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  1. What is it with the Sony Move stuff? Oculus Rift is (as it currently stands) open source. Therefore it's free to use the Razer Hydra (and any other such devices available on the PC), which plenty of OR demos already use. This gives you motion controls if you so desire. Why is the emphasis suddenly on OR to prove their worth in this area?. It should be the other way round. There's nothing in the recent Sony demos that couldn't or hasn't already been done on the Rift.already. I've tried out a Japanese demo that used the 360 kinect camera which gave you body motion controls for your character (i.e you can move around, and move your arms and interact with a character in the demo). This is something that is already done on the Rift. Not that it matters that much. Play something like Lunar Flight on Steam with the Rift and you feel totally in the environment. No need to move around .You're just in the cockpit controlling a ship, but the illusion is massively convincing. This is where VR works so well. People are so getting ahead of themselves with the motion controls issue in my opinion.
  2. tjhooker


    Guys, I have to say, as someone who posts only 'now and again', coming back to read this thread today and still see it's on the front page is pretty impressive! Cheers for all the contributions! Doom really is an awesome game!
  3. tjhooker


    Any Elvis fans on here? I always wanted one of those Elvis mirrors. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbE1Dg-4fvI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNaBaOlxnCc
  4. tjhooker


    I never played the Jaguar version, I wanted to play the N64 version but haven't got round to it yet (!). I remember the PS1 version being pretty cool, with some cool lighting effects and music (but I couldn't get on with the controls coming from PC). The GBA version was good too (if you had a torch!), errr what else? 32X? Saturn versions? Pretty bad from what I remember. The 360 version is pretty decent though. I think I even remember seeing a version ported to a scientific calculator! Isn't it the most ported game ever? For me though, PC was what it was about. The fact that it was free (shareware for the first 8-9 levels), there were fan made Wads available (Simpsons, Aliens!), multiplayer over a modem cable it was amazing for the time!
  5. I'd recommend checking out the VR Jam sub-forum on the official site too - loads of interesting/quirky demos on there. Ciess, Dreadhalls are particular highlights, but there's a lot of other stuff too. Super Mega Mega is great (2.5d platformer), 3d Space Walk for the sheer scale, Half Life 2 and Lunar Flight are great 'full price' games to try. There are also drivers too that patch existing games with the Rift - Perception and Vorpx, Tridef etc. A lot of these are hit and miss, and I wouldn't recommend paying for them. I think you're better off trying the demos built for the Rift from the ground up. (HL2 and LF are two exceptions to that, in my opinion - definitely worth checking out if you have them). You probably want to check out the VR cinema demo too, that's pretty impressive (barring the resolution issues), but as a glimpse of what's to come, very impressive. Oh - japanese demos too - some of them are worth checking out if only for a 'different' take on what VR offers!
  6. tjhooker


    Agreed! I always loved E1M5 as well - spooky!:
  7. Time enough to start downloading all the demos then:- RiftEnabled™ – Oculus Rift enabled list of games & demos STVRE | VR App Store and Virtual Reality Directory The Rift List: All the demos, games and apps for the Oculus Rift
  8. tjhooker


    20 years old today. A proper game changer if ever there was one. The original EDGE review is hilarious:- http://www.edge-online.com/review/doom-review/ Some choice quotes:- "If only you could talk to these creatures, then perhaps you could try and make friends with them, form alliances… Now, that would be interesting" "you run along beautifully parallaxed corridors and through stunning 3D rooms shooting at a near endless supply of green lizards.".
  9. Can't wait for this, it looks awesome.
  10. Honestly, it seems to me that buying into to the new consoles means you're constrained by what these companies see fit to allow you to have. In the modern day is that what people really want? When you can have a system that lets you do what you want when you want, why would you want to be tied to system that tells you what you want when you want it - the console system is seriously outdated in my opinion.
  11. Carroll signed: http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2013/jun/18/andy-carroll-medical-west-ham
  12. Mine was doing this as well recently. I found setting Steam to boot when you start Windows resolves the issue for me. Not ideal if you don't want it running in the background all the time mind.
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