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  1. 97% now based off 88 reviews... https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/top_gun_maverick
  2. Just picked up the Directors Cut on PS5 and I’m floored. It’s utterly stunning to behold. I’m loving the gameplay loop where traversal actually means something. Where pre-planning isn’t just about what calibre boomstick you’re packing. And those moments where it’s just you & nature and some fantastically chill track kicks in… what a game. Kojima you madman.
  3. I finished it a few weeks ago and echo some of the sentiments already mentioned. Its buggy as hell, has bone-stupid AI, contains a decent contender for worst map ever, I hated the ending & any/all zerg-rush fights up to that point. That said there's SO much that is good. Its simplicity, the feel of the weapons, detail and density in the "town" areas evoking Bladerunner at every turn. Its a proper gorgeous, gorgeous game.
  4. So just completed my second playthrough from absolute zero all the way through to Pthumerian Queen in Ihyll including all the DLC content. The regular sticking points (Watchdog, Rom, Keeper and Amy) but overall the muscle memory was all still there. Lockdown helped me +10 8 different weapons so a lot more variety this time around too. God I adore this game. I'll be well up for a blast through in another 5 years!
  5. What a fantastic film. Absolutely stunning performance from Phoenix, probably the most riveting on screen transformation of a character I’ve seen. Deserves a rewatch ASAP.
  6. It has become an almost cliche response but every single one of the disjointed messes that comprise the Star Wars prequels are my "worst films". They should have been great - George Lucas creating new STAR WARS CONTENT , the quality of the cast, CG being the new in-thing etc. The scales were heavily laden toward the final results being at the very least passably watchable yet instead they were insufferable turds, every one.
  7. Agreed, I'm about to platinum the game and haven't seen a single glitch. Amazing. I absolutely adore this game. And Aloy
  8. Just want to add my tuppence. Missus bought me a PSVR for Xmas, Rez Infinite was top of the shopping list. Cleared Areas 1-5 in pretty short order and unlocked Area X... HOLY FUCKBALLS, what an experience. Its literally transcendental - I visited a new place last night made of colours, particles and sounds.And the best part is I can go back whenever I like. Thank you Mizuguchi for bringing this to the world.
  9. Amazing, gorgeous film. The cinematography is simply breathtaking.
  10. Stellar


    Loved the opening tracking shot and for a (short) while at least it was keeping up a decent attempt at an espionage thriller.
  11. Having just finished Witcher 3 and moving swiftly on to MGS5 - yes it was a (slight) weary sigh, despite knowing I was in for a treat. I think I'd like to see more of smaller but lived in worlds, with random emergent events occurring between denizens (that have nowt to do with you or your presence) crossed with some Castlevania style map opening dependent on abilities rather than it all being available from the off. There is a halfway house there I'm not sure its been nailed yet.
  12. Plinkett reviews the Force Awakens trailer
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