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  1. I think you've a bad case of double adaptation-itus. There's far more of the novel's character and politics here than you got out of the film. It follows its own rhythm and specific beats fall by the wayside. That the cost of more naturalistic story telling and characters. I can see why you bounced off it. I had to relax to "oh they're not doing that bit..." a couple of times.
  2. I'm really wondering if I'll like this more over time, given I'm still thinking about it this evening. Randomly I feel the need to call out how well realised the ornithopters were and how brutal a weapon lasguns are.
  3. I thought this was a typical Villeneuve film, long, slow, plodding, gorgeous, tense, humanist. Or some such. Really liked it. Not sure I loved it. I certainly loved many bits of it. It real is more in the spirit of the novel than the other two efforts. Part 2 please! And Messiah and Children too.
  4. Rich seem on the verge of taking the piss out of Alex through most of that section.
  5. I'd agree with most of your points but physical games dying is not due to Gamepass or MS. Digital distribution was banging the nails in their coffin well before the Bone's misstep on physical DRM.
  6. They're using Azure but it's not entirely clear what for. Probably PSnetwork stuff. PSNow needs PS3s in racks. MS aren't going to host that.
  7. I can imagine the removal men looking at the van, back to the PS5, back to to van, "nah, mate, we just can't fit it in".
  8. Riverbond was fun to play with my daughter. Echo Generation looks very different but definitely checking that out. I tried playing Riftbreaker last night, thinking hero centric RTS might be fun. The voiceover put me off so much I stop playing.
  9. Hope the sound track has lots of those creeky strings for the end of that.
  10. Could be for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes it's about actor availablity / scheduling etc. Logan had a CGI Jackman in random driving around shots.
  11. Cavill would be great with the right writing /directing team behind him. That opportunity has probably sailed.
  12. They're probably traumatized by being made to sit through those sparkly vampire films.
  13. Lurkers guide is still available on GitHub, on the JSM Speaks bit of the episode guide he has this to say on that transformation.
  14. I still haven't got past the first war table mission yet. I tried for the third time and was interrupted by real life stuff and it doesn't save, presumably because I'm suppose to be playing it online.
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