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  1. Well that's a new experience. I've never been down a poetry rabbit hole before. Ages since I read any of his poems. I get what you get out of the film but I just kept having thoughts like And wished I didn't. I really just didn't get drawn into it enough.
  2. Kirk and crew were pretty much on a 5 yr shagathon. By the TNG era, the Federation had to make the Enterprise large enough to carry families and install holographic masturbation suites. The Enterprise crew's idea of a break was to put on the tightest shorts possibly and head to Ibiza planet. Star Trek humans are as a randy as anything.
  3. It felt like one of the Picard focused TNG episodes to me, except it needed more staring at lights and flute playing.
  4. Can't say I found this particularly gripping. I didn't feel especially invested in any of the possible outcomes. It was an alright watch though. Deakins, however, is a fucking genius. The lighting from the flares and burning church. It does seem a bit churlish, but whenever the camera went behind something I felt a little deflated. There's a tension to continuous shots that the film kept breaking.
  5. They've sold it to 5% of the base despite it being barely good enough and a clunky to install. Clearly it's not a day one thing, but it's fair to expect XSX's install base to grow fast and be much healthier than OneX. If they can sell 20m Kinects on a 80m-ish install base they can definitely do a few million HMDs.
  6. Why? It should be easy to port PC VR titles to XSX. A few million extra customers isn't something to be sneezed at. It should offer at least that. MS clearly don't give a monkey's though, if they're not including Virtualink or a second hdmi port.
  7. I've a gtx1060 pc that cost around £600 to build. It runs most PS4bone titles with really nice settings at 1080p. It boots really fast. I've easily saved the different between it and a console in the cost of games. It's also back compatible with every game I've bought for at least 15 yrs. It's home to amazing indie titles. I still have a One S under the tele. It was mostly for my daughter to play on, but Gamepass and just playing from the sofa means it sees more use from me than I expected. Loading times are generally crap thought. Next gen I'm thinking that I'll probably just get a series X for a handful AAA titles and Gamepass. Might change my mind, but at the moment I don't think the PC will offer the same value/performance difference it did this gen.
  8. That'd be ace. His performance in Reloaded was one of its good bits.
  9. Quantum Break's still a fine looking game. Not sure what you're talking about there.
  10. Dutch and Dillon will have beautiful babies.
  11. No, although she's clearly a cheeky monkey.
  12. I might have to ease off on the honking.
  13. Is this live action then? How can they avoid Green Lantern powers looking cartoony and naff in a real world setting? It makes tone even more difficult than other comic book films/TV. I might just be lacking the visual imagination to conjure up what a compelling version would be.
  14. Which, rather shockingly, are last gen titles. They didn't even have the grace to add much in the way of extra graphics.
  15. Seems like they're trying to diversify Gamepass with mid-size games, rather than the marque titles that Sony go for.
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