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  1. Both Sunshine and Interstellar feature variants of my least favourite sci-fi trope, implausible space madness. People staring at the sun for increasing periods is daft before Captain Sunburn Superpowers. Matt Damson's Dr Sabotage for craaazy reasons is equally duff.
  2. What? They're both great, especially Gillan (No idea what their comic book equivalents are supposed to be like) Fair.
  3. Or the start of Guardians 2. I though that was brilliantly done. Or in an old woman's case, Sarah Conner at the start of Dark Fate Or X-Whatever in Logan. An Indy film would use ILM, like Star Wars and The Irishman though. Deaging is one thing they are really behind the curve on. Also there's no hiding Ford's old man waddle.
  4. Enjoyed this episode. The last two have been naff, so I don't have expectations for the finale.
  5. It horrible when games double down on things that make them less entertaining as you progress.
  6. Based on what? I haven't seen him be villainous without being too camp for Thrawn.
  7. I liked that element of it. It's a bit sad that they've just ditched it.
  8. What I don't get is that Steve needed Vita rays but no-one else does. Guess that's 75yrs of progress in the MCU. Also no one's turned lumpy like Abomination or scary face like the Redskull.
  9. I thought the Soderbergh version still carries themes from Lem's novel. It was a more condensed and elegant version of them. I think it's a good film but it's so long ago since I last saw it. The commentary with Soderbergh and Cameron,who produces, was good. Cameron takes the piss out his version of the docking sequence, which would have been far more in love with the hardware. It does give insight into what he was thinking overall, which would have been been on the planet, with lots of mophin' spectacle.
  10. If we don't hear from @multi today it's because they chose Tree of Life and died of boredom. (Great effects sequences though!)
  11. The 1080p stream is fine on a 50 inch TV at 3m, at least for movies. As a returner, I ended up paying £5 special deal + £3 for just movies for a month. My wife got to watch Justice League and we've also watch some films that aren't four hours of garbage. Will be cancelled after a month mind.
  12. Not now the notes are plastic. Still more effective than those sheets you used to get at school though.
  13. Rampage is great. Shit, but great shit.
  14. Try not to think too much about super strength heros having sex with regular folks then. Or just having a cuddle.
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