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  1. Is possible to dock it while it's still in the grip?
  2. Ah that'll probably be it then! I've got an LG E9, so 2019 (?) model, not sure if they'll bother updating the older sets. Does running in 120fps mode serve any benefit if I'm playing mostly games capped at 60fps? Guess I've got to weigh up any benefit there against the the DV gains. Cheers!
  3. Does this require a reset of the console or anything? I've ticked the box in the Xbox settings. Loading up Psychonauts 2 and my tv is still displaying the "HDR" logo in the top right, rather than the Dolby Vision one that appears on DV content in netflix etc. Is that right?
  4. This was an Xbox FPS boost title wasn't it? How does that mode now work with the new update?
  5. Do Forza Horizon games tend to change much aside from locale between sequels? FH4 was my introduction to the series and I'd love to see a little more TDU spirit in the next one, but I get the impression they don't change much.
  6. That’s no longer true in the Legendary Edition afaik. Mako kills used to reward less XP in the original Mass Effect but the Legendary Edition rewards full XP.
  7. Renegade players... how do you do it?! I feel like a right dick glossing over beloved crew-mates death's and punching scientists in the mouth. My renegade femshep run is just making me uncomfortable so far!
  8. Did it skip class selection too?
  9. Isn't that one of those dodgy sellers that sell you an account that has access to the game rather than a code for the game itself? The Xbox digital game code market seems like a minefield
  10. Chain any two of the same attack move to toot and get the buff (e.g. X -> X, A -> A, A+X -> A+X) Perform all three attack moves and you can then use a special attack toot that triggers all the buffs (e.g. X -> A -> A+X -> ZR+X)
  11. The UI is a bit messy/janky on console for sure but I'm plodding along with this. If you're on console, when you're in the action menu (RT) then you should be able to scroll along to any of your abilities and press Y to toggle the tooltip. The tooltip is sometimes displayed funky for me but a quick toggle on/off usually sorts it out.
  12. It does support Bluetooth (as well as the Xbox wireless protocol) but your second point still stands. You'll be able to connect it to your phone and Xbox, but not PS4/5
  13. How is it on console @Mr. Gerbik? I played through what I think was the majority of PoE on a laptop but never finished it and don't really like to play at a desk on the whole. Played through the entirety of Divinity Original Sin 2 on a pad and loved it, but recently struggled to get into Wasteland 3 because the control of your characters/cursor just feels really floaty and imprecise. DOS2 really nails the feeling of direct control over your characters movement out of combat I think. Waiting to see if Wasteland 3 gets patched to the point where I can just bear the slightly janky controls, but equally excited about the prospect of PoE2 console edition.
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