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