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  1. monkeydog

    Ad Astra

    I'm being taking to see it soonish. I'm going to spend the whole time shaking my fist at inappropriate hardware.
  2. monkeydog

    Ad Astra

    Do they explain why their helmets look like antiques? I like my scifi with good helmets and in the trailer they really blow it.
  3. It's has some moments, the visuals and score, but it has a particularly bad take on people going space crazy. I'm going to suggest the original The Day the Earth stood still. That's still a total classic.
  4. That's a fun cast. Quite looking forward to this. Which feels a little bizarre given how shoddy the 1st film was.
  5. It's not the most accurate bio pic, but this doesn't really qualify as scifi unless you're one of those people.
  6. He better have an Ubercorn alt outfit.
  7. The trailer isn't R rated, so who knows. The T-Whatever# walking along getting huggy stabby with the armed guards look like it might have some gore potential.
  8. I seem to remember that bit was done in the edit. He'd read the line shouty and quiet but on separate takes.
  9. McGregor should do a damned fine job of this. Hope they have some good writers on board.
  10. What's the music from? It's pretty splendid.
  11. It better be Bossk. I'm slightly obsessed with his boots. They look like they're made out the feet of one of his species. There's a hell of a back story right there. Probably his way of honouring his dead wife, who was tragically runover by a speeder, the only remains being from the shins downwards. "Her feet shall be with me, always". Sniff.
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