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  1. It's all the geeky ex-Demon Internet support staff I'm sure. It's not the typical population.
  2. It's a bit Playstation exclusive, but probably not very Playstation exclusive: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-09-17-final-fantasy-16s-exclusivity-is-a-mess
  3. An S X or nothing. Dunno. Really would like a smoother console experience but not sure I can be arse for the amount I actually play on the telly. Have until Tue to decide!
  4. Somewhat ironic given it's also coming out on PS4.
  5. It did for a while in the beta. It was a controller button overlay, rather than being fully integrated like Minecraft.
  6. If you're using Sky you can give it a go: https://helpforum.sky.com/t5/Broadband/separating-2-4GHZ-from-5GHZ/m-p/3070653#M137936
  7. There is the question is how they'll do the voice. In the book it's a subtle manipulation conveyed with some internal monolog. Lynch went for 'creepy' supernatural voice effect. The softer version just ends up looking like an Obi Wan rip off.
  8. I bought my Dreamcast on release from there. They were utterly confused as to why I was buying one and had to go out back to get it. Inspiring.
  9. If can do it it's not too hard. It'll depend on your router. Log on and poke around in the WiFi settings. What's the worse that can happen!
  10. Not sure with Minecraft Dungeons. It's quite mixed. Other games can be teenie tiny. I'm sure it something that'll improve over time.
  11. My phone's a bit crap at connecting to 5Ghz or at least I can't tell if it is very easily. I set up a seperate 5Ghz SSID to force it.
  12. I thought I'd try Minecraft Dungeons since it has touch controls. Didn't realised they'd added native touch menus for the game. That works really well. It'd be nice to see that spread to more titles. Maybe not twin stick twitchy games though...
  13. I just see Stilgar with his Fremkit showing the Atreides up for desert noobs.
  14. The X has four compute units disabled. I'd expect the same from Sony. That's what they did this gen. The high clocks and temps that the PS5 runs at don't help yields. That's probably part of the reason the S stuck with stuck with such relatively low frequencies. Tbh, I think this story is just marketing. "Oh noes, they're going to run out!".
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