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  1. I've just done the opening segment and I'm on my way. Quite enjoying it, enough to keep going until I competed the opening. I like the art style on the whole. Night definately looks a little too flat in the tutorial area. See how it goes as the game opens up. It would be nice if the rendering was flawless, without pop in and frame rate issues. It's really begging for a totally pristine presentation. I'm really enjoying the lack of combat. Who needs that! Also, glowing runes on ruins are becoming a trope that cheeses me off. With this game's art style it was surely an opportunity for some other form of visual queue. Busy this weekend but hopefully I'll return to it Sunday night.
  2. The secret controller is just going to be some tri-handled mini weirdness for the Pal N64 mini.
  3. I might have unfairly given up on Solos after 5 mins but the same writer is involved with this.
  4. I'm rubbish at it! Not sure I want it to get more challenging.
  5. Johnny Galvertron was on this week's official Xbox podcast (worth a sub in general. They have dev interviews of interest every so often). They didn't actually have VO in the game until he was filling in during a half broken demo to Annapurna. They called him back after and said "we think you should have VO in the game". Since he voices Calvagio makes sense.
  6. When did Way of the Gun appear?! I've been meaning to rewatch that for ages. I'm not sure if it's as good as I remember.
  7. I think there are only six of them. Which bang for buck is pretty amazing.
  8. It was interesting to see Reeves bring up "Truth, justice and the American way" was a cheesy sniggering point if not delivered right. He delivered it right, obviously.
  9. You could hardly accuse Johnny Galvertron of being a hipster. A non ironic, deep love of Stan Bush and the greatest movie ever made is far beyond hipster territory.
  10. Having been through several IVF cycles as a couple, the pregnancy test bit made me wince. I'd already grown to like them by that point and IVR is is horrible and stressful before you try and build a house. Glad it turned out well on the baby front and the house was fantastic. Also, the kitchen was a marked contrast with the prior week's ultra expensive designer effort. It gradients across the cupboards were really nice.
  11. New sights and sounds as you play through a game. That thing on the next screen, under the fog of war, around the next corner, over that hill, on that planet. There are so many tangible, beautiful, amazing places from across genres taking up far too much space in my brain.
  12. I'd add The Artful Escape to this. A few hours long. Gorgeous sound and visuals, nice story and funny. Not really any challenge, but it's utterly glorious.
  13. I find the little wiggly dance some of The Cosmic Lung's patrons do oddly hypnotic. I somehow totally missed that
  14. Hopefully they take inspiration from the Dirk Gently version. He's on a quest for really lovely fresh linen.
  15. The mid game character creator in The Artful Escape is great. That's one where I invested a significant amount of time.
  16. Too many indie game try to be worthy. This is trying to be glorious, and it's bags of fun to experience because of that. My outfit is amazing. As is Calvagio.
  17. I love that whole sequence. Among the many bits, always love the slow mo/music slow as Neo is followed off the balcony by the henchmen and the camera. Also love the skid out of the car park for some reason. The sword in the side of the truck always feels cheaty in its placement and it bugs me every time! In contrast to how much I enjoy the henchmen fight that kicks off the chase, the fetish club lobby fight from 3 is utter pap. It's like a parody of a Matrix fight.
  18. I'll fight you for it. With a flamethrower guitar. I'd use it to go to the local shops.
  19. Hopefully not like that, as his character's motivations were the most unbelievable pantsness.
  20. I like the burly brawl, despite the digital humans not being perfect. It builds and builds and then...stops. Hmm.
  21. Is it Neo in someone else's body or someone who thinks they're Neo? There's a rabbit hole of speculation I refuse to go down!
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