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  1. Was having a read through the ACC Server Admin Handbook- Would it be a idea to use the "/ballast" option - give the faster drivers more ballast, to maybe give us slow folk more of a chance
  2. Nah, this is a one off week, as im doing an SFA course on Zoom until about half 8. Once things are back to normal, would be football coaching till 8pm on Thursdays, but im crap at Quali anyways
  3. wont make the race this week if it starts at 20:15 - could just about make it if it were 20:30
  4. Nabbed the steam version as well
  5. Just being nosey - what is everyone using tonight? im using a knockoff XB1 pad
  6. add me in as well - would be good for some clean racing
  7. If i am home in time on sunday night, then count me in
  8. Count me in - no idea on car yet, but number 14?
  9. that wasnt easy to control with both front wheels gubbed!
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