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  1. I loved how this embraced the naffness of the toys and original series, while still being heartfelt and pretty entertaining. I found the gradual 'denaffing' of some of the costumes as the characters developed away from their original tropes a fun choice.
  2. Isn't there an option to space the whole Voyager crew, sparing us from the episodes that follow. It's the kindest thing for everyone.
  3. Did they? If they pull in material from the other books that VO is going to be amazing.
  4. Just fly over a random bit of the North Atlantic. She'll never know!
  5. Villeneuve's said it's a complete film, rather than half a story. Suppose there are potentially ways you can play As a satisfactory conclusion.
  6. My son calls it Quack Quack. Took us a while to figure out what he was asking for!
  7. The leaked script had the end around the point where
  8. Software aside, other issues with Steam Machines were the hardware was poor and so was the price point. If Valve followed the model of the Deck, they'd commition their own APU and release it at a compelling price point. This was apparently their plan a couple of years ago but they pivoted to Deck. Think in part due to it being a companion piece to VR and since that's so expensive anyway, not much point in pitching a reasonable priced PC. All of Intel's NUCs are over priced, and therefore garbage.
  9. If you look at his eye when the visor opens, they're blue in blue. It's probably a vision / dream of him fighting with the Fedaykin.
  10. Only takes about about 259MB. That's all the final game will take up on my S's dinky SSD right? Right?
  11. Speaking of shit, worth bringing this story up again from an interview with the Jodorowsky's Dune director. Jodorowsky was going to shoot part of the film in Algeria. They spoke to the Algerian government, and the Algerian army was going to play extras. Jodorowsky was looking for who was going to play Jessica, and he wanted a strong, beautiful woman, not a weak dainty woman. Someone with a real spiritual strength. He saw a movie with Charlotte Rampling, and thought she would be perfect. They sent Charlotte Rampling the script, and she agreed to meet with Jodo before she had read the script, and in the script, there is a scene where a character named Rabban the Beast, part of the Harkonnen army. In order to insult Duke Leto, David Carradine, Rabban the Beast gets his army, the Algerian army, to pull down their pants in front of the palace and shit. So there’s going to be a scene of 2,000 extras defecating at once. So here’s Charlotte Rampling, she agrees to meet with Jodo, she gets the script, she reads the script, and she says, “I can’t be in a movie where there’s 2,000 extras defecating on screen! I need to be in a movie that people are actually going to see! Who the hell is going to see this movie?” Jodo said, “It was a great disappointment for me"
  12. A film so good the Diana reference at the start doesn't annoy me too much!
  13. It would have been better for us all if Brian had run away and let someone else continue his father's work...
  14. The social / political commentary in Ben and Holly is really on point!
  15. Watching The Movie was one of the most fun times I've ever had at the cinema. Packed crowd of people absolutely laughing themselves to tears. Brilliant.
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