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  1. It's great. Cynthia Per-Lee must be shitting it though. She's in for a busy few years.
  2. They're not on Game Pass. Activision are their own entity still until the deal closes. MS have to stay away. If AB titles appear on Game Pass before the deal closes, it's not directly related to the purchase. It's AB management deciding to do it independently.
  3. Its certainly a danger. I think Spencer's aware of that though. I'd be surprised if the next 'CEO of Gaming' isn't so some promoted from the team.
  4. Since they're filming there its probably safe to assume we won't get any Black Panther style commentary on us nicking stuff then.
  5. Ah, hasn't played enough yet to twig. S&S's soundtrack is great, as is Planet Coaster's.
  6. Nobody Saves the World has bags of silly style. I've played half an hour or so. Can't tell yet if it really has mechanical depth? Certainly looks have breadth, judging from the character tree. In my brief stint, can't see wanting to level up the guard and ranger. Gnawing things to death is more fun than sword and arrows. I suspect they get sillier if you level them though.
  7. It wouldn't just be defensive. If they want more titles exclusive to Game Pass they need experienced teams, management and IP. It's easier to buy those than build them. It wouldn't matter if the kickyman games stayed multiplatform. As you say, competition authorities would be all over it, especially post this Activision announcement (which they're likely to be all over anyway).
  8. That's not how religions work!
  9. Or it won't be on Game Pass beyond the usual up to level 20 freebie.
  10. This isn't console wars. Who wants a slice of a piddly 300m customers?
  11. I'd take extending a scene a little beyond its vfx chops when it's that brutal a sequence
  12. Does it mean that in any future Avengers film Peter will be sat there
  13. Hope we get some live action fan projects of key Jodorowsky moments. "Everyone get ready shit like Charlotte Rampling is watching you. On 3...2...1... action!"
  14. I've never played LoL, but watched this as I'd heard it was good. Really enjoyed it. Loved the world building. I'm sure in part it's due to the thread that runs back all the way through LoLs Dota / Warcraft roots. It's that kitchen sink, anything goes steam punk fantasy thing. The animation is brilliant. Most thrilled my eyeballs have been since Spiderverse.
  15. It'll just be Ben in his hut for 6 episodes. He'll wander out of view, they'll be loud clattering noises and he'll wander back in and will have aged ever so slightly. By the end the run McGregor will have aged enough to match Alex Guinness.
  16. Sam(anther) could jump into a terrorist. Oh boy! Or someone who jumps from the tower. Oh boy! (I'm sure terrible Quantum Leap scenarios were covered in another thread somewhere?)
  17. Among things I'd bitch about on the internet, the whole confrontation at the palace gates was rubbish. Jabba's palace used to feel like it it was in the middle of the desert. Now it feels like an out of town trailer park people resent having to visit. When the left via screen right, he looked like a grumpy teen slouching off to the nearest bus stop, which was just off camera. Rodriguez is a bit crap really. When his films work, it's due to raw enthusiasm.
  18. CIG are expanding to 1000 employing by 2026 https://www.mcvuk.com/business-news/cloud-imperium-games-manchester-and-the-five-year-future-for-star-citizen-and-squadron-42/
  19. The Mos Vespers look a bit better in the concept art. They look less like flying irons and a little less overtly moped with the trim.
  20. Did Fortuna's whole staff except LS-L0 and the R4 unit quit when Boba killed him? It's another element that's made the crime boss element really lack luster.
  21. I never thought of that comparison. I guess that's why it resonated with me as well. It's tonally very similar to Ged.
  22. Lego take operating ethically very seriously, both internally and with thirds parties. While there's reputational importance in doing so, especially for a toy company, I'd see that set delay as more than a PR nod. (Based on past comments from a friend who works for them).
  23. At least failure isn't an absolute certainty with Star Wars.
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