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  1. Comparison between the different TR1s. For the most part I prefer Core's vision for the remake than what we ended up with. Ho hum.
  2. Some more videos. It still doesn't really appeal to me, but it's not the hot mess I expected. User interface deep dive: Unboxing, looking at the packaging and hardware:
  3. The files for the Core version of Tomb Raider Anniversary have been put on archive.org and a patch needs to be run. More info: https://www.tomb-of-ash.com/trae-indy-build/ I wouldn't bother watching the first video with sound unless you like comedy sound effects.
  4. An early prototype of Sonic the Hedgehog has been discovered and released on Hidden Palace: https://hiddenpalace.org/News/Dreams_Come_True:_Sonic_1_(MD)_Prototype This is the version with things like Robotnik's wrecking ball being used as an obstacle in Green Hill, "UFO's" in Marble Garden and Sonic punching the air when you jump after hitting the sign post. These were shown in early screenshots and even featured in the background of Wayne's World! The next issue of Retro Gamer is going to have a feature about the discovery of it.
  5. Mike's out, so no more James & Mike Mondays. James acknowledges he couldn't make AVGN without the Screenwave Slobs because he hasn't got time to do his job.
  6. I've just spoken to my dad's friend's uncle's neighbour who works at Sony and he said it's definitely happened because of your threat.
  7. https://gs2games.com/taxi-chaos Developed by Team6 Game Studios, Lion Castle and released on Switch, PS4 and Xbox One on 23rd February, 2021. GS2 Games are publishing in the US, Mindscape in Europe and Sega/Epicsoft in Japan and Asia, kind of meaning it has Sega's blessing. Sort of.
  8. Hmm, yeah. It would be difficult to claim fair use or parody when you're using an actual character to promote something. What were they thinking?!
  9. Nintendo taking them do would mean they acknowledge they exist
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